Bilocation and Movements Through Timelines

by Jodie Moskios and Georgi Stankov, September 22, 2014

Hello Dr. Stankov,

Today I experienced what I believe you have referred to as bi-locating. (?) My family and I have been constructing another addition to our bed and breakfast inn. We have conversed about a name for this addition. I came up with one and experienced initially resistance to my idea. Then my husband told me sometime later that I had come up with a good name this time. I have tried to remember the exact conversation to see if I misinterpreted him, but I can’t recall. When looking on line for window glass he told me he wanted it to look midievel. I do recall this conversation. The name I thought of is ExcaliFir, because it is built in a Fir tree. So this lends some credibility to the first conversation in question.

Today, he and daughter both said it wasn’t a good name. I thought we’d agreed on this, I’d even given it to the engineer. They both said I was wrong, that they had never agreed to the name.  On one hand I’m thrilled with the awareness of something so amazing!  Then mired by confusion. Which reality am I participating? So subtle are the differences, it’s like a bait and switch. If only I could command the timelines I experience but, that would be no experience at all I suppose.

I was not upset, I was walking to my office to write of this so I can keep track of these experiences. Daughter say, “geeze, you don’t need to have an attitude.” as if I’m supposed to feel I’m stepping on toes or taking initiative without everyones input. I need the name to complete my work, but I know I did not make this up, so that I can finally move forward with it. In fact the disagreement was furthest from my mind!

I question ever more that wrapping up projects is even necessary.  Yet time seems to stretch on, and if supporting ongoing manifestation insures some sense of security for even a short period of time, I believe in the end I’ll be glad for that relief. Burdens are sure to be thrust upon us soon enough and I worry about it being premature to not participate, at least on some level. I do feel unaffected by the animosity and that is wonderful. That I was actually aware of the anomaly and excited to log my experience instead of hashing things out with them.

The brunt of this newly recognized situation, bi locating, for me; I fear converging timelines are sure to erupt in other not so insignificant ways. Unsteady, unsure of myself and my place in this world. To step down from simple responsibility is sure to create more fires in my path. All the mini wars I’m so tired of fighting, loom ever ready to thrust me and those closest into the abyss. It’s as if I stand on one foot on top of a pinnacle being torn apart from below. I draw my strength in knowing I am not alone with this awareness. I strive to find amusement in it all, to keep my frequency on high.

Thank you again.

As always, until forever in the light commences ~

Jodie Moskios, Pacific Northwest


Dear Jodie,

I do not want to take a flight into semantic finesses, but what you describe here appears to me to be a rapid, conscious movement between timelines, while this was not obvious to your family.

Under “bi-location” I understand a sudden, very strong perception that you are on another place in space in this timeline or another timeline. For instance, in the last few days both Carla and myself are very often and for a long period of time in Lofer, Austria, where our city of light is and we know that we shall dwell there after ascension, while visiting the new 4D worlds as ascended masters. We do things here in Vancouver and have the haunting impression that we do these things in Lofer, in the city of light. Of course, this is also a movement through timelines, but the predominant aspect is the spatial trans-location. In your case you experienced the same situation and place on different timelines.

Only after reading your email yesterday evening, I had the same experience as you. Carla and I watched the movie “Avatar” on TV, by the way the first movie I have seen on TV in Canada as I do not watch any TV. Then when the plot became very nasty and the human forces that represented the US-army abroad started to destroy this wonderful world of a planet with a pristine nature, I stopped watching and told Carla, who had already seen the movie in 3D in a movie theatre several years ago, that I find this Hollywood plot appalling, primitive and always of same stupid kind, She told me – you know what, when the people saw this film for the first time, they realized that this is what the US army represents and does in other countries, that they viciously destroy them and were also very much appalled.

And here comes another statement that she said: “After that James Cameron and the filmmakers of this movie did not get any new engagements from Hollywood.”  I left the living room, while Carla continued watching the film to the end. When the film ended ten minutes later, she came to me and we continued our discussion. I repeated what she last told me and she flatly denied to have made this statement.

By the way, we had already a similar incident three days ago, when I understood something she did not say and then it came out exactly as I heard it, very much to her surprise. Hence I checked immediately on the Internet, if the director James Cameron has signed contracts for further sequels of this most successful film and the last information was from June that he intended to make three further films, but that they have not been filmed yet and are supposed to be shown only after 2016.

Given the fact that the first film was made in 2009 and was financially the most successful film of all times, one does not wait that long for sequels. Think about “Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter” sequels that came every two years. Obviously Cameron must have had problems finding a film studio to finance his sequels on “Avatar”, precisely because this movie evoked huge anti-war and anti-USA feelings in the audience. The dark ruling cabal in Hollywood and elsewhere must have prevented so far new sequels of this film that runs contrary to their plans to install the NWO and destroy this planet by showing the true face of the present-day military and ruling cabal – their utter cruelty.

As Carla denied that she had made this remark, it remains a mystery with which Carla I had this conversation, before we moved to another timeline. This is indeed very exciting and shows how malleable our realities have become in these last days and how quickly we move through different timelines.

This is my contribution to this very exciting topic.

With love and light


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