The Escalation of the Ukraine Conflict Heralds the Final Countdown

Georgi Stankov, August 28, 2014

It has been my heartfelt advice to all of you to observe closely the political events on the ground with an enlightened spirit as to detect the beginning of the final countdown and the moment of our ascension. According to my estimate ,we are now reaching this culmination point. There are two major factors that have led me to this conclusion.

First, the enormous energy thrust and shift to higher frequencies in the last 48 hours as reported yesterday by myself, which have already caused a significant ID shift of this uppermost mother planet from lower adjacent timelines due to a series of MPR in the last two days. I personally experienced this shift as a continuous, massive high-voltage energetic wave from the Source with an unparalleled intensity and I am used to extreme energy bouts as my fields are the nexus to the Source, so that all these waves must first flow through my body and fields that encompass all timelines of Gaia as current Logos God, before they reach earth and humanity.

These huge downloads have the propensity to trigger the final phase of revelations and resolution through confrontation between darkness and light, as heralded by myself for months, if not years. Nothing what has been written on this website in the past has lost its relevance, as it always deals with the Now and is a reflection of the true reality beyond the illusion of linear time:

Today, my energy update as of yesterday was confirmed by the latest missive of Aisha North (manuscript of survival):

For you have come into this world carrying with you some complex blueprints, blueprints that constitute your part of this ongoing rebuilding and restructuring of your entire planet, and so, what you carry with you is indeed an indispensable piece of it all. But now, it is time to let go of that burden, and by doing so, you release this inherent package of information within your being into this stream of energy, and through that, you actually help to speed up the process while simultaneously lightening your own load.

For this payload will now be delivered at its intended address and at the stipulated time, so there is no need for you to worry about the where and how of it at all… Let us explain, for this is indeed an crucial part of this whole mass awakening on your planet, for what you are about to release will have far reaching consequences indeed. For as you allow this carefully concealed message to come out into the open, this in turn will start to trigger sequence after sequence in a well established hierarchy of energetic frequencies, and this again will ensure that every single piece that is being released will be put together into a complex structure of light that will enable a far deeper transformation to take place, within you and indeed within this planet….

This time, we think it will be safe to say that you will all in some way get a glimpse of what it is that you have been carrying into this world and what you will help to set free as the doors to that cargo bay you have inside are being flung wide open… For you are all unique beings, and what you came in with this time around resembles nothing of what you have brought in before, neither can it be compared to what anyone else has been carrying around for this lifetime, and so, your contribution will also be unique… And remember, it is not just you, but also Mother Earth herself who will start to release these important codes out into the very atmosphere that surrounds you, so in this are you all part of a great and more than impressive team, all working for the betterment of this magnificent planet, and all working for the lightening of the load for all.

The second factor is the escalation of the Ukraine crisis – the war of genocide, which the criminal Nazi-putsch government in Kiev leads against its own people in the Southeast provinces with the explicit help of the Western powers, and in particular of the dark cabal in the USA. All reports in the West on this conflict so far have been based on lies, insinuations and unproven allegations. This has been shown by myself on this website on many occasions in the past. The only reliable source that one can use is Russian TV (RT) and the alternative mass media such as Global Research.

Every expert, including myself, knew that the West and its Nazi stooges in Kiev have no chance to win this criminal civil war against their own people, who rightly question the legitimacy of this putsch government, heaved into power by the West as to encircle Russia and eliminate the only obstacle to establish the NWO. It was a matter of time when the morally and physically exhausted Kiev’s troops will stop fighting and retreat. Many of them have already defected to Russia or have changed sides and now fight on the side of the Russian patriots.

The biggest lie of the West has always been that Russia is actively involved in this conflict, without presenting any evidence whatsoever, while Russia and Putin have always sustained that it is an internal conflict of Ukraine and the new president Poroshenko has to resolve it by speaking to the people in the rebellious provinces and grant them a greater autonomy. This policy has been recently also adopted by Merkel and is a clear sign of German rebellion against their American masters, as they clearly see the perils of this conflict.

The greatest fiasco of the West has always been considered when the Russian patriots will gain the upper hand over the Kiev ‘s troops and throw them out of these provinces. This is exactly what is happening now. The rebels have opened surprisingly a new front to the south and have encircled many demoralized Ukrainian troops who are now retreating in panic.

At the same time the economic crisis in Ukraine has reached its peak before this state implodes in chaos. The capital Kiev is without warm water since several days as all gas supplies have been depleted, but Ukraine has failed to sign a new contract with Russia as to ensure new supplies. Since today the criminal government in Kiev has refused to pay its outstanding debts for gas supplies of about 3,5 Billion $ to Moscow under the dangerous advices from Washington and in stupid defiance to the pressure from Brussels and Berlin to do so.

At the same time the food prices in Ukraine have quadrupled and there are open revolts of the people against any new recruitment of soldiers to be killed in the civil war. The support for this criminal war has rapidly dwindled among the people of Ukraine, who now clearly see the coming of a big national catastrophe. The economy has dropped almost 10% this year and about 50 million Ukrainians are confronted with mass starvation this winter as once  during the civil war after the October revolution.

Poroshenko is now trapped in the worst nightmare a head of state can ever experience. He met with Putin yesterday in Minsk for the first time to discuss the huge problems of his country in the absence of his American masters and under the benevolent eye of the EU representatives, who are now even eager to discard their association agreement with Ukraine as to appease Russia and Putin, realizing that there is no solution of this conflict without considering the legitimate national interests of this nuclear superpower. “Realpolitik” instead of total vassalage to Washington, this is the new realism in Western Europe since several days. The U-turn is so dramatic and nothing short of a dangerous rebellion within the ranks of the dark Western ruling cabal that will mark their demise from power. Make no mistake about this.

The latest war-mongering campaign of the Western MSM that Russian troops have allegedly invaded Ukraine and have been responsible for the resounding military successes of the Russian patriots against the demoralized Kiev’s troops, again without presenting any evidence whatsoever, is the final preparation for a World War Three, which these monsters in power resort to in their deepest desperation. They know very well that the masses will not follow them in this dangerous adventure and that they have no troops on the ground to confront Russia with its one million regular army.

Hence they intend to resort immediately to a first nuclear strike against Russia, knowing that in this way they will also go under, as Russia is capable of massive retaliation that will reduce Western Europe and the USA to rubbles and ashes. In a couple of days, there is a NATO summit in the UK and the hardliners want to make a dangerous decision to deploy nuclear missiles of mass destruction in Eastern Europe and in the Baltic republics that are only several hundred km away from Moscow and represent a huge strategic advantage for NATO. It is  as if the Russians would deploy their strategic nuclear weapons in Cuba and everyone, who is competent in history, knows what happened during the Cuban crisis in 1962. There is no doubt that Russia has also its red lines and will prevent by any means such a nuclear encirclement by NATO.

I am not giving you here any sources, as they do not matter anymore and everyone of you can check the latest news on the Internet. Considering the enormous speed with which the events have begun to unfold, my usual scientific diligence to substantiate all my arguments with reliable sources is also rapidly dwindling. The only fact that counts now is that the long awaited confrontation between darkness and light is quickly reaching its final culmination and that there is no sincere effort on the part of the West to mitigate this situation and resolve the Ukraine crisis in open negotiations with Russia. Hence a final conflict is unavoidable.

The fact that the first direct meeting of Putin with Poroshenko in the absence of US diplomats in Minsk was immediately torpedoed by the recent escalation in war-mongering propaganda of the Western MSM is the most clear proof that these dark ones have now decided to commit a collective suicide, while attempting to start a genocide on humanity. However, this will not be allowed by us, the new Logos Gods and the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. Instead we shall ascend at the appropriate moment and trigger the MPR on this timeline that will drown all these dark entities and unavoidably a vast portion of humanity, who are soulless empty duplicates, in the deluge of this last MPR. This is the end of this illusory reality and the beginning of a new sparkling reality for all those souls, who have qualified for an upper 4D world in the new Golden Galaxy. while we shall ascend to the Source and then return to these new worlds to guide the new humanity. 


Watch this excellent video that elucidates in a comprehensive and very professional manner the pattern of lies, which the Western MSM are using to demonize Russia and Putin and trigger a WW3.

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