Short Energy Update – August 27, 2014

Georgi Stankov

Yesterday, we experienced a huge interdimensional shift of this uppermost timeline to higher frequencies that has been observed not only by myself, but also by a number of PAT members as they wrote to me . It started in the morning with the classical cc-wave, chills as typical for near-by MPR, severe headache and, what was unusual in my case, with a feeling of high fever, although my temperature was normal, sweating and the general sensation of having a flu.  These symptoms were part of the huge descent of source energy in my field and through it into Gaia and humanity. This can be observed by the predominant pink colour in the sky and in the atmosphere.

I assume that this energetic peak anticipates the coming full moon portal – the last one of the Lion’s gate this summer – on September 9th. I always experience such massive “ascension test runs” prior to the opening of the actual cosmic portal.

This night the immense intensity of the energetic waves continued, this time more of a cleansing, biting and burning character, as has always been the case after a  massive descent of source energy into this reality. According to my estimation the ascension dynamics has reached another peak as I have not had a similar intensive cc-wave for more than a month, which of course may also be associated with my surgery, when my HS did not want me to be exposed to such additional stress, while redeeming all human beings, who were harmed by the current medical system.

Now I am in a phase of rapid convalescence, while extensively using the gold-violet invocation and some healing procedures, which I have developed throughout the last years, so that my HS knows that I can download one more time these huge energy packages from the source. 

These processes are associated with a tangible awakening of the masses, as I have tried to capture in my article today. We are well advised to be very attentive now and closely watch all the developments on the political and cultural stage, as the time of some “sensational” revelations (for the masses of course, as we know very well what is going on) has arrived. Anything that will happen from now on will be like a domino effect and will have the same effect as the small opening of a border fence of the Iron curtain between Hungary and Austria in August 1989, which subsequently led to the defection of several thousand East-German tourists to Austria and was barely noticed by the world community. However this insignificant event led only a month later to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the abolition of the Iron Curtain that divided Europe. This was the end of the Communist system on this planet

This time the dynamics of the events will be much more dramatic as also the energies have augmented like never before. I have been a sensitive observer of all these processes since the very beginning and I can assure you that the current magnitude of the energetic waves is unprecedented and points to the imminent arrival of the final Big Event – our Ascension and separation of the worlds.  

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