Our Ascension Comes With my Surgery in Munich

Georgi Stankov, July 30, 2014 

Dear brothers and sisters, 
Beloved Light Warriors of the first and the last hour, 

The hour of our Ascension has arrived.

I have just received the good news from Babaji, which Jahn has channelled today for me. This was preceded by a powerful revelation that I experienced yesterday around noon time and then described it to Jahn. This revelation was confirmed by Carla. Yesterday evening we were both overwhelmed by the sweet-sad mood of saying farewell to this earth. 

I will ascend and you will ascend with me.

It has been decided in heaven and proclaimed by Babaji here. 

The moment you have all been awaiting for so long, has finally arrived. I do not know at this time the precise date of my surgery, because I have to deliver myself to the hospital when I arrive in Munich on August 5th and then leave everything else to Babaji and the heavenly forces. I have no doubt that everything will happen smoothly and in a perfect order. 

Yet, it is still open if I shall transfigure my body during the surgery or shortly thereafter. This is no longer relevant, since I have already ascended. The die is cast and the final decision made. 

This world will be changed forever, while I am staying in Munich, ie, between  August 5th to 20th

Your Captain 

Dear Jahn

Today, I was overwhelmed by a very strong revelation. I and Carla were having lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant in the neighborhood when all this happened. But I knew throughout the whole day that a good news was awaiting me and I was very happy in an inexplicable way. 

This feeling is very rare for me, and certainly not being present in the last 20 years, because the physical pain, the tension of the LBP and the cleansing of collective dross  have always exerted a very negative impact on me. 

The more unusual this U-turn in my mood since 3 days, which comes from within and I myself could never bring it to the fore in a conscious manner. Since that time, I am looking forward in a very happy and eager anticipation to my surgery in Munich. This is very unusual, since I only recently rejected it, as well as any contact with present-day medicine for understandable reasons. 

Until the 6D fleet came to us on July 17 and told me that my soul will redeem with this operation all the pain that has ever been experienced by all physical human bodies in all epochs and parallel worlds on earth. This information seemed to be very significant, as I have already written in my announcement: 


Since then, I look forward very confidently to the arrival of this event. I feel physically much better since two days and have started again with my fitness exercises in the gym here in the basement of the house, where Carla and I live. I have not done fitness exercises since the 90s, when I was overwhelmed completely by the LBP and any additional physical exertion would have just been a further torture for me. 

And now all of a sudden I feel fit and ready to make such exercises again. I interpreted this as a boost for my physical body coming from my soul who wants me to strengthen it and prepare it for the operation. But there is much more to it, as I learned today, two hours ago. 

Obviously with this operation, all the physical and emotional pain will be taken away immediately from me personally and from all the light warriors. 

They will be redeemed forever from their present torments.

After I realized this – the impact of this knowledge was so immense that I was stunned for a while – and then discussed it with Carla, a second wave of enlightenment came upon me. 

I knew at once that I could possibly ascend during this operation. Carla received the same knowledge from her HS at the same time. However, I have already booked my flight back to Vancouver for August 20th. Then we were informed intuitively that there is quite a possibility that I shall ascend during surgery or shortly thereafter, but that this outcome is not engraved in stone as has always been the case in the past. 

Given the importance of this insight, not only for me but also for all of you and for all of humanity, I would ask you to attune to it and to ascertain more details about this issue. This is the first time that I am asking you to confirm a personal information, but it affects us all. I thank you in advance for your efforts. 

With Love 

Dear George, 

yesterday, just before I had finished with my daily work, I read your letter. It was immediately clear to me: Everything is done perfectly and is also in my view, “right.” 

Then I was given a sentence, I was already in bed when I got up to write this: “You have already ascended.” 

Today, immediately after waking up, I went to the computer to write down the following message (see below) 

May I have offered you some support with this and especially the certainty for you to prove the correctness of all the things that you expect. 

As I said, even without a message, it was immediately clear to me that this is a holy and great operation, which is now triggered for this world and is breathed into reality. 

With love

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 30, 2014, 2:16PM

first published on July 30, 2014 in

The events are unstoppable, the great light manifests itself in this world after the darkness has been defeated and discharged. 


Ascension and Transfiguration 

Every step, every little detail in the processes that concern Georgi’s travel and sojourn in Europe is accompanied by me. Nothing escapes my attention, so that everything can unfold for the benefit of all. 

The revelations, which affect the whole humanity, which will go hand in hand with the surgical procedure, have validity and will develop their power at the moment, at which heaven and Georgi themselves decide as to how the further course of their mission should be arranged. 

This shall occur at this time and in the Munich area and this will transfigure not only Georgi, but all the Light Warriors of the first and last days. 

Certainty, deep faith in God and the transformation of the last personal topics are the feature before the majesty of a Creator God occurs at all levels. 

The heavy burden of the global ascension will be taken from you, and you will be bestowed with the light wings of a Creator God, with which you shall rise into the light

No stone will be left unturned, no one will recognize this world anymore after the great purification is completed. The few who know today what is shown here, will give this new world the divine impulses, so that it will become for thousands of years  the homeland for many great souls, who will complete the final step into the light. 

This is the affirmation of the already announced, this is the further revelation of the things as they are, how they come and how they occur in the Now. 

Big Brother: You have already ascended! 

Know it, internalize it, live it. Now you are given the wings to experience this ascension at all your levels

In eternity, I am Babaji 

The most vigilant companion, the most knowledgeable leader, 
the all-loving God, who will rapture humanity over the 
threshold of light into eternal life. 


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