Transfiguration of the Earth

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 18, 2013
first published on November 19, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


Immediately after receiving the message from Babaji “The Magnetic Pole Shift Occurs Now” I go to bed and get the following dream: See chaos – everywhere. In my family and in the world, everything seems to be messed up. Nothing seems to work. However, the transformation of this world is not coming yet. I see myself like Sisyphus in the fact that everything, no matter how hard I plague myself, remains as before: Pictures of insurmountable fences and always newly forming obstacles strung together; The “rock of Sisyphus ” is falling over me all the time and around me the whole world is in motion, everything is in chaos and the ease of the new Being, after the ascension, is nowhere to be found. I wake up drenched in sweat. Completely under the influence of these images and under the spell of the dream, I ask the question: Will the transformation come, or is this still a wishful dream? (End of dream)


It is afternoon. After I have done a bit of sports, I am sitting in the lounge of the fitness club, when I inadvertently attend the conversation between two managers at the next table, who make plans for the next 10 years. This scene seems to me absolutely surreal and as if coming from another world (end of report).

Loved ones,


Chaos from which a new world arises. Orderly chaos, that corresponds to the absolute, to the divine light, so that the new world can be heaved. The fears of Jahn that the transformation will fail to appear again, describes indeed the human psychological level – and this is now resolved! Therefore, a lot of energy of human doubts are transformed in this dream through the energy field of Jahn.

The ultimate assurance regarding the correctness of all things comes to the fore, when all levels of your consciousness experience the transformation and when this is manifested at all levels. This is the case when you are completely sealed by this process, and this is not yet achieved in many people. Therefore, it is mandatory again – to be calm and curb all doubts, to transform them and to strip them off.

The big transformation is in progress, the conversion of Gaia is in the process, and this conversion reaches the earth’s surface at the last chord, after everything is already re-arranged and re-aligned in the Earth’s core.

This world is changing completely.

“Making plans” is for the people, who remain at the lower vibrating levels, a behavior of self-deception and self-anesthesia, which continues until this cosmic reality irrupts upon these worlds. This conversation at the table next to Jahn shows how complex and “crazy” this time is and that this diversity will remains upright until the very last moment.

The linear 10 -year-plan can neither be calculated for the ascending earth nor is it a reliable guide for the higher 4D levels, because the timelines on these worlds are also breaking away and because the space-time for those left behind will be exposed to different criteria.

I am with you. What will happen with Gaia is unique and leads to the resurrection of this planet, which loses its materiality and is transfigured into the subtle reality of the fifth dimensional density of Being. The transfiguration of the earth is happening now. Gaia rises and goes with the selected people into the infinity of God and into the new creationary levels of Being.

I am with you

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