Why Now? Esa’s Satellite Swarm Launch to Map Earth’s Magnetism

By Jonathan Amos, Science correspondent, BBC News, Darmstadt, Germany



by Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2013


Make no mistake, the ruling cabal know exactly what is at stake – their naked survival when the Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR) will come this month. Although it is known since decades that the force of the earth’s magnetic field is steadily declining, only now, on the eve of the MPR does the scientific community finally admit that it does not know anything about the behaviour of the earth’s magnetic field and have launched today a sophisticated satellite to investigate its erratic behaviour.

These stupid, dumbed down scientists could have as well stayed by their compasses as myself and the PAT did in the last few days in order to learn that everything is wrong with the earth’s magnetic field and that a MPR, which was only several years ago vehemently rejected as a conspiracy fantasy by the established specialists is now considered a real, imminent danger, as this article in BBC news, the most dark tainted British mass media, reports today. Indeed, it must report, as BBC fears to lose any credibility very soon. But such revelations in homoeopathic portions will not help prevent the collapse of the Orion MSM this fall.


BBC Article on the Impending Magnetic Pole Reversal

The Swarm mission to map the Earth’s global magnetic field in unprecedented detail has launched from Russia.

The trio of European Space Agency (Esa) satellites left the Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 12:02 GMT, riding a Rockot vehicle.

They were deployed at an altitude of 490km, in a polar orbit, 91 minutes later.

Swarm‘s data should help scientists understand better how the field is generated, and why it appears to be weakening.

The strength has fallen by some 15% in the past two centuries. The movement of the north geomagnetic pole has also accelerated.

Researchers have speculated that Earth may be on the cusp of a polarity reversal, which would see the direction of the field flip end to end. North would become south, and vice versa.

This has not happened for 780,000 years, but the phenomenon has nonetheless been a regular occurrence through geological time.

You could say we’re overdue,” (How does he know this?, note George) said Prof Eigil Friis-Christensen, lead proposer on the mission and a former director of Denmark’s National Space Institute.

“We talk about the weakening of the global field but in some local areas, such as in the South Atlantic, the field has gone down 10% in just the last 20 years. But we do not know whether we will go into a reversal or whether the global field will recover,” he told BBC News.

The major part of Earth’s global magnetic field is generated by convection of molten iron within the planet’s outer liquid core, but there are other components that contribute to the overall signal ( As I have explained, this theory is wrong, but it is true that the magnetic field is strongest in the  earth’s core, note George).

These include the magnetism retained in rocks, and there is even an effect derived from the movement of salt water ocean currents.

Swarm will attempt to tease apart these various factors, to get a clearer picture of the field’s true origins and its changing behaviour.

Other uses of the Swarm data will embrace investigations of the electrical environment of the high atmosphere and the way this interacts with the solar wind – the continuous stream of charged particles billowing away from the Sun…

To read full article go to BBC News.



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