Desperate Attacks

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kass on November 8, 2013
first published in English on November 8, 2013 in

by Jahn J Kassl and Georgi Stankov

Dear George,

I have the impression that a (hopefully final) wave of “attacks” to sabotage the ascension process are “ante portas”. No problem for us, as we know it now and are prepared for it. To this topic in the attachment the just channeled message from Jesus Sananda.

I have the impression that this is directly linked with the disempowerment of Obama (representing the collapse of this system) and must also be seen in a much wider, global and planetary context. Our vigilance is required and that is what this message indicates.

I will publish it today evening or after midnight.

In love

Dear Jahn,

I can confirm these attacks of the dark. Three days ago, a very powerful dark entity attacked Carla. It came from a person in Canada, to whom I had established contact for Carla some time ago. Then that person wrote a letter to Carla and told her some negative things and immediately this dark entity appeared in Carla’s apartment like a fury. The situation was a little bit scary as the energies of this dark entity were very threatening and she let me know about this menace immediately.

I employed a special, highly effective method to purge such dark beings, where I work mainly with very strong divine emotions, plus other Christed energies and of course with the lightsabre. I then surprised this entity and before it knew what was happening, I have thrown it away in the vast cosmos. I could see it very clearly with my third eye. Carla immediately felt a significant relief. I repeated this cleansing the next day to remove all dark residues.

Carla learned yesterday from the Elohim that I have purged this dark entity not only in a very effective manner, but that “it has also found its way back to the light”. That was certainly not my intention, but why not, if it works this way.

I will translate this message immediately and also publish it today.


Dear Light Warriors of the first and the last hour!

It’s time to lace up the belt for the lightsabre and draw it out of the sheath. Separate the connections to all temptations of the evil. Separate the connections to this world, to the people and the environment that would weaken and distract you from the path of light. Cut now all the threads of ignorance, because there are only fickle threads of doubt, threads of concern, threads of fear, these are “uncleared energy fragments “, clinging on you and with the help of which you are still within reach of the dark forces.

Complete now this with a stroke! You are urged by myself to do this by ousting all the dark forces, even if they have so cleverly hidden behind a luminous shine, show them the way out of the door and banish them from your environment.

These days when new waves of ascension are building up and the people pass into the otherworld and into other beingness, the attacks on the light warriors, who are on the threshold to heaven, must increase. This is a “natural” reaction of the forces of darkness with respect to the now occurring and unavoidable fact (of ascension). We have announced to you: “never again shall you enter the battle unprepared.”

Now it is said to you, prepare yourselves – a new attempt to weaken you takes place, and it will fail in the very moment when you consciously internalize these words from the light and show the dark forces the red card, no matter how subtle they appeal to you, by banishing them forever from your energy environment. Fear not, nothing can happen to you, if you act in this way. Right now!

Now your discernment and your awareness are required, because as long as the kingdom of God is not yet established on earth, the great opponent of the light will continue doing mischief. Because this one is neither willing to succumb, nor to forsake his evil doing, no matter what the prospects are for him, now that the final curtain falls. Never underestimate your “opponents”! Those forces that approach you are usually well disguised as alleged light warriors and confront you with flattering speeches, only to dissuade you from your lightfilled, loving projects and life orders.

Stay vigilant and you have won – like the light has already won! For all the lightless conditions bounce back into themselves and implode. Now the true bearers of light will become visible to the people, while the emperor’s new clothes will not conceal anything anymore, but reveal everything to humanity!

In infinite love, we are one in God,
Jesus Sananda
4:00 PM

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