Ascension Opus in Perfection, Part II

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 14, 2013
first published in English on November 16, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Everything changes and yet for many people everything remains as it was!

I am Babaji

Transformation of the earth, transformation of human society, transfiguration of planetary, to the eternity attuned creations – fixed stars take new positions in the universe. This indicates the beginning of the great fireworks of the awakening. And man can only observe these fireworks if he has a clear vision. Hardly any people possess it and hence the wonders of this auspicious autumn will fail to appear for most people.

Inevitably, the upheavals that are visible for all the people are now coming on the earth. As different as the people are and as their awareness is, shall their perception of these events be. Who constantly searches for a shade under the tree and for protection, does not know the sun and not the rain, and hence the heaven is hidden from him. To want to see without opening the eyes, to desire the light without exposing to the light, to receive love without being love and giving love, this is the path of error.

And so it happens now that the recent decrees of God will be fulfilled for this humanity. Who has climbed the steps to his mastership, he is welcome, who evaded the efforts and the light, will stay today, where and what he is: On one of the remaining earths, as a largely unconscious fragment of its Self. The Opus of Ascension reaches its perfection.

I am

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