Ascension Message and Vision of a Crystalline Child

by Janne Soderholm, November 24, 2013

Hello Georgie!

I was now finally forced by my HS to write my excerpt to you, rest of the PAT and all the fellow ascending Hue-mans. I feel great urgency now to deliver this message.

As a Sovereign Ascended Human Master and Powerful Elohim Demigod I now decree that

The MPR occurred last Sunday here in Finland. There was a huge storm which cut many trees and wrecked power lines and many homes were and may still be without electricity in central Finland. I felt huge depression and anxiety flowing through my field, when that happened, but my mood elevated quite quickly..

Because Finland may be the most enlightened and purest country in the world, geographically and also socially. Heavy winters have purified the landscape and because we enjoy great health care, social welfare and maybe the highest quality education and infrastructure systems in the world, Finland has been spared all the catastrophic events which are related to the MPR / Pole shift/ ID-split. Finland will be and has already been transformed into a “Country of Light”. There are many Cities of Light already fully operational here.

For you, Georgie, I must tell you that I will stay on higher 4D and lower 5D timelines and will follow your footsteps as a wayshower and teacher and Enlightened master, and we will, with other crystalline children, start to educate those people who will stay on lower and higher 4D timelines after your ascension. The education will be fully based on your theory of the Universal Law and we will, with other crystalline children, start to install this highly sophisticated scientific, esoterical, philosophical and social-political knowledge into the minds of the still slumbering humans. So I will be the next “Captain of the Team” after you have ascended fully and left this reality forever. I will start to be in contact with other members of the team from the crystalline generation within the next days and weeks, after I have fully recovered from that last epic battle, which I and us have fully won two days ago.


My e-mail address is


if someone from the younger generation PAT members need to get contact with me.

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