How Teleportation Will Change Your World -Part I

Andy Bojarski – Saint Germain, October 11, 2013


by Georgi Stankov

I have discussed on several occasions in the past the gift of bi-location (teleportation) which humanity will enjoy very soon on the balanced upper 4D earth. On the new 5D earth teleportation will be an integral part of the much greater ability to live multi-dimensionally in many parallel realities at the same time.

The bi-location tests started two months ago when Jerry and then Carla bi-located to the 5D, respectively to the 11th 4D earth. And on August 13 Carla was the first human being to ascend in body, spirit and soul through transfiguration to 5D. Since then the bi-location tests increased. Most of them were performed at the soul level and we did not participate consciously in these bi-locations.

This is what happened the last time when I appeared in the apartment of  Carla for more than an hour and had a long discussion with her on ascension plans and strategies. I have reported about this event on our website  Several days ago Carla bi-located to my place but landed in France and tried in vain to find my phone number in a shop as to call me from there.

This happened during the time when she made a huge shift to the 6th dimension and joined me there. This is what Babaji told Carla yesterday about her latest massive transformation to a powerful ascended master:

“The Kingdom of God is Yours!   I am Babaji! 

You have returned to your Life, perhaps scathed, but adorned with new experience for you have been tested now, as a true Ascended Master who must go through the Halls of Rites!
A heart-warming Congratulations cheers you on as you have now entered a new era through a Self-Christening, upon the shores of beautiful and mighty Gaia!
Such grace and beauty following the dark days and nights of your Soul!
Your dual soul is very wise, indeed, and you are in good hands my Loved One!
Be sure now to hold the Divine and Sacred connections closely and dearly, upon your Open Heart.
The Final Frontier is unfolding about you and while you may feel overwhelmed at times by the speed and perhaps the force of the necessary alignments, you will know that all arrives in the right moment.
Life sustains you!  Whether you agree with it, or not!  Whether you see it, or not!  Your life in upon a new track, so enjoy the ride!
Express and hold your joy daily! 

I AM Babaji!”

We should expect that before the MPR begins and the epic transformations of Gaia will profoundly change its geography, thus depopulating vast regions, the entire  PAT will be able to bi-locate to new safe places before our final ascension. This is what Babaji already announced to Carla in his message channelled by Jahn

The following channeling deals with the enormous simplifications in daily life and radical reforms in society which this single divine gift will bestow to humanity on the upper 4D earth. I personally like this presentation very much as it elucidates one more time what schizophrenic life we now live on this toxic planet as slaves to a primitive transport based entirely on organic combustion (fuels).



“Greetings family of light, it is I, Saint Germain.  I am so honored to speak to you in this beautiful NOW moment in this space that you are in.  So much is now unfolding in your reality.  You have heard this before by so many.  Yes ascension is marvelously moving forward because you are marvelously moving forward.  All is always Divinely perfect.

You are creating everything, and what a beautiful creation it is.  But let me tell you, so much more is moving forward.  So much more awaits you.  So much more will soon be here in your conscious existence because you are all creating this.  You are all master creators by Divine Birth, by Divine Right!

You are all beings of light and love that are so loved and so guided by so many.  Soon, teleportation will be here.  You will be able to teleport and literally move your physical body and energy to wherever your desire on beautiful Mother Earth.

This will happen by thought and energy projection of the heart, your heart.  Just by closing your eyes and thinking of a place that you want to be at, you will be there.  Think how wonderful that will be.  Where will you go first?

And you will be there in physical form like you are now in physical form reading this message.  This is where ascension is taking you.  This is what love allows you to conquer.  When you conquer the ego, you conquer your emotions and you find Self.

When you find Self, you find your Divine I AM Presence within your heart and realize that you are a Divine Being with Divine gifts of pure Love.  And Love is all there is dear ones.

Teleportation will have drastic positive effects on your planet and for you individually.  I want to tell you now how your world will change because of teleportation.  Here is what is viewed in the upcoming timelines as probabilities and possibilities due to teleportation and the current ascension that is evolving at this Now moment:

1. Your transportation system will be completely changed and shifted.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, trains and ships will no longer be needed.  These modes of transportation will become obsolete and will no longer be mass produced as there will no longer be any demand for these.

2. Companies that produced these products will no longer exist as there will no longer be any demand for these mobility products.  Why take a flight and be stuck in a plane when you can just think of where you want to be and just be there in an instant?  Yes, that is coming.

3. Companies that make smaller parts of these mobility items will also become obsolete.  There will no longer be a need for tires, or headlights, or any parts that make up these vehicles, for example.

4. All service related industries related to these mobility items will become drastically decreased or nonexistent.  There will no longer be any need for pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, taxi cab drivers, maintenance personnel and mechanics, tow truck drivers, car dealerships, or any workers in airports, including airport security.  All of these will disappear as the demand will be eliminated.

5. All parking lots and airports will be demolished and greenery and landscape will take its place as there will not be any need for parking lots or airports.

6. Hotels and the hospitality industry will become drastically changed.  Hotels will not exist as they do today as there will not be any need to stay the night at any hotel.  High rise hotels will become a thing of the past and will disappear.  Hotel service industry jobs will be eliminated, like maid services, butler services, and shuttle services.

7. Your roads and freeways will become ghost towns as there will not be any need for cars.  No more traffic jams, no more being late for anything, no more stress, no more missing family time due to being stuck on the road.

8. All communities will be redeveloped.  All roads and freeways will become torn down and replaced with greenery and landscape honoring nature.

9. There will no longer be any need for driveways in your homes as cars will no longer be needed.  Homes will also be redeveloped to accommodate more greenery and landscape eliminating driveways.  Parks and greenbelts will flourish.

10. All light and traffic signs will be eliminated and taken down as there will no longer be a need for these and strip malls and shopping centers will be reconfigured eliminating any roads and driveways allowing for more greenery and landscape.

11. All car traffic accidents will be eliminated avoiding injury.  You will live in a stress free, pollution free environment and have more time for you and your loved ones.

12. Pollution will be drastically reduced as these modes of transportation will go away eliminating unwanted exhaust.

13. The demand for oil or gas will be close to nonexistent and all major oil companies producing companies will no longer be around.  Your local gas companies will be a thing of the past and be torn down and replaced by green lush landscaping.  Gasoline will no longer be needed as fuel for items that no longer exist.

14. Drilling for oil and oil consumption will be basically nonexistent as the demand will not be there.  This will prevent governments from exploiting other countries for their natural resources.

15. All global borders and walls will become nonexistent and there will be no differentiation between countries or citizens as all will become One community on Mother Earth. You are all One, you are all One Consciousness of Love.  There will no longer be any separation or prejudice as you will be resonating at a higher frequency of love.  Passports will be a thing of the past as will any governments agencies dealing with immigration.  Immigration and customs will be a thing of the past.

16. Traffic tickets will become a thing of the past as will lawsuits dealing with car accidents and personal injuries.

Dear souls, there are so many changes that teleportation will bring to your world that I have not mentioned.  Do you see how one single gift that all of you possess will change your world?  Teleportation is a Divine gift that all of you dear souls have.  It is your Divine right.  However, only the purest hearts can access it…”

The second part discusses what you have to do to be able to teleport yourself.



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