The Cities of Light

by Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, October 26, 2013

The Elohim: Massive Pan-Dimensional Portal to New Earth Opened on October 23-25 after Two MPR Took Place on Upper 4D Timelines. The Cities of Light Will Now Fully Blossom.

This cosmic transformation of truly cosmic proportions has cleansed each and all timelines” (The Elohim)

October 25, 2013

Dear Carla,

I had just a sudden “blitz-vision” (lightning-vision), which may not be entirely new in content, but summarizes very well what we have discussed and received as information so far. Here it is:

You must come to Bavaria, where I live as this place will be the first city of light and when we shall ascend, this city will be firmly established. There are many references in the past from Jahn and from your sources, including from my HS, that indicate this possibility. You yourself felt the energies of my city of light when you were here.

The new in my vision is that your sons, will come with you and live here. This ties up very well with my recent compelling vision that I will be responsible for your boys here in Germany. This also explains why you had such an urgent impulse to send me their photos all of a sudden. This would say that when you and I will ascend, your boys will be also bilocated to the new city of light, where I now live. Thus our future activities as ascended masters will start from this site. This makes a lot of sense and this vision has been extensively developed by myself (created) since 2009 as I have told you with respect to Munich, being the old and new hub for advanced 4D technologies on 4D earth. I have developed this concept as early as 2008 and have written about this in previous publications.

In fact this city of light may very well be part of Agartha in the broader sense, as the Lemurian Inner Earth of Telos is just a small part of the whole Agartha, which goes back to the Hyperboreas, a mythological earth civilisation eons of time ago, of which we know nothing, and contains about two hundred cities of light, where Telos is just a very small and recent part. You can read this in the books you have just bought.

I needed this vision, which is a synthesis of what we have discussed so far, as it binds all the loose ends. Can you discuss this vision with the Elohim this time as I have the inkling that they will respond? My headache is increasing now. Another shit day and another shift to higher frequencies.

Please read very carefully this article which you may have forgotten, which contains all the essentials of our future work on the new 4D earth:

The Energy Work With My Dual Soul Since May 22


Dear Georgi,

Yes thank you very much. A very interesting blitz-vision. I love this word. All we’ve ever heard over here for decades is “blitzkrieg” I am finishing up my message from the Elohim and they are talking about the cities of light.


Dear Carla,

I know that you are overwhelmed by the waves and need not respond to this succinct chronicle of major ascension events. But I think that it is worth making it as my HS told me:

This is the schedule of the following major events since the beginning of September:

1) On September 8th I had a similar peak /cc-wave episode like the current one that led to the MPR on the 11th level of 4D and also initiated the MPR on 12th level of 4D a month later. This event was confirmed by the Elohim on September 11th, exactly one month before the MPR on the 12th level.

2) Then exactly two weeks later we had the opening of the equinox portal and the conduct of the epic battle against the dark archons on the astral planes, between September 22-26. with a peak on 24th/25th. We experienced this equinox battle in a similar way as this last one or the MPR on October 11th on the 12th level.

3) On October 11th, again two weeks after the epic battle at the equinox portal, the MPR took place on the 12th level of 4D and we all felt it very strongly:  and

4) Then again, two weeks later, we have the current cc-wave /energy peak episode on October 23-25, which is the most massive cleansing episode and ascension shift at the same time I have experienced since December 21, 2012. It must be of truly cosmic proportions the way I vibrate and I am eager to learn what we have achieved during these three days. I will not be surprised if this was the final act of our epic battle which was still raging since the equinox portal and now has come to a completion. This would say that now the timeline, on which we now reside, is free of dark energies and can rapidly evolve to a new 5D earth as it must have already ascended to the 5th dimension, the way I sense it:

The cycle of two weeks between all these major events in the last two months is absolutely evident and this should be considered a valid and important pattern how the ascension process now progresses. If we assume that there will be another last cycle that will mark our ascension, it may indeed come on November 11th, portal 11.11.13 as you surmised.


Dear Georgi,

This whole time period beginning on the 22nd of October for me, until now, and on 23rd of October for you, until now, has been absolutely overwhelming. I mean, how can a person deal with these energies? Well, for me it has been mostly about dizziness. Severe dizziness for about 6 hours, non-stop, then on and off for the past 2 days. I have also had symptoms that run the gamet, but your experience over the past 3 days has been hellish.

I have had a lot of information come in to me this afternoon and evening, after I had a lot of rest in the morning time. In fact, it is still coming in, as though there has been an opening of a floodgate or something. I simply need to type this all up, so you can get an idea of what has been coming in. I have heard from the Elohim, and from Babaji with a personal message. There are other ” stand-alone statements” that are almost floating in, but I am unsure of their source.  It may be that they are coming from my Higher Self. I will type them up shortly, after a break.

With love,

Dear Carla,

I am eager to read it as this was a massive event and must have been pivotal for the ascension process. I feel as if I have been waterboarded for 72 hours in a row and resurrected from the dead. But surprisingly my body recovers very quickly from these tortures and today I feel much better, though still very weak.


Dear Georgi,

This is a message from the Elohim, which confirms the energetic portal opening on a massive scale, and which explains all of our extreme symptoms.

It has been a very abstract message with many visuals and I am having to explain what I am seeing, and marrying this to their verbal information which is coming in, in a very complex language.

Please let me know if you need an expansion on any specific comment.

With love,

Message from the Elohim:

“Greetings, We are the Elohim.

A great surge in energy floods your beautiful Gaia throughout this special portal which has invited a Universal alignment not only in your current reality, but through a pan-dimensional infiltration of Higher Light, releasing all form and expression, distant and proximate, of any energies not in alignment with this overall cosmic transformation.

Magnetic Pole Reversals and Inter-Dimensional Splits of two upper 4th dimensional timelines push you and the timeline, where you currently reside, upward and outward into a new expression of creationary space.  Not only has this life, this timeline, moved beyond the limitations of its mooring, it has moved into a fresh place within the creationary Universe, where You, as the new Ascended Masters, are able to re-conceptualize and re-texturize the sacred reality of your inner dreams.

This cosmic transformation, of truly cosmic proportions, has cleansed each and all timelines. A pan-dimensional, pan-timeline re-set occurs where turnstile energies flow in, flow out, flow around and through, flooding into new creations, that are lifted from the morphogenetic fields that intertwine and expand, breathing new Life into form within the New Earth. New form, seen by many as the new Cities of Light, created by the Visionaries of the first wave.

This moment of expansion has created monumental shifts in life expression, life composition, including huge shifts in familial interactions, structure and design. This shift leads to an exponential growth where newly manifested life changes shall honour and fully reflect a new way of life, upon the New Earth.

The old is torn asunder to make way for the New. The New Earth begins in areas where high dimensional resonance flows easily, cleanly, clearly and freely [ I am shown here the images of two cities that we visited this year, Regensburg and Freising, Germany].

There are several areas upon your earth, where the New Earth now blossoms into vast, newly created Cities of Light, where you, as Ascended Masters, use your magnificent creationary powers arising from the heart and imagination centres of your divine crystalline bodies, to mould the perfect fifth dimensional cities of divine light and life. [They are showing me a special centre within our new bodies, a centre that is actually a connection between the heart chakra and the throat chakra, and that when activated, has the ability to expand our creative potential to great heights. This connection by the way, is also known as the 9th Chakra and it also has a direct connection to the Crystalline Grid of the planet (Ref: Asara Channels Adama of Telos), which in turn no doubt helps us to connect these points to our newly created Cities of Light].

Not only are you thrust now upon the Creation-space {there has to be a great German word for this, Georgi! How about “Erschaffungsraum” or “Schaffensraum” or “Schöpfungsraum“?}, you are also now engaging the Divine creative blueprint into bringing your mastery to new levels by creating templates for your new lives and new technologies on every front.

Therefore, we say to you, Expand Your Visions, Beloved Ones!  The time has come!

Know that you can create what you see for the New Earth, in this very moment!

We are the Elohim!”

Dear Carla,

I have just read twice the Elohim message and have to let it settle down in my mind and inner awareness. But it already answers /addresses all my visions I had before and shared with you, especially those regarding the cities of light and our ongoing creative activities. Hence we have a remarkable serendipity, which will be the normal way of life from now on.

I will comment later on it in more detail as you have to sleep now and I must go outside for a while. But I have only one question now – the Elohim refer to two MPR on two upper timelines below us. I assume that these are timelines above the 12th level, which has already had its MPR, and that we are floating above these timelines that are crumbling under our feet and moving steadily upwards to higher dimensions.

Hence we must conclude that this will be a smooth transition from our perspective as incarnated human beings and that we shall stay, as long as needed, on this steadily ascending timeline, on which we now reside, until we can make the last step into infinity through full transfiguration into light bodies. In the meantime we will anchor the cities of light into the new 4D and 5D earth.


Dear Georgi,

Yes, I had a really hard time with that: 2 MPRs below us. My impression is that these MPRs are on two very close timelines within the 12th level of 4D – I don’t know if that makes any sense or not. I pondered over this for some time. I couldn’t reach any clarity because I cannot grasp the dynamics. We can discuss this in the morning though, I will ask for clarity in the night, and I will likely get it.

Have a lovely day!

Love, Carla

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