Bridge Between the Worlds. Say No!

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 12, 2013
first published in English on October 14 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


11th October 2013 , late afternoon: I stay in the supermarket at the checkout. In front of me and behind me a long queue of people who want to pay their purchases. It is Friday, rash hour, a time when very many people make their errands. Behind me, I perceive, without turning around, a huffing and foul-smelling man, who, because of the imposition of having to wait, quite nervously hops from one foot to the other, until he finally struggles through – as I expected me – and asks me in a nicely-pushing manner whether I would let him pass by and check first his two products at the cashpoint. I reject this as I perceive how this person pretends only to get an advantage for himself and tell him without looking at him succinctly “No, please wait” So he boils over inside. This shows that his original humble and submissive way of asking in order to get what he wants, is now replaced by hatred and aggression. When he goes out at the door, he looks back at me and throws at me in his native language a unfriendliness, a curse. (End of report)

Transmission: Immediately after midnight:

Loved ones,

this is all about and this report continues where we ended yesterday. I am ASANA MAHATARI. When the dark behaves in a devote and lovingly servile manner, when it flatters, it always intends something with it. If it gets what it wants, then it is satisfied for a while, when it is denied, then it loses the false countenance and shows its ugly phizog of malignancy. This is what happened in the store.

What is said by this? By all means the dark forces now want to surreptitiously acquire the right to stay in this world. For this purpose they woo the souls of men at all levels and with all methods. This does not bear any fruits, that turns out quickly, and so it happens now that they proceed to evil deeds, that will finally throw them into the abyss.

This encounter shows yet another important detail that plays directly into the events of these last days, namely, that the people begin to say NO .

Those who are aware will escape the final disaster by escaping the dark ones, who are looking for an appropriate “human material”  for their various 4D levels of the NWO. Learning steps can be obtained at many levels and the 4D levels are also different in nature, and hence these dark ones who will now trigger the last epic battle, will arrive almost alone at a world that will not contain any more humans with souls.

Acquire now the ability to say NO. This is of immense importance in this time. Because the temptations are many and only your NO protects you from the fall from grace, which is: to stay behind with the dark ones in a covenant of darkness.

What are the biggest pitfalls of these days?

1) carelessness
2) convenience
3) discouragement
4) indecision

These are the “big four” stumbling blocks that need to be considered now! For the careless one falls into the traps of the dark ones, the convenient does not even notice that there are traps, the faint-hearted bypasses each case and the undecided halts in front of it and ponders until his decisions are taken off and he finds himself in the dark world.

Yes, indeed, now it is imperative to be whole, to be within yourself, to stand firm and to stay at peace with yourself. Every day brings the decision and on each day the decision for your ascension can be manifested. A pitcher shatters in an instant, a human life rises into the light or tilts into the darkness in an instant. In a moment of carelessness a life can take a new direction, namely, as soon as you grant access to the prince of darkness, when he presents himself cunningly as a light warrior of the end time.

Do not be fooled! Who pushes himself into your life (as in the supermarket scene, note JJK) and tries to gain a personal advantage with servility, show him the door, and he, who speaks to you about love and God, while he himself is soulless, show him the door. You will precisely identify these forces by the unnatural glow of their aura, that is, the colors appear synthetically, and at the cold glance in their eyes.

You are expected by the light! We are now at the point where you enter the bridge of light, the bridge between the worlds, making ascension irreversible. And at that very moment the dark ones want to distract you again by all means, hold you back as to secure their own property. Put aside each kind of inertia, remain resolute and courageous, energetic and determined – the last meters will be very demanding.

With you always,

I am who I am

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