Brand New: After the Spree Killer Obama Assassinates His Lover Miriam Carey, He Orders CIA To Disappear His “Love Child”

by Georgi Stankov, October 16, 2013

As already reported last week in several articles by myself, the monster Obama not only ordered on October 8th the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Charleston, South Carolina as a black op to proclaim martial law and establish a full-fledged dictatorship in the USA in the face of imminent state default, but also lured his lover Miriam Carey to Washington and then ordered his killer squads to execute her in front of the Senate and the whole American nation on October 3rd.

But this spree killer did not stop here. Now Obama has evidently ordered the CIA to let his child, 14-month-old Erica Francis (I previously reported a son in my articles due to initially false information of the mass media) disappear, so that most probably she must have already been killed.

As previously mentioned, Obama first met Ms, Carey on 18 May 2011 when he traveled to New London, Connecticut to address the graduating class of the US Coast Guard Academy, and while aboard Air Force One was treated by the employer of his lover Miriam Carey for a minor emergency dental issue; the latter is a former high-ranking US Naval officer, Dr. Brian Evans of Advanced Periodontics located in Hamden, Connecticut.

This first meeting of Ms. Carey with Obama as a dentist assistant ended up in an extramarital relationship and a girl, being Obama’s child, was born in August 2012, From what we know so far, it appears that Obama attempted to force her lover to abort, but Ms Carey refused to do so because of her Christian beliefs.

Due to her refusal, a CIA operative and believed to be close friend to Obama, Eric Francis, was assigned as her “monitor” and “conduit” to the President through a Connecticut shell company named HOOD CT, whose location is listed as a P.O Box and whose only email contact is listed as, the name of the assassinated mother of Obama’s child.

The establishment of CIA shell companies like HOOD CT is a common practice within that US spy agency and allows their agents to receive vast sums of money through unreported US government purchases to support their operations, and in the case of email, allows these communications to escape the scrutiny of “prying eyes.” In this particular case, HOOD CT company was established by the CIA to funnel money to Ms. Carey, while the email address was her way to contact Obama, and the only means he used to contact her.

As to the mysterious CIA agent Eric Francis, he was first acquainted with Obama in the 1980’s and was responsible for obtaining for the President an US Social Security Card from Connecticut even though Obama had never lived in that State! According to US media reports about the murky CIA agent Francis, whose age has been given as 52 and 54, he was the only source to the American media, insinuating that Ms Carey has had mental issues and was believing Obama was spying on her.”

Apart  from owing HOOD CT, CIA agent Francis was also the purported owner of a bar named Hartford Blueprint and a founding member of the West Indian Social Club, with both of these enterprises being located in Hartford, Connecticut. However a search of the Hartford Blueprint and West Indian Social Club shows that the former does not exist, and that the latter has recently closed down its website for “construction,” but as recently as this past November held an “Election Night Celebration!” on behalf of Obama.

As I already reported last week, it was highly suspicious, and most revealing that Obama’s killer squads, after  executing Ms Carey in a cold-blooded manner, refused to allow her family (mother, grandmother, sisters) to see the baby Erica, whom they had all helped raise, and, instead gave custody of this child to the murky and still incognito CIA agent Francis.

Ms Carey’s sister, Valerie, in protesting the handing over of the baby Erica to CIA agent Francis noted in a document filed in a Connecticut Court that: “The alleged father has not been present in Erica Francis’ life physically for the past two months nor has he provided financial support. The respondent Eric Francis has not disclosed his home address to the Carey family.”

The Carey family’s attorney, Eric Sanders, further called Miriam Carey an innocent victim and said the police report contradicts much of what was originally reported in the days following Carey’s death, including reports that she had rammed security gates and hit an officer. “She didn’t run anybody over and she certainly didn’t crash into no gate,”  Sanders said in an interview last Friday. I reported last week on this case that there are videos available on the Internet that show how a police car deliberately crashes into security gates without any apparent reason and without the presence of the assassinated victim near-by.

Not surprisingly, the long arm of the spree killer Obama arranged that Attorney Sanders was arrested yesterday under “trumped up charges” for his defiance of the Obama’s regime, questioning the propaganda version of the events surrounding Ms Carey’s assassination and releasing to the press the truthful information contained in what are called “Top Secret reports”.

The chain of Obama’s crimes does not end here.  Stamford’s Superior Court Judge Jane Emons denied this past Friday Ms Carey’s family emergency plea for access to the baby Erica leaving this young child in the custody of her mysterious, and “non-supportive supposed father”, CIA agent Francis.

And as Miriam Carey was laid to rest yesterday by her family and friends, one has every right to ask this most pertinent question: “Will the same fate befall baby Erica, whose mother was stolen from her by Obama’s assassins, and whose life is now “shrouded in mystery” by the White House and its prestitutes, while the facts speak a clear language even to a normal reader and journalist like myself, scrutinizing the events across the pond.

It is now only a matter of days before the house of cards and lies, which the spree killer Obama and his media lapdogs have erected around this most dark entity on this earth, will collapse, at the latest, when the state default will be announced and Obama has still failed to proclaim martial law.  At this point in time this failed dark stooge must be ousted from the White House by his clandestine dark masters that still pull the strings of this Banana republic and rapidly collapsing former world power before the MPR-deluge will wipe out these monsters from this timeline for ever.


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