Urgent Energy Update – Begin of the Final Ascension Surge

by Georgi Stankov, September 20, 2013

There is a very powerful energy surge that has started about an hour ago (16.00 pm GMT). It is a continuation of the ascension cc-wave from this morning and it manifests like a huge vortex that is dissolving and sucking my body upwards. It is this kind of energy quality that will lead to our final ascension. It could as well be the begin of Carla’s ascension now, with which the PAT Supernova will be triggered and the first wave of ascension will commence.

All the sparrows on the roofs seem to sing now the same song: today many channeling sources are announcing all of a sudden a major event – an energy peak, a transformation –  with a huge expansion of human awareness around fall equinox. This has never been the case before. This fact tells me that the decision for ascension has been firmly made this time and the potential for the first ascension wave must have reached its final threshold.

I am getting repeatedly an inkling from my HS that on Sunday, September 22 the ascension process will visibly commence, probably with the onset of a global war or a financial collapse. But something big is in the making and when the big change will start, it will proceed very rapidly.

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