Urgent Energy Update: Expect a Huge Energy Shift in the Next 24-48 Hours

by Georgi Stankov, September 3, 2013

Expect a huge energy shift in the next 24-48 hours. This is the latest information from the Elohim and I can assure you that I have already started experiencing the massive inflow of source energies in my left brain portal. Today will be another hard day for all of you, but we have not expected anything else in these last days prior to our ascension.

I can also confirm that the last two days were also very strenuous, with massive cleansing due to the following fact. After Carla was lost in the synthetic worlds, which the dark archons have created around the earth as to trap the ascending human beings, the source sent a huge photon wave from the central sun on the earth on September 1st and 2nd as to eradicate these synthetic worlds. Much of them were already obliterated and the pathways for ascension are now free again. This latest photon wave triggered one massive final cleansing.

However, there are still some rest pockets of these synthetic worlds that exist in a different version. Yesterday Carla made another journey to these worlds and got trapped again. At the same time I was retrieved from the earth and could bring her back safe from the level of my HS. Now these synthetic worlds will also be eliminated by the current energy inflow from the Source. This is just one aspect of the massive energy surge in the coming 24-48 hours. There is much more to this.

The veil to the 5D has been almost eliminated now, so that you will begin to feel and experience the new 5D world in a very tangible manner. Many parts of the 8th to 12th levels of this 4D earth are now fully entering the 5th dimension. I have moved in the last several days to the 4th level of 5D and Carla has moved to the 2-3 levels of 5D from her last position on the 12th level of 4D. The entire PAT has also ascended from the 12th level of 4D now to the 5th dimension. This is the latest information from the Elohim, which I can also confirm from my HS.

The current shift will propel all of us much higher one more time in preparation for the detonation of the PAT supernova. Everything is proceeding according to the ascension plan as previously outlined and even the synthetic worlds of the dark archons will not interfere with our ascension process.. These artificial worlds were known to the source and the forces of light since long time but only now have we reached the necessary energetic threshold to eradicate them parallel to the incremental detonation of the PAT supernova in these last days.

One final warning. Due to these massive final cleansing waves of photon energy from the Central sun, some most vicious and resistant dark entities that have somehow managed to hide until now in the deepest recesses of darkness have begun to emerge, so that you should reckon with some weak attacks from these desperate dark ones who can no longer stand the high frequency energies coming from the source and are now in their last throes. As soon as you notice such an attack, use the lightsaber of AA Michael and thrust it in the heart of such entities. They will be immediately neutralized and will disappear.

Both Carla and myself had such an experience in the last two days and the protection with the lightsaber of St. Michael accomplished miracles as he also assures us in his latest message. This is all for now. We have entered the most decisive phase in the ascension process and the sea will become somewhat rough, but the PAT-ship is sailing towards its final destination of ascension with full speed.

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