Twilight of the Gods

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 13, .2013
first published in English on September 16, 2013

translated by Georgi Stankov

The underworld constitutes of many gods, and all the gods there have only one thing in mind: to enslave the human race.

I am Babaji!

The gods of the underworld are gods of the shadow realms. They completely dominate those realms and only an enlightened consciousness can pass through these places and emerge unscathed from them. So there are many gods, but only one God, who is Love, the Truth, the Life and Light .

So far, only a modest number of people succeeded to distinguish the gods. Many assume light, where darkness prevails, and many are turning away from the supposed darkness, although they face the light. What is here alluded to? To the fact that people’s discernment is too feeble and that it was too little developed. To the fact that you are still mired away from the light; you deem yourself in heaven, whereas hell is expecting you with its dubious temptations.

Therefore, it is now time to begin with your journey to the actual “underworld“, so that you experience this level of Being, defined it and taste it until it burn so much on the tongue that you automatically grab at the cool and healing waters and heal yourself with this water of life.

Then the memory will return, the memory of the time which you now neglect  – the time of all times. Then those, who will ascend today, will return to you as “Ascended Masters ” and take care of you as students and adepts, as aspirants who want truly and seriously, and under the use all of their powers to put aside the dress of darkness and put on the garment of light. Too arbitrarily, not concrete enough, too carelessly and too negligently you deal with this time, with the unique opportunities offered by this time.

Hence now a level is created, which will end any carelessness, for he who is on his own, acquires the ability to make decisions with responsibility because he owes this to himself. Negligence thrives only there, where man is not challenged.

Where a person has to endeavour with his whole heart and soul in order to live or die, he is whole there and his inertia vanishes in no time. And on this ground grow the tallest trees against the sky and these trees grow the deepest and widest roots in the earth.

Two kings offer you their kingdom and you just need to choose. The one gives you all his possessions, the other let you drink water from a simple and blank shell to quench your thirst. Which king do you choose? With this in mind, the process of the ultimate ascension now unfolds and the final demise of those, who were captivated by the calamity and felt attracted by the experience of pain.

Nothing is in vain, everything serves a deeper purpose. Who is within himself knows too well the course of this time, who has lost himself, has also lost the connection to the events of this epoch, and this man disappears into the labyrinth from which there is no escape, unless he seizes his courage to destroy everything that keeps alive the illusion of stability and security.

These words are conveyed to those people, who close their eyes to the facts and neither read nor hear, neither seek nor expect, neither feel, nor know what is now accomplished on this humanity. It is meant for those, who will come at the appropriate time upon these words like gold miners come upon a gold mine that was hidden for thousands of years .

I love you, I am with you, even if I lead you now to the paths of life chosen by yourself where the illusion of separation is built up again as an insurmountable wall in front of you. I love you.

I am Babaji

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