The Last Fogs

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 27, 2013

Message from the ligh reading
first published in English on September 29, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


I traverse with my brother Karl and a former girlfriend in a high speed and in a playful ease the waters of the Adriatic sea. We overcome very quickly almost the entire coast of the former Yugoslavia from Slovenia along the landscape of South-Croatian Dalmatia, right down to the south. Sometimes we dive deeply into the clear sea water and once we are being robbed by submarine pirates, but this is of no relevance as we free ourselves from their ambient very quickly.

When we arrive at our destination, I say to Karl, by pointing to a mist behind a mountain: “Behind it is the most beautiful bay in the world.” That I repeat twice rather thrilled. Karl opens a small umbrella, out of which a little air balloon begins to inflate, and it carries us immediately high above, but we realize that we can hardly penetrate the fog with this and that it is unlikely that we can arrive at the bay. So we decide to swim to the place and wait for the appropriate means of transport. A woman calls out to us: “It is hard to swim here!” ( End of dream )

This dream speaks for itself and is self-explanatory. It describes what has been said yesterday and shows that the people are now prepared for the crossing of the last fogs, while it is difficult for the ascending people to swim further in the old world.

I am Babaji … (Continued at 18.00 pm)

Indeed: It is hard to swim in the old world against the unleashed powers of the current.

I am in your midst. Blessed are you, who are here and you who follow these words, and the manifestation of light and love on the screens (light reading on the Internet). Congratulations, because rarely you were at the right place at the right time than now!

I am Babaji. Today, the people are confronted with many questions and instead of receiving a profound answer, new questions are raised all the time. And so it is time to finish this question and answer game, because how can the divine manifest through you, when your mind starts with the question game, the very moment someone knocks on your door?

We say that the time has been stopped! This happened 3 days ago (September 24th). Thus, those who are preparing for the transition into the light have the impression that nothing is moving. Everything seems to have come to a standstill, global and individual developments seem to fail to come to the fore, nothing goes on … this is how those, who look forward to their arrival in the light, today sense. And this feeling is absolutely correct and accurate.

As described in the dream, all the Light Warriors, who have torn down their tents on the 4D levels, have now gathered on the ” platform of the great fog” and puzzle over how to pass through this fog. However, it does not work with ordinary means (balloons).

So, what to do? This dream also points out. Now it is necessary to be relaxed as good as possible while swimming in the stream of time. Neither against it, because you will be exhausted very quickly, nor with the stream that will bring you back to the old world. But simply trying to float with as little effort as possible on the water and always look towards the big fog.

For this I proclaim to you: This final step in the light is not your concern! Take care only that when the time comes, you are so light that you could be carried by a balloon to the final destination. For the ” technical process ” that describes your ascension the heavenly powers are responsible, for the impeccable, freed from all dross garment of light you are responsible.

This period of “no time” will be for every man so long his reality until the next individual steps towards ascension are pending. Yes, you have gathered before the ascension portal. Observe in the coming time attentively your dreams, the inner images in meditations or the manifestations in your life. Everything now has to do with your personal ascension. No event stands on its own. Let you be mesmerized by all this magic, in this way the days will seem short to you in these sluggish waters. Sluggish, as you perceive exactly what is happening in the world and around you.

And what is it that is happening here? You have to know that this “cosmic break” in the space-time structure during the preparation for ascension is also used to liberate the people, who have decided differently, from their demons. 90% of humanity is possessed by foreign energies and demons. This is one reason why you can no longer bear human crowds. And many people are fully possessed by demons.

The aim of the spiritual light levels is now, while you are looking forward to your ascension, to free these people from their demons. So that they can at least think clearly and so that, once they arrive at their level of being, be able to begin with the work of transformation. A being that is fully possessed by alien entities is never in a position to provide clarity or just to create a single coherent thought. Chaos at all levels, and here we now interfere in an all-encompassing manner. To give a human being a permission at the soul level to do so, as it happens now. Yes, there is still much to do.

This fact shows you that you rightly distance yourself from other people and groups, for the best protection against foreign energies is a clarified aura and an intact energetic sheath. However, the second best protection is your behavior! That is, you should currently avoid at best all the places that bring large crowds of people. Everything is changing and the greatest upheavals lie ahead.

Where do we go from here?

1) The period of silence, the timelessness of the time is still ongoing.

2 ) The great preparations for the first collective ascension of humanity are continuing unabated.

3) The forces of darkness have changed their strategy and they take initially what they want through negotiations and not through war. For the time being! And please do not succumb to the illusion that the guns will remain silent, because now the words have won a temporary victory.

4) Everything that has been announced to you will come. And before this world is reversed, you will be raptured to return back to a suitable hour.

Until then, stay in peace and be vigilant with whom you surround yourself. Make peace within yourself. By this we mean an actual inner peace and not a superficial silence, an arbitrary retrieval or muteness in view of the conditions in this world. Know this: with a courageous act, with a clear word you can still occasionally liberate people from their lethargy.

Remain though always at peace within. Give your anger about certain conditions in the world the opportunity to discharge. Then please return immediately back to your kingdom of peace. Because when the “master of mankind,” as the “light of the world”, your brother Jesus walked on the earth, and threw the money changers out of the temple, he made use of the “anger” in order to be perceived by those, who were called to correct their behavior.

Anger that you keep in yourself is poison and you poison yourself. Anger that discharges where it belongs, in a targeted and clear-cut manner (as I regularly practise with great success, comment George) may open some people for a new cure. “The meek belongs the kingdom of heaven … ” And I would add … “and those who never parade their gentleness and use it as a halo and thereby proclaim: “Look, what a lamb I am!” The kingdom of heaven belongs to those, who possess a language that is understood and to you, who will instantly return to your kingdom of peace.

Lambs among wolves do not change the worlds! Therefore become a powerful lion of ascension that puts to flight all the darkness and serves the light, until it has been completely enforced. Do not let be robbed of your strength and your courage be taken away by calling you “lambs”. Let not be fooled, because a true light warrior is aware of his power and sure of his sword. Never hesitate to use it, in the time of the demons this guarantees your entire survival. With this call, I close this message.

The big time now loses its shadows and a translucent mist appears for you on the horizon. There is the other world, the light, the love and the life. There is God and your home. And there we shall celebrate the great feast after you have anchored light and love, freedom and courage, vigor, simplicity and compassion deep in your hearts. Days, weeks, months and years. Soon, the counting will stop.

I am you! Let me know when you’re ready for this truth. Let me know …


September 28, 2013

Dear Jahn,

I have just written and published a report on the energetic events around the equinox portal. Then I immediately translated it into German, so you can read it also and take it as a knowledge into account in your future messages and eventually verify it.

Everything else can be found in this report.


Dear George,

I’ve just read it! Yes, I agree with your assessment completely. Certainly something will be delivered (on this issue) .


Dear Jahn,

I am glad that you assess the situation similarly. I have just read the last three messages of the light reading but have to read them again. I thank you for sending them.

What struck me immediately, especially in the third part where Babaji is concrete – that he once again announces a devastating war on the twelfth 4D level. This is contrary to my assessment of the situation, although he has already confirmed the delay in the ascension process, so that more people can be freed from their demons. We need more clarity particularly about this issue, and it is clear to me that these two options – war or peace – always remain and can never be completely ruled out.


Dear George,

it is not so often the case, however, in the context of our collaboration for the second time. Right after I read your email, I got this information. It will reveal itself to us, that is certainly –

Love by Jahn

War and Peace
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 28, 2013

Loved ones,

new worlds are built and in these worlds those who are neither fish nor fowl now find themselves.

I am Babaji.

Due to the heroic efforts in the “big battle” on the planes of being invisible to you, which was won by the light warriors of the first hour, it is herewith confirmed and now proclaiming that a new period of grace has begun for mankind.

From now on every person, who staggers, who is undetermined and could not or is not willing to comprehend these events of the time receives the renewed opportunity to wake up. This requires the creation of new levels, so that these people remain almost untouched by the discharges, of which we spoke to you. None of what has been announced to you, can be withdrawn, for verily:

Many people are urging into this epic drama and so they attract these events like mosquitoes are attracted by the light. And yet people receive repeatedly “one last time” the opportunity to present themselves on the platform of ascension and to awaken.

War or Peace?

I tell you: war and peace. Because in the multidimensional Being the ways to knowledge exist next to each other, and all mitigated and reinforced event chains as well. The confusion is so complete and yet it is so easy. Every man will be now confronted with his inheritance.

That is to say:

1 ) The new grace period will be used by some people. Their liberation from the demons will show its effect.

2 ) The new grace period remains unused by many people. They will experience the disaster on one of the levels created for them, the kind of upheavals that have recently been revealed to you by the spiritual realms.

Neither fish nor fowl? Gone! The final long day, which will bring to the fore the final decisions of all the people who inhabit the upper 4D hologram, has begun. The revolution is coming, the way is paved. Mildly, where you are, with great force where it has been chosen that way. It is happening, in particular on those worlds that have nothing to do with the already created 4D levels. This secret will be revealed to you before the chaff is separated from the wheat.

I am all-encompassing and omnipresent at all levels of creation

I am

Dear Jahn,

I thank you for this prompt response and effort. Now we are a step further and know a little bit more. “So laboriously the squirrel gathers its food” (A German saying). But that is the only way to go ahead, by questioning again and again and searching further.

This response of Babaji was expected in this form by myself and confirms my assumption that we now have to deal with infinitely many parallel worlds, so that we will not experience the war as such and thus can not explain it to our environment because the people who are with us, also move on a favorable timeline and thus will not experience any war. Their soul segments, however, will have to in the parallel worlds, and this, with the greatest possible force. Thus, it is not at all about what events will occur in this linear time, but at what level the main fragment of the soul makes its individual experience.

I will read tomorrow morning again with fresh mind these messages, but my question is basically answered and I thank you for your efforts from the bottom of my heart .


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