Descent of Mankind – Part I

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 8, 2013
first published on September 11, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

The Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR) Reaches Our 11th and 12 4D levels
by Georgi Stankov, September 11, 2013

These last messages of Babaji, Part I and II, were received by Jahn only after I informed him about the outbreak of the MPR on the 9th and 10th 4D levels on September 7th and asked him to confirm this momentous event by his sources.

The quintessence is that what has happened is worse than we have assumed it in our worst fears, before we incarnated on this earth. There is no way to avoid this truth. The “weltschmerz” (world-weariness), which Jahn describes here, has fully hit me in the last few days and yesterday it was downright unbearable. It does not help to say to myself again and again that it must be so and that these souls, who have now chosen this difficult path of knowledge through the experience of disasters, have so decided in free will and that we can do nothing about it. It hurts anyway.

And it will stay unbearably painful until we leave this leaden, sad and cruel world forever. To believe that one can find true happiness on earth has always been the biggest illusion of the esoteric scene. How can you be happy in the face of the ubiquitous misery and cruelty on this planet? It does help at all to close the eyes as to eliminate this reality, because the result is, as we see it now, that you sink even deeper into this earthly swamp.

Ascension and descent go hand in hand – only when all stages of the ascension rocket have been burnt and fall off, can the rocket properly ascend to heaven.



Beloved Babaji

My eyes fill with tears. A pain, unknown, yet familiar engulfs me. Neither the soul, nor the human body are touched by it, but it is something that acts beyond this, taking part in something that generates this pain in me. What is it? (End of report)

Beloved ones, beloved Jahn,

The time is fulfilled at all levels of Being. The events take their course and determine the course of the worlds. Big storm is gathering on the higher levels of the 4D earths and you will also be reached by the decisions that have already created a new reality on the other planes. Everything occurs simultaneously. For too long the necessary corrections were neglected by the people and hence with a few maneuvers of the dark powers now a whole world is set in motion.

In fact, the upper levels of the 4D-earths (9th to 12th) are already captured by the destructive processes before it goes directly to ascension. While some of the worlds change from within, other worlds will be maliciously destroyed, which also causes a change.

Your grief stems from the origin of your Being, and is justified by your primordial knowledge that what is happening now, was not fore-seen in this way. Far beyond your soul this grief carries you and expresses itself, and it will disappear in the very moment you arrive in the light. Your perception of the actual collective state of the levels of 9 to 12 on the fourth dimension of this earth causes and evokes this deep state of compassion. Nothing can be any longer as it once was, and destruction of unbelievable magnitude must happen in order for the ones to free themselves and ascend and for the others to arrive at a reality that will inspire them to new knowledge.

Mankind on the upper levels of the 4D earth is now overtaken by the events that have already occurred at the lower levels (1st to 8th). Mitigated, certainly, but still so much epochal that on the evening of the now impending day nothing will be the same as it was in the morning .

Sadness, despair and the search for an understanding, the need to grasp the events, will be enhanced, but, alas, too late! For when the divine fire of transformation is extinguished, then a man’s heart can transform as little as lead can be refined when the fire places cools and the anvil is removed.

Yes, you people in God’s hands! What so far has been hidden from you behind the veil – persistently and even to the state of being unbearable – that comes now to the fore. Begin to live and begin to love – now is the time. Who is untrained in this, must now fail, who has dedicated himself to the great process of transformation, has now won the victory that took so long.

How can a human heart dwell in happiness, when it meets human suffering billion-fold? How can a divine consciousness experience bliss, when it considers this world? By understanding the deep meaning of this time and by recognizing that at the end of all time each child is coming back to the Father and the bosom of the mother. We are one. The world ascends and goes under – at the same time!

I am
The bridge between worlds and life.

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