Descent of Mankind – Part II

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 8, 2013
first published on September 11, 2013 in

channelled by Georgi Stankov

In the number of two!

The human trinity of God is still incomplete. Humanity has not yet arrived in the bliss of God, has not yet entered heaven. And before this can happen, the descent of mankind must commence, of that part of humanity that are considered to be almost soulless beings, and of those that are endowed with considerable soul fragments but are not ready for repentance. The descent of those people, whom the grace of God has passed by without leaving a trace, begins at this time.

I am Babaji

And I declare to you today that the descent of mankind has begun, and that simultaneously the ascension of the people is fulfilled. Although the dramatic events are thinning in force and effect at the higher levels, they are still drastic enough as to speak of absolutely unique upheavals.

What the people can do to other people, that is revealed now, and so the need will be born in the people to find a shelter next to the lion.

The descent of humanity into the realms of the shadow or in the realms of darkness begins with a bang that suddenly changes everything. In those days every man will be confronted with his fears and it is good to have resolved them to a certain degree.

Everyone will find himself in his hologram, you have been told, but it is far more complex, everyone will experience the change precisely from his own “spectacles”. Thus, some will turn blissfully into the light, while the others will look around anxious and desperate for a help.

Today it is important for you, who return to the light, to reconcile with the world. To create peace within yourself and with the world. Do not falter and end all the lamentations about the state of the world, or about the measures that will follow, as these are a fact and inevitable.

From your higher vantage point of view, the view of your omniscient spirit, a compassionate sorrow will embrace you before it will be lifted from you as a false magic at the final arrival in the light because you no longer need it. Very quickly you, who will arrive in the light, will forget the conditions, under which you have suffered so badly, and you will recollect them only if you are urged by others or by yourself to do so.

This is called the “great memory” because very few entities in the infinity of God’s creations can present this experience and apply it to their further journey through the worlds as a gift and present there, where many gods lack the knowledge of it.

From you, masters, is now required that while you still live on the earth, that you reconcile with the world and the people and that you accept unconditionally what is.

The descent begins these days, and the people who have chosen this, have received all the information at the soul level. Now the process has accelerated and goes without any brakes in the abyss, and only a very few will be able to allocate this freefall, even when they wake up on an earth that belongs to the upper 4D holograms. All personal injuries will be avoided to the extent that they are unnecessary for the further evolution of the individual, all personal dramas will take their course, as long as they are required for a person to grow, to become and to be able to perceive.

While we talk about ascension, the descent begins, while we speak of the return to the light, the people are beginning to take refuge in the darkness. What I have announced to you in my short visible ministry on the earth decades ago, begins now! Blessed are those, who were trained as light warriors and were freed from the blockages to take their lightsaber and use it.

The work has paid off. Who today still staggers, cannot profit from these words, who has never boarded the train into the light, does not know what is happening to him today. But he, who is one with God and with His divinity, stands today, before he disappears forever, on top of the hill and shouts out: SEE HERE, IN THE SKY …

I am

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