A Chronicle of the Ascension Events from August 12 to September 12, 2013 – Part III

by Georgi Stankov, September 12, 2013


On the last day of August the forces of light as depicted by Angelika in her astral journey scored a huge victory by forcing Obama to change the course of his criminal policy against the rest of the world and to delegate the responsibility for all future crimes on humanity that will be perpetrated by the dark US cabal in the End Time to the US Congress, including the decision about a war against Syria.

While this may be considered the end of this black puppet on a string in the White House, his dark masters have not given up their idea to stage a new devastating world war. This is their last-ditch effort to escape the encircling of the light and to feed their gargantuan existential fears that now loom high under the energetic bombardment from the Source.

Hence, although we reject this war on moral and spiritual grounds, we must know that it will inevitably come on many upper 4D timelines, as this is what the majority of incarnated souls now want to experience as to progress on their pathway to ascension.

There is no way to avoid this outcome, although we are told by the Elohim that we still hold the outcome in our hands as the most powerful warriors of light – however, not on all timelines, but only on those, on which we have already ascended and these are already located in the 5th dimension;

“Those of you who disagree with the forceful approach within this creation, this reality, still hold the keythe key to infinite power of your own, although you may choose not to engage it out of socially ingrained fear.

September 1, 2013

I publish a very informative message from AA Michael (Jahn) that gives us an overview of the last ten days (see Chronicle – Part II) and also outlines the future perspective of the ascension scenario in September “Light -Part III“:

We have arrived at the final crossroad of this epoch. In the light of the assembled masters, in the light of the gathered Archangels, in the light of the hosts of heaven, in order to access the confidence of this holy moment and in order to draw great benefit for all other moments of the coming time.

After AA Michael underlines one more time the pivotal role of Carla’s journey to the synthetic worlds of the darkarchons on the 4D astral plane:

Now to the initially mentioned ” final” stage in the ascension process. It is known that a few days ago the first human being (Carla) ascended in body spirit and soul to the fifth dimension of creation and returned from there again. This fact has greatly accelerated the process of ascension. Today, those who are actually willing to leave this world – not out of frustration, but because they have fulfilled their orders – are ready to follow this ascension trail that this highly revered person has left.

This trail was “blurred” in recent days by the dark forces. That is, they created parallel 4D holograms, so to say, “synthetic” worlds, so that the ascending humans can get trapped / lost in them. This has already been announced by myself in a previous message. The purpose of this action of the dark forces was to delay again the ascension process, to confuse the people and to postpone the separation of the worlds, so that they would gain some more time to produce favorable events for themselves.”

he presents the actual dynamics and strategy of both sides in the final stage of the ascension process. This  quotation is very important as it contains the key to a proper understanding why the Source has now created so many earths andtimelines as to water down /thin the forces of darkness and to mitigate as much as possible their negative impact on the incarnated human souls in the current End Time:

“And the events are the more favourable for them, the more people fall off the path into the light, for the unredeemed fear emotions serve the sinister forces as a “food” source. Although the 4D levels were nearly depopulated, and shall still be, the forces of darkness need at least 500,000 slaves, so that they can continue with their game on the earth and from the earth.

Through the many levels (4D earths) that have been created, these forces were thrust into an abyss of fear themselves as they saw themselves left alone in the world and without any servants any more. That is, everything was and will be undertaken on their part to prevent the human souls from ascension.”

This dynamics – the confrontation between light and darkness – will stipulate with the detonation of the PAT Supernova that will  trigger, among the MPR and the ID Split, a new worldwide conflict on the earth. Precisely, we are the catalyst for this global war by raising the light quotient on the earth so high that this is the only possibility to separate the dark energies from that of the light (remember the multistage rocket model of propulsion):

“In this last sequence before the “explosion of your ascension” (the  PAT supernova, note George) will manifest, these (dark) forces will display everything that is available to them. The current conflict in the Middle East indicates this. This conflict also indicates that currently among these forces great nervousness and disunity prevails.

The conflict in this region of the world is only postponed, but not canceled, because this war is a central component of the dark forces to accomplish the New World Order. So do not be fooled, this world is on the eve of the next great war and other incursions and attacks will follow. Here it is important for you to know that you, who will ascend, will have nothing more to do with all this. It is unreasonable to deny this and it is likewise unreasonable to fear it.”

AA Michael ends his remarkable message with the following key information and recommendation:

“3) All “synthetic holograms,” aimed at thwarting the return of the people into the light, shall be destroyed by the light levels of Being.

4) All people are called to discern the geopolitical events and to give up their unwillingness to look at them.”

September 2, 2013

As I mentioned in Chronicle -Part IICarla had two further visits to the nether-words of the dark archons on the astral plane – on August 29 and August 30. The second time she was trapped once again and I rescued her and the third time Carla was successful in avoiding these synthetic worlds. During this time I was cleansing much dross, in particular in the follow-up of the eradication of these synthetic worlds on September 1st and 2nd, 2013. However we learnt about these missions only on September the 2nd:

Final Light Work at 5D

Carla on the second trip on August 29th: Dream about severe compression, where you Georgi also felt great compression.

AAM: “This was another form of nether-world, to compress the spirit, the living spirit. It was another synthetic realm of a different magnitude. Your dual soul Georgi sensed your entrapment and came to your aide.

On on the next day Carla in conversation with the Elohim:

“Me:  Have I had another trip to the Nether-worlds?

Elohim: Yes, indeed you have. This time, the third time, you were able to move quickly through the maze without our assistance or the assistance of AA Michael, because the Higher Realms deemed it necessary to overcome this programme. These sectors are being purged by the light from the Great Central Sun. It was planned that way following your failure to ascend the second time. The Higher Realms move forward in order to purge the several levels of your 4D to clear these synthetics.”

On this day I write to Carla as follows:

Dear Carla, yesterday and today were two awful cleansing days. I am almost burnt inside and the collective patterns that flowed through my field were deadly, suffocating and disgusting – extremely unpleasant and I still feel dirty inside. This must have been another powerful leap upwards. It could have been the ID split or something like this as I went through hell – the final detonation of the PAT supernova? – feels like this…”

The Elohim response to my question comes promptly:

“Your dual soul’s experience with heavy cleansing waves is associated with the purging of the souls trapped within the deep dark recesses of dimensional enfoldments. The flooding of photon light from the Great Central Sun was planned a long time ago in order to “reset” the energetic experience on this plane to its original blueprint.

Your dual soul has sensed this purging as he has had to move through all levels of time-space manifestation in order to be resetOne of his major assets, is his ability to filter, to process great volumes of dross within this entire manifestation. You also helped with this, and your higher self decided to place a personal perspective upon it this time [Georgi, a re-union with my beloved brother-in-law, who passed in 2004].”

It becomes evident that there is no chance for me to ascend before the actual detonation of the PAT Supernova and coordinate the ascension process from the 5th level of 5D, as I am needed on the ground for my great cleansing abilities. This is the destiny of the brave on this toxic planet – the more you cleanse, the more you are needed on the ground, and the more you are burdened with unpleasant duties:

The role of your dual soul was set for the 5th level of the Fifth Dimension. Although he has reached and resides predominantly in the 4th level of 5D in this moment, it may be a sudden upward movement that takes him to the 5th level. Since the format of the unfolding is not yet clear, it is uncertain what form he shall accept at the 5th level of 5D. He is needed for his great cleansing powers. Should the dark ones wish to employ the engagement of fear and other lower vibrational energies, then his work as cleanser is required from the viewpoint of his physical vessel.”

September 3, 2013

Carla and I receive an urgent message from the Elohim that a new powerful surge is coming in the next 24-48 hours. Later on this period was somewhat extended, but it still holds true:

Urgent Energy Update: Expect a Huge Energy Shift in the Next 24-48 Hours

The reason for this energy peak is that the Source has sent huge photon waves to eradicate the false synthetic worlds of the dark archons, with which they intended to trap the ascending human beings and prevent them from reaching the 5th dimension:

“Expect a huge energy shift in the next 24-48 hours. This is the latest information from the Elohim and I can assure you that I have already started experiencing the massive inflow of source energies in my left brain portal. Today will be another hard day for all of you, but we have not expected anything else in these last days prior to our ascension.

I can also confirm that the last two days were also very strenuous, with massive cleansing due to the following fact. After Carla was lost in the synthetic worlds, which the dark archons have created around the earth as to trap the ascending human beings, the source sent a huge photon wave from the central sun on the earth on September 1st and 2nd as to eradicate these synthetic worlds. Much of them were already obliterated and the pathways for ascension are now free again. This latest photon wave triggered one massive final cleansing.

Of course these energy waves from the source are multi-functional and affect many more aspects of the energetic structure of Gaia in her preparation for ascension as GaiaPortal confirms on this same day:

“Primary Gaia Ascension constructs [are] fully in place. Awaiting final signal for next movement. Appropriate next movement of Hue-manity is perceived and accepted. Secrecy grids dissolved, all planetary intentions are visible to all. Spontaneous Higher Light “explosions” follow rapidly and eliminate all shadow spaces. Being “in the Light” or “in the shadows” matters not. The Higher Light has prevailed.”

September 4 and 5, 2013

On September 4, I write a comprehensive article on the ramifications of the new ascension scenario that arise from the creation of numerous karma-loops and timelines on the upper 4D due to the fact that much more entities will not ascend than initially planned and need a proper specific experience before that can do this.

This overview is necessary after I have received an important message from Jahn channelled by Babaji. His presentation confirms the initial three-earth-scenario behind the numerous temporary timelines that have been created. It elucidates how the ascension process will be experienced from an individual subjective point of view. I publish this article on September 5th after I have received some pivotal information from my HS about the energetic mechanism behind this new ascension scenario:

Final Details of the Ascension Scenario

Here I present a new soul model how the continuity on the balanced 4D earth will be accomplished after the ID split and the MPR as announced by Babaji:

“Finally, I would like to highlight an important aspect of the conflict-free transformation of the new balanced 4D earth after ascension and the ID split that I learned only today (August 4) in this form from my soul. Currently, 90% of the people on the timeline that we are experiencing at this moment, are soulless, empty, holographic sleeves. Those who still have individual soul fragments but have not overcome their darkness will be transferred to 3D after the ascension ofGaia and part of humanity to 4D and 5D. This transfer is an integral part of the current ascension scenario, based on the seven 4D earths and numerous further 4D holograms between the upper 4D and lower 5D.

Exactly the same mechanism of soul migration is now being applied to the balanced 4D earth from the source as to ensure an uninterrupted linear evolution of this timeline before, during and after the detonation of the PAT Supernova and planetary ascension. This continuity is created by several billion new souls who will incarnate in a stroke into the current soulless bodies of these people and begin their cycle of incarnation on the new 4D earth. They have been waiting for this opportunity for very long time. Thus, the population will remain visually unchanged on 4D.

And here is what Babaji has to say to this new ascension scenario that must have been introduced end of August, the beginning of September (“Next Door to“):

“1) Significant and sudden changes in society, whether through war, natural disasters or the peaceful and conscious evolution of humanity, are off for those left behind (on 4D), what happens is that in the linear edifice of space-time everything will occur as previously and development is possible only step by step – this applies to the 4D level.

2) The worlds that will be destroyed by the catastrophic events will find themselves at the level of the third dimension of being. The “Planet of the Dogs” will then open its gates to welcome the newcomers, because many people have chosen this evolution.

3) After all the “sub-holograms” that serve as bridges of ascension to the realms of the fifth dimension are dissolved after the successful ascension, the souls of those left behind will enter a subtle “level of redefining’, from where each entity will continue with its individual journey. Either in 3D or 4D or in different regions of the universe.”

On September 4th, Jahn has a vision on the huge devastations on the 8th level of 4D earth due to the MPR and man-made catastrophes that have been unleashed by Obama and the dark cabal as to install the NWO on this timeline. This is the first time that we learn that this event has occurred on the upper 4D earths:

Rescue Squad on 4D / 8th Level

Asana Mahatari interprets Jahn’s vision as follows:

“Nuclear radiation refers to the destruction of this world, in which Jahn dwells, through nuclear energy. Spaceships, neither “good nor bad “, shows that this is a “a rescue operation of the survivors,” that is, the people who will survive these destructions will be evacuated. The icemen point out to the emotional and mental retardation of humanity that had to experience this situation, their physical and mental disabilities show their insufficient heart evolution. The astonished question “these people have been living here?” Indicates how inconceivable for these entities, who have never incarnated on such a low level like the earth, the fact is, under what (terrible) circumstances a person must strive towards awakening here.

The level at which this is happening is the eighth 4D hologram. Jahn waiting for the death or evacuation means that both options are possible to leave this plane. (End of interpretation) Certainly very sobering, but the events that have long since created new realities on the lower levels, are now pushing into the upper 4D holograms. Observe the very fact that in Fukushima radioactivity is still released in enormous quantities. When this fact was made known by the spiritual light levels and this source months ago, only a few paid attention to it.”

Here we have the most likely scenario that will also unfold on our upper 11th and 12th 4D levels any moment. Jahn was switched onto this level, just as Carla was switched onto the lower 7th 4D earth, in order to give us testimony about the overwhelming catastrophic impact of these events on these timelines, which are indicative of the scope of the catastrophes we must expect in the coming days and hours on our levels.

This information is of great gnostic value and I hope that all readers have internalized this truth beyond any petty human fears and objections. Any ascended muster must have raised beyond such considerations, especially as he knows that he will not be affected by these dramas.

 ““Nothing learned”, and in fact, this is how the situation presents itself now, and also on the upper frequencies of 4D a lot is on the verge of breaking out, since this level must also be freed from the empty or only with one or two soul fragments equipped beings. Jahn was switched onto this plane after the correction had begun to give testimony before the people, before it happens here. And this dream image shows one further fact, the already depopulated world has succumbed to nuclear radiation or has been evacuated (by spaceships). This means for all ascending humans: Do not worry for a single moment, because for you is taken care of in every conceivable way. The events of the End Time are getting closer and closer and before they quite reach you, you will find yourself in heaven.”

September  6, 2013

I am urged by my HS to write an article on the physical, energetic model behind the current ascension dynamics, which explains in an easily understandable, didactic form why big catastrophes on the lower earths and levels are necessary for the PAT rocket (Supernova) to ascend humanity and Gaia to the 5th dimension:

The Propulsion Multistage Rocket as an Explanatory Physical Model of Ascension

This topic is further discussed between Carla and myself on this same day:

Energy Update – September 6, 2013

September  7, 2013

On that day I write to Carla based on my personal experience with the incoming waves as follows:

“Dear Carla, your vivid reminiscence of the MPR on the seventh 4D earth which you has personally experienced during your astral journey on August 11th must have a sound ground in the events that now unfold on the 8th – 10th 4D levels.Jahn has already confirmed that the MPR has happened on the 8th level and I have the feeling that this event has now reached the 9th and 10th levels.

Then this night the vibrations were so powerful and exhausting, similar to those on June 8th when the MPR came on the lowest 4D when we were in Austria, that I had great difficulties to come into my body in the morning. Also when I woke up this morning I felt unusual doubts that we may not make it and that we may be doomed to stay here for ever. It was a real doom and gloom feeling without any foundation, hence it was an alien feeling. Besides this peak in energy was already predicted by myself and the Elohim  on September 3.

Therefore, I conclude that something big must have happened, probably on the 9th and 10th levels of the 4D earth – the next MPR or a nuclear war? This also fully coincides with the forecast of my HS on August 29th that around September 7 /8 something big will happen which I interpreted at that time as the final detonation of the PAT supernova.”

Urgent Energy Update: The MPR Has Hit the 9th and 10th level of 4D on August 7th and Will Manifest Any Moment in Our Timelines

 September 8, 2013

I publish Babaji’s message “Realignment of Ascension“, first channelled on September 4th that elucidates one more time the details of the final ascension scenario as they crystallize after the MPR and the catastrophic scenario have fully unfolded on the 8th level of the 4D earth and has now reached the upper levels 9th and 10th as already registered and announced by myself (see above):

The epochal disastrous events are under way and will come, there is now way to avoid them, but not all the people will be affected by them. Due to the creation of new 4D holograms, it is now possible for those people, who will hardly gain any spiritual benefit from disasters or suffering, to learn it their own way. Although these people will still participate in the events, they will find themselves at the appropriate hour on their new 4D world.

There, their evolution will continue in a linear manner, that is say, as a slow growth as already announced, step by step, where the disasters will arrive in the daily lives of these people, because a world, in which the New World Order is established and exercises its unlimited power, is a bigger disaster than an apocalyptic event, which is in a few hours “history” and defines the world as history.”

After this analysis Babaji warns us that the dark cabal are under great pressure and must act very soon out of desperation:

“For the dark powers that currently wrestle on the 4D levels for their naked survival, this realignment of the Ascension process is a very disturbing factor. Due to it they lose again a lot of people, people, who they desperately need for their survival on their levels. As a result, this game is marked these days by a great nervousness and anxiety that has returned directly to the centres of power of the dark forces. Due to these factors one should expect an “act of desperation” on their part.”

This is what we shall see very soon as I have announced yesterday (see below). At the end, the situation on all 4D earths will be as bad as that on the 3D dogs’ earth and this is indeed the worst outcome the HR have envisioned for the earth and humanity during this ascension. However this scenario does not affect Gaia, which will now firmly ascend with as little humans as possible and the rest must go through specific 4D karma-loops before they qualify for the new 5D earth.

 “After the final line is drawn in the sand, the differences between 3D and 4D will be lesser than you suppose, only on the upper segment of the 4D levels will the evolution, though slowly, but nonetheless be accompanied by peace (balanced 4D earth, comment George) .

The lower 4D levels (1-7), which were already created and sealed, hardly differ now from the planet, where the dogs have a healing effect (3D earth). The difference lies solely in the fact that in comparison to 3D each evolution on 4D will, albeit slowly, unfold faster than on 3D.”

September 9, 2013

The Elohim confirm to Carla that

The Grand Alignment of Ascension is Successful

Obviously the MPR on 4D levels 9th and 10th on September 7th/8th has opened the grand portal of ascension; The MPR will reach the upper 11th and 12th 4D levels in the next days.

“This great alignment released new light codes, codes of tone, where the harmonics of connection and completion returned signals to God-Source elaborating the new extension/ expansion and realization of the arrival at a new level of purity within each and every level of 4D, level 8th through 12th. The levels of 5D also naturally aligned in congruence with the upper levels 11th and 12th of 4D for seamless continuity.

At this same time, your memories were triggered of your personal interaction with 4D, level 7th (August 11). These memories arose because you have an intuitive attunement to 4D, levels 9th and 10th, and these levels are also now currently experiencing a magnetic pole reversal (MPR)The actual MPR has occurred at level 9th, but its implications rise into level 10th on a slower rate and of less magnitude. Nonetheless, the events at each of these levels carry their own impressive force and fore-tell the arrival of a MPR to the final upper levels of 4D, levels 11th and 12th, shortly.”

Then the Elohim confirm one more time what we already know from Jahn’s sources:

“Each incarnate shall experience only what his soul requires to complete those lessons and experiences of evolution. Those who require events of misalignment, pain, shock and suffering shall receive these experiences. Those who are considered first wave ascension souls, who read this message, while fully and openly accepting the truth others have shared on this and other ascension sites, shall rise up on top of the energies and float up into the fifth dimension, just out of reach of the lower vibrational experiences offered to others.”

This is allegedly the end of our drudgery as Planetary Ascension Team (PAT):

“The heavy work is over. The re-alignment is successful. The expansion reaches ultimate achievement through Divine Grace.”

Of course this promise did not apply to me in the next days as we shall see below, But we are used to broken promises from the HR, which are no more than empty motivation slogans for us to carry on to our utmost exhaustion.

On this same day April receives a unique message from the Prime Creator who reassures us one more time that we, the PAT, have entered a Divine Communion with Him (the Source) and that our future destiny as Earth Keepers and Creator Gods is already sealed. This is indeed a huge promise and one we have always believed and expected since we decided to to participate in this most dirty “mission impossible” in the whole universe eons of time ago at the soul level.

“What I speak of is the capstone of your relationship with and in ME. For I AM BOUNDLESS –  I AM everywhere and exist in ALL things – and as a result of your COMMUNION WITH ME, your awareness has/will become greatly expanded, even boundless as I AM boundless, within the 5D realm in which you will soon physically occupy, for a time. Boundless meaning that higher information/ inspiration is now coming to you in much more conscious way – through the ethers, plant, animal, devic kingdoms, your brothers, sisters, soul groups, other realms, etc…

You are now fully empowered as my Emissaries of Light (13) and will receive/ open to all the gifts/ graces that MY EMISSARIES have rightfully earned. It is within your COMMUNION with me that you will unite and communicate to each other and all of ascending Gaia with your now highly refined, unified WILL. I AM as wholly manifested and expressed through YOU and it is now time to reintroduce your realm to ME as the final migration /ascension to 5D commences.”

September  10, 2013

I begin with the writing of the Chronicle of the last month:

A Chronicle of the Ascension Events from August 12 to September 12, 2013 – Part I

as to streamline your perspective with respect to the final stages of the ascension process on the cusp of the detonation of the PAT Supernova and our final ascension.

September  11, 2013

I publish a message from Babaji delivered on September 8th which confirms the beginning of the MPR on the levels 9th and 10th of the 4D earth (“Descent of Mankind – Part I and II“). This is what I write in my preface to these messages as a final sum-up:

“These last messages of Babaji, Part I and II, were received by Jahn only after I informed him about the outbreak of theMPR on the 9th and 10th 4D levels on September 7th and asked him to confirm this momentous event by his sources.

The quintessence is that what has happened is worse than we have assumed it in our worst fears, before we incarnated on this earth. There is no way to avoid this truth. The “weltschmerz” (world-weariness), which Jahn describes here, has fully hit me in the last few days and yesterday it was downright unbearable. It does not help to say to myself again and again that it must be so and that these souls, who have now chosen this difficult path of knowledge through the experience of disasters, have so decided in free will and that we can do nothing about it. It hurts anyway.”

September  11, 2013

Most Auspicious Day: Energy Peak!

Urgent Breaking News!!! The Elohim: The Final MPR Has Been Triggered Today and Will Manifest Imminently on the 11th and 12th Levels of 4D

This day begins as dramatic as it will end, when it will end…

Dear Carla, I have just woke up and had a dream that the Israelis will make another false flag attack with chemical weapons as they are desperate to begin a war against Syria and will not let this opportunity go away. This is also what the last two messages from Jahn suggest. The catastrophes must begin any moment from now on at the 11th and 12th level. – George

And then several hours  later:

Dear Carla, I have a full fledged cc-wave with another massive descent of source energy in my body and field plus the obligatory headache and it is no wonder that you are also involved in this energy surge. Actually, I have always had on the 11th of each month such waves since 4-5 years. Upon second consideration this huge energy surge may be the trigger of the MPR on our timelines 11th and 12th.”

And here is what the Elohim have to say to this most auspicious yesterday when the future of this mankind was sealed:

“There is movement afoot indeed within the upper 4D timelines as you surmise. Acute angulations arise amongst the ones currently in power within the societal structure most based on power, greed and avarice.

These groups of individuals prime the targets with false pretense only to fulfil obligations of destruction upon the Earth. Generous lies flow and deceit is of the highest order.

Bringing home Mankind is of monumental complexity, where shifting sands occur on a second by second basis.

Those of you who disagree with the forceful approach within this creation, this reality, still hold the key, the key to infinite power of your own, although you may choose not to engage it out of socially ingrained fear.

The methodology in these tactics is of fear, wreak of ultimate weakness within the Souls of those responsible for any misdeeds.

Enjoin the Creator in boundless respect for those, who choose a path of destruction and superfluous disregard for Humanity as Beings.

The magnetic pole reversal is imminent/ peaking for 4D, levels 11 and 12, and this has been noticeable to you and your dual soul already.

It is true that different decisions are being made within different holograms, each decision creating new timeline dynamics that then greet those whose souls have been sealed into that hologram/ timeline. These decisions will throw the worlds in each hologram into disarray, depending upon the balance of all aspects.

Great chaos may ensue.  Be prepared!

Structures are implemented for salvation’s sake.

A great blanket of protection arrives in a wave of Christed Light energyThis gift is being thrown over All of the upper dimensions, the lower levels of the Fifth Dimension (where the PAT currently dwell, comment George).  Do not fear for you shall be protected, even propelled upwards in congruity.

End (of All Time)

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