April’s HS: Use Your Divine Communion With Prime Creator to Create Consciously Your Ascension NOW!

by April Bender, September 15, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. After reading the latest posts by Carla on Agartha, I felt strongly compelled to check in with HS. About 15 years ago I was first visited by Zora of Argatha, she was actually the one who showed me my first glimpse of the new 5D earth. I have since connected with her only on occasion, and only once when Adama was present, and I am now recalling the last instance of contact, when it was shared that the Agarthans would disclose themselves to the ascending population once PAT detonation of the Supernova occurred.  

Interestingly enough, while Carla has been travelling to Agartha, I have been visiting the great university on Sirius, of which I have many old friends residing. I myself have taken and taught many classes there over the course of my ascending career so I have been delighted to find myself there in light body during dream time once again.

So imagine my surprise and joy to hear of Carla’s latest experience, something is indeed afoot here with all these latest “other worldly” encounters. HS attempts to explain both of these experiences and more below in her latest message. She is very earnest at times about the importance of these deeper connections.

As always I am eager to hear your initial response and if this is too long, please feel free to edit it down. I hope you and others find the message helpful as I did.

Much love and light,


HS Message 9-15-13

HS: Do you recall the words of Prime Creator?  Specifically in regards to your newer expansive state of Communion with All-That-Is? The plethora of new streams and modes of higher communication and insight now available to you and residing all around you if you but only tap into them? Do you and the PAT fully understand what this means and the honor that has been bestowed you?

Let me explain. Whereas in the past you would have fleeting moments of communication/ communion with say Gaia’s plant and animal kingdoms, Gaia herself, or your soul family, other upper /inner realms or beings, etc… now you, the first wave ascenders as a collective, will have unlimited/ unfettered access to such places and energies anytime you simply WILL it. For these nodes of communication/ communion are fully open and accessible as they are a natural part of and connect to the circuitry system of 5D. These circuits and pathways have recently been realigned, purged and activated in preparation of this as other channeling sources have indicated (see GaiaPortal).

Put plainly, the dimensional level of 5D opens up entire other worlds of access than what was previously available to you in 3D or even 4D. The field of higher energetic resonance stretches/ extends much further in 5D and beyond, thereby integrating and connecting many more realms of information and experience – thus inducing a deeper and expansive sense of Self/ Oneness and how you personally and impersonally experience that multi-dimensionally.

You are being prepared, or better yet, are remembering as the final veil lifts and the Creator’s gifts and graces pour out upon you, just how to do this and very soon your entire group will once again be very proficient at accessing this type of “boundless awareness.” This adds light to you and Carla’s latest experiences and visitations to other realms intimately connected/ tied and invested in this grand ascension plan. You could say these are your closest neighbors and allies.

The Agarthans, for example, are deeply tied to earth’s ascension process as you all know. They hold a very high stake in the outcome of all of this and they are about to take on a much more active and visible role as previously discussed. Their energies will add great stability to the Cities of Light which are very close to activating, becoming visible to those ascension candidates on the uppermost rungs of 4DThis will occur AFTER the forced confrontation (global war, note George), and these Cities will be a place of refuge for those choosing ascension after their “confrontation” experience.

It is during this time that you will be newly, physically ascended, and will reappear on these upper 4D timelines to assist in getting others to these places of refuge, the Cities of Light OR landing areas for the Galactic Federation of Light ships that will be utilized for those candidates unable to reach a City of Light (the PAT as rescue teams, see also Jahn’s message “Rescue Squad on 4D /8th Level“, comment George)).

Therefore, Carla’s recent visitations to Agartha are another herald to your group that this time of confrontation and Agarthan deployment are nigh. It is also another testimony to the PAT, that these lines of communication are open to all first wave ascenders and should be explored and utilized daily. It is time for all forces in service of the divine plan to unite, establish a communication platform, and mobilize! The Creator has just bestowed a great gift upon you all – NOW USE IT!!! It matters not which faction of the light you make contact or have communion with only that you do and that you do so in earnest. Where much has been given, much is now expected. This will be easier for some than others to begin, but all in your collective have this capability now and are expected to develop it.

Let us now look at one other example of the coming together of worlds/ allies. You have been visiting the great university on Sirius. You know this place very well. Explain to the group what you have encountered here.

Me: Well, the first time I consciously recall visiting this place in this lifetime was when I was about 1 4 years old. I had a very lucid dream in which I found myself at this great hub of learning and social interaction for our local star system.

There was a group of us, all in what appeared to be orange robes/toga’s. Our instructor also wore one. This signified to me that we were all part of the same soul group, and our instructor had been assigned to us. He led us all down, down, into the lowest, darkest levels of the university. It looked like a stone dungeon maze of a castle, with torches along the walls, providing the only source of light. We followed the narrow hallway until we reached a large cavernous room. Within this room was a large hole, an abyss that seemed to go on and on into the bowels of darkness. The expanse of this large crevice or hole was enormous. You could not just jump across it. Our instructor pointed out a platform that stood at one end of the crevice. It reminded me of a diving board at the edge of a swimming pool, except for there was no water below – there was no bottom – only darkness. Our instructor then told us that our test would be to cross this dark abyss with nothing but our faith. Our faith that with each step, the foundation or platform for the next would appear from the darkness below and with each subsequent step of faith we would be guided safely across.

This exercise he said, was in preparation for incarnation on earth. I was the first he asked to go and I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I stood on that first platform looking into the dark abyss below me, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, called on the Creator and stepped into nothingness – strangely enough my foot landed on a hard surface, the next platform had appeared from nowhere!! I closed my eyes and repeated this process until I had made my way across the entire abyss and was safely standing with my peers. Joyful shouts of congratulations resounded.

I have never forgotten this profound lesson and it has served me tremendously while here on Gaia. I’ve also had other visitations there where I was in more of a normal classroom type setting, teaching classes of higher learning on various subjects, mostly from what I can recall, on the emotional nature of Earth and how to navigate that. I also recall in other dimensional experiences of Self, of delivering messages to the great university or to some of its instructors. So it is indeed not only a great university but also hub where many local beings/worlds intersect/connect.

Recent visitations in the last couple of days have shown me that they are preparing for an influx in student’s/new arrivals.

HS: Yes,wonderful! That is precisely so! Just as the Agarthans are moving into final preparations and posturing so are the Syrians! As are the GF, and many other connected beings and realms.

The university on Sirius is another important one to mention though as many of the PAT will eventually be teaching/ presenting on what they have experienced during this grand time of ascension once it is in the main, completed. For you must remember that this is the first time mass ascension has been done in this way and there will be many lining up to hear you tell of it. You will be much sought out presenters and teachers on the topic. And it is true, many new souls will be acquiring access or more expanded access to this higher/ inner university.

Therefore, I stress again the importance of staying attuned to and even seeking out such communion/ communication with other closely connected realms and beings of light in preparation of your final transfiguration and roles of service. The Creator does not give you something for nothing. Yes you deserve this, but you must also utilize it! To be true co-creators you must co-create with your brethren within the essence of Unity, which IS Prime Creator, and Prime Creator has thrown open wide all doors and receptors of such communication for you. It is time to step into the full splendor and glory of who you really are! For the time of confrontation is here!


Dear April,

I had to smile when I received your email because I was just about to write you an email and ask you to check with your HS about Carla’s visit to Agartha, as she also asked explicitly for your validation.

But you have already read my thoughts and have presented the response. This is a convincing example for the incredible synchronicity these last days.

I will publish immediately this message as it is an important contribution to our key topic:

“How to utilize our new acquired gifts from the recent Communion with the Prime Creator as to facilitate the ascension process and begin to create the destiny of the new mankind consciously in the Now.

This is a huge challenge – it is like giving your first lecture as a teacher to a big audience or appearing for the first time on the stage as an actor. You must be very confident in your creative abilities and at the same time you must be able to overcome in a sovereign manner your “limelight fever”, your anxiousness. But when the old knowledge due to our remembrance of our enormous creative potential will overwhelm us immediately after our ascension, we shall very easily adapt to our new roles as Earth Keepers.

With love and light

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