The Victory

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 5, 2013
first published in English on August 7, 2013 in

You are prepared and trained. You have successfully gone through the processes of transformation. You have almost completed the many steps to enlightenment. You are so close to your arrival in heaven, just as your pulse is close to you.

You have been tested, illuminated and refined, now that only these qualities matter. You have fallen and risen, you have endured the infamy of the ignorant and the inertia of ignorance.

You have not allowed to be either dissuaded or trapped by the evil. You have chosen the light and have steadfastly persevered until now. So you are the rightful heirs of this new world, so you are the ones, in the hands of whom the Creator will now place the destiny of the new earth. That is why you now carry the victory over darkness and that is why you are part of a new creationary process that begins with your ascension into the light.

That is why I have returned to this earth, so that I can assist all who will go into the higher realms and so I that I can introduce new rules into those worlds, that have turned away from God.

You have voted and you have been heard. My love nourishes all life. I am neither a beginning nor an end, I am infinite, omnipresent light. I am awareness of the pure unadulterated love of God.

I am unlimited and I carry in my heart the entire humanity. Everything is real through myself and I’m real in everyone and everything. And you’re an unchanging, eternal part of me.

I am the life, I am the light, I am the love. I have come to escort you to the skies. You, who are ready – NOW.

I am

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