The Upper 4D Earth Will Experience Six Different Catastrophic Scenarios With a Diminishing Gradation From the 7th to the 12th Levels

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, August 10, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I decided to try and connect with HS this morning to get a little more information on just how the Dark Cabal’s plans will or won’t be experienced as well as the MPR. Below is the message.

I personally found the additional explanation very helpful and confirmatory of what you have already been picking up on but as always, I am eager to hear your initial impressions. I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, and may not have articulated the message as well as it came through. I hope it all makes sense.

I’m feeling wonderful, blissful energies this morning and am hoping you are feeling the same.

Much love and light,

HS Update – Part II, August 10, 2013

Me: I’m seeking a connection with you today for further clarity on what exactly will be experienced by the differing levels of ascending masses as we move into the activation phase of the MPR. Previously you provided me a few hints to this effect but I’m hoping you can shed some more light on this subject for us.

HS: Of course.

As mentioned before, your collective ascension group The PAT as well as other souls who belong to the first-wave of ascension, have recently opened up and begun movement within the 4D levels of 8-12.

This was done at the onset of this grand alignment/stargate in anticipation of the massive “assessment and mobilization process,” the harmonic convergence, the upcoming MPR, and ALSO because the Dark Cabal had plans to utilize this stargate as well for their final end-move/check-mate – the further polarization of humanity or the “slaves” through various triggers ultimately leading to civil unrest, systemic collapse, population reduction, full control of resources, and the introduction of a new, more efficient slave system.

Make no mistake they have already begun to play this final hand. For you, it was made visible through the media outlets with news pertaining to terrorist alerts, embassy closings, FEMA stockpiling, escalation in the ME, and the President’s recent public remarks regarding financial institutions/organizations. But much, much more has been in play below the surface, where you can feel/intuit it but can’t outwardly see exactly what is going on.

Now on the 7th level of 4D, this is currently expressing itself within the collective reality of those who reside there. For example, a so called “terrorist” attack did play out and fall-out from this event and other related events is being experienced in that reality – though nowhere near the same amounts of devastation/suffering that was experienced in the lower timelines/levels.Ascension candidates at this level still needed this confrontational experience, but to a much lesser degree. They still had very conscious choices to make and revelations to integrate/process.

When looking at each of the sub-dimensional levels it might be helpful to frame it in this way: each level calls into manifestation the catalysts which need to be experienced as a collective in order to release, evolve and ascend to the next higher order of evolution.

For those who now reside in levels 8th -12th, you will experience as much of the Dark Cabal’s tactics and geophysical catastrophes as you need. And as you and I both know, you don’t need this experience. This group of souls already knows and has processed the revelations that the lower groups are calling forth.

The only catalytic experiences that this elevated group needs, is an outer sign/expression that your detonation/ascension is truly at hand. Just as you are always given activation signs. Therefore, you may experience some natural catastrophes as Gaia finalizes position before the MPR, you might witness the onset of systemic collapse, etc…but you don’t need to live THROUGH them, you see? You may be touched briefly by them, as an affirmation of the Divine Plan and as a means to finalize conscious activations going into the MPR, but you DO NOT NEED to experience more than this.

Now having said this, once the MPR/PAT Supernova is initiated, differing levels will experience the MPR in different ways – as has been the case so far. Level 7 has yet to experience the MPR, though it is close, they are still experiencing catalysts leading to the MPR as discussed above and will experience the MPR in relative proximity to when you the PAT, are detonated.

It is sometimes difficult to find the exact wording needed to express such multi-dimensional undertakings but if you simply think about what each collective level NEEDS to experience in these final days, it will make more sense to you.


Dear April,

this is the right message at the right time. It is the proverbial “icing on the cake” in the chronology of our latest publications and revelation on the final Ascension scenario.

What immediately came to my mind, while reading this message, was that we now have almost the same situation as with the lower six 4D earths, whose catastrophic scenarios we have extensively discussed in the last two months.

Now we have also six further holographic models of the upper 4D earth – from the 7th to the 12th level as created by the PAT in the last days and weeks. According to your previous message, we have finished with the final distribution of the souls among these levels and have sealed these timelines. This would say that each one of these levels will experience a different catastrophic scenario in gradation.

The group of ascension candidates in the first wave now either dwell in the highest 12th level with the PAT or will ascend with our help to this level very soon and will not be affected at all by these catastrophes that will begin at the lowest 7th level of the 4D upper earth. We will only witness their onset as a kind of a start signal for us to detonate the PAT supernova.

The masses of souls that are currently on the 7th level will experience the bulk of the MPR and the deluge, together with the collapse of the whole Orion matrix. They will also suffer for a short period of time under the final massive effort of the ruling dark cabal to install the NWO and establish a total slave order, as your HS confirms one more time. However, the dark ones will not be able to achieve this heinous goal on this upper 4D earth, but, nonetheless, many people will die and will leave this timeline.

After all, one must always keep in mind that almost 90% of all incarnated entities that we currently observe on this timeline are empty, soulless holographic shells that will be simply retrieved from this timeline during the catastrophes. Their current projections will merge with their soul fragments that already dwell on the 3D dogs’ earth or on the lower catastrophic 4D earths, just as we from the first ascension wave now experience the Harmonic Convergence of our soul fragments in an upward movement before our final transformation. This is the actual manifestation of the ID split that not only affects the Gaia timelines, but also the incarnated soul population on this parallel earths.

I personally very much like this basic rule given to us by your HS: everybody will experience the perfect events that will help him awaken in an optimal manner and progress on the Jacob’s ladder of ascension.The deeper the slumber – the bigger the catastrophes and challenges an incarnated human personality will encounter in the coming days.

As your HS says, we, the PAT, are fully aware of the whole situation and have made a deliberate choice to detach fully from this reality. Hence we shall not experience any catastrophes in our personal lives in these last days. This is also a leitmotif in all Jahn’s message on the End Time scenario. Therefore, there is a great unanimity in all these messages and in our perceptions.

The key breaking news of this latest message from your HS is that, while the MPR has not yet manifested on the lower 7th level of the 4D upper earth, which also answers my question of today, we learn that the terrorist attacks planned by the dark US cabal in association with the closure of the US embassies abroad has already taken place on this timeline and triggered further catastrophic events.

This information is very significant in a twofold manner. It heralds the imminent beginning of the MPR and also confirms that the events are expressed with a different intensity in the different 6 levels of the upper 4D earth.

Only today Charlotte made me aware of the fact that actually Obama would not be able to deliver his officially announced speech in Phoenix on the future destiny of the two bankrupt state-owned financial giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as he is going on holiday before that.

We may now perceive the overlapping /overlays of conflicting news, where one announced event made several days ago may not manifest in our timelines as we have moved in the meantime to a much higher level as is the case with the above announcement made on August 5. After that we had a series of ascension test runs and huge incremental ID leaps to the higher 8th – 12th levels as discussed in our daily energy updates.

This is indeed a very exciting time, where any linear logic is only a hindrance and our intelligence and memory are challenged to the utmost as some members of the PAT (Henry) have already commented in our daily reports.

Great stuff. Thank you very much for this very timely contribution that made me personally very happy and I am sure that also the entire PAT will be very eager to read this message and learn more about the unfolding of the Ascension scenario in this unique multidimensional cosmic thriller which is normalcy in the higher realms as the Elohim confirm one more time in their latest message “The Halls of Agartha“.

With love and light

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