Update on the Evil Doers in Power

by Georgi Stankov, August 3, 2013

It is a leitmotif in all my publications on our ascension scenario that the last surge of evil committed by the dark cabal on power will be the fuel for our ascension. Until now they were hindered to do this by the Forces of Light in a very effective, clandestine manner by offsetting any heinous plan they tried to put into action.

The reason for this was that the masses were still in a deep slumber and such an event would have only helped the elite to install the NWO without any significant opposition on the part of the people. Now this danger has been averted by the high frequency energies (proton waves) that come from the source on this upper 4D earth and after the seven 4D earths scenario was implemented in late May.

We are now in the last throes of the old Orion matrix, when such an attempt is desired by the higher realms and will be accordingly stimulated by the Forces of Light to occur as to finalize the ascension process. This has been already confirmed indirectly by the Elohim in their latest message channelled by Carla and now by Asana Mahatari and AA Michael in their messages of today channelled by Jahn yesterday.

This time the dark cabal will be forged by the forces of light to commit a major crime on humanity that would eventually lead to a massive genocide, while they will be simultaneously wiped out by the PAT supernova and the unleashing of the MPR. However as Asama Mahatari confirms in his latest message, many soulless empty human images will lose their life in the catastrophes that this inevitable energetic transformation will cause on the surface of this planet, as already planned in their soul contracts.

None of us shall experience any of these calamities, as we have already ascended to the higher levels of the upper 7th earth, (9th to 12th levels) or even to the 5D earth A and will only witness these events undisturbed from a different frequency timeline as spectators of a film or a theatre drama. This should be cogent to everybody and one need not read Asama Mahatari latest message to know it. At least, I hope it is so for all PAT members.

Yesterday was a terrible day for me and surely for many of you, I suppose. I went through another cleansing wave and a subsequent massive cc-wave similar to that on July 29th when I felt all of a sudden the whole collective despair of numerous souls at the higher dimensions. I immediately knew that something significant had happened and attributed it to another major event in the lower six 4D earths.

On this same day (August 2), Jahn’s sources confirmed that the six lower 4D earths have been sealed from our upper 4D earth at the 7th and higher levels and thus the destiny of billions of souls has also been sealed. They have now no chance to ascend and must die on these timelines in case they have survived the MPR there and go through a terrible incarnation cycle for another eons of time. The depression that came from this collective soul level was overwhelming for me and I was dragged down for a while, until I realized at the conscious level the actual cause, then my mood improved all of a sudden.

Only today I got the confirmation from Jahn:

“2) The upper 4D holograms are sealed these days, which means that they remain unaffected by all new events in the lower holograms.

3) The people on the upper 4D holograms now get the opportunity to go through experiences that will lead them to new growth”

This is precisely what happened yesterday. The decision to seal the destiny of all potential candidates for ascension to the 4th and 5th dimension by disqualifying them was made and at the same time another decision was made to trigger the energetic flow of the MPR at the higher realms, so that it can manifest in due time in our reality: “9) This event is already located /drawn on your timeline.” These two decisions go hand in hand in a very dialectical manner, just as our ascension depends on the magnitude of the last act of evil of the ruling cabal. Hence Jahn’s latest message was an excellent validation of my intuitive knowing yesterday, which I shared with some members of the PAT in my email correspondence.

Now let us speculate a little bit on how the dark US cabal will start this heinous act of evil that will do us the greatest favour and trigger our ascension, while at the same time we shall wipe out this scum of humanity for ever from this timeline through our Supernova and send them to the lower vibrating catastrophic earths, where they will be fed into another infinite karmic cycle of horrible incarnations.

Yesterday, while I scrutinized the breaking news on the Internet, I stumbled upon the sudden and unprecedented announcement of the US government to close all their embassies throughout the Arab world on Sunday, August 4th  and possibly for more days because they expect an Al Qaeda attack abroad or even at home, which makes the matter even more ominous. Please observe that I have already announced to the PAT that I expect the beginning of the big events between August 5th and 12th. Hence this is already very significant news.

Because we know that the only Al Qaeda that exists and can pose any danger to the USA are those that are now supplied with weapons by the USA and GB in Syria to murder the civil population there and also to kill each other in a blood-thirsty, zombie-like euphoria and even to eat like cannibals the hearts and inner organs of their alleged foes, as recently shown in an ominous video, published on the Internet and commented by Putin during the G8 summit:


The most likely first move of the dark US cabal will be to close the banks – this is their only and last trump in their hands. It is also the easiest way to stir unrest, as the whole Orion monetary system is bankrupt and is only kept alive by secret manipulations of bank assets and equity charts on the stock exchange, which can longer be hidden in the current time of transparent energies. In the last few days, the number of serious warnings by whistleblowers in the alternative media that the crash may happen any moment has grown exponentially, as these two sources illustrate in a representative manner:



We must now await what will happen in the next 48 -72 hours, but there is no doubt that the events are now beginning to stipulate and the atmosphere is heating by the hour. The boiling point will be reached very soon and I am highly optimistic that this will happen in the period between August 5th and 12th. The signs for this unfolding are now overwhelming and anyone of you must feel the tension rising in your personal fields, which is the best place to gauge the probability of any future event in this timeline, until the linear time will be wrapped up and ascension into the simultaneity of All-That-Is will take place.

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