What is Real and What is Illusion?

PAT Comments – Part II, August 8, 2013

I think this is so much more new age mumbo jumbo and the author seems to be trying to let us decide that nothing is real and choose the higher “Hindu” path.

Anytime you discuss reality and especially multidimensional reality you get in trouble trying to explain in linear language. This author does not have this problem because he only assumes there is reality or there is not. In fact there is both. There is reality and there is no reality.

Reality for me is what this particular sub soul “jerry” is experiencing at this time and it is very real to him in its consequences. But there is a larger reality that the soul “Jerry” experiences that includes, but is not limited, to what “jerry” experiences. The goal of “jerry” is to ascend to the awareness of “Jerry” and then reality will take on a whole new meaning. What “jerry” experienced before, could be easily dismissed as unreal but this was not the case for his experience. What will reality be then? It will be any and everything “Jerry” is capable of envisioning and it will still be only a layer of a broader reality.


Dear Georgi,

May I put my 2 cents worth..?

When we hear the words “everything here is illusion” I got it that this is the point of view of the Creator. It is true. Quantum physics is giving us a glance to how Creator sees this reality.

We, inside this illusion, know , feel, taste, hear that  this world is real. This is true as well.

We are also dual. We have dual citizenship, 100% Spirit, 100% limited human.

We can see the point of view of the Creator. We can also feel the pain of being a limited human.

What is the solution..? How do we reconcile the two..? Or better, how do we get out of this illusory world..?

This words tell all:

“I am the way
the light
and the truth.”

The only way out is to follow Spirit.

Spirit is the way.
Spirit is the Light
Spirit is the truth.

Josephine Dorion

Dear Georgi,

I have to explain in Italian, it’s impossible for me talking about logic in English.

The logical error in which “the sphinx” runs seems to me this:

After introducing the hypothesis that everything ‘that is’ is experienced physically (good or bad) is an illusion, it is inferred that what is experienced spiritually is also an illusion.

This is the key passage:

“Trying to change, it is all not real, it is an illusion, and as we just pointed out, everything I see as my spiritual reality is an illusion. In fact the only point of being here would be for my soul to learn, but then again, everything is an illusion, so that part might be an illusion as well.

No! What we experience with the five senses, and thus with our rational mind, is an illusion that serves to make real spiritual experiences of the soul. The two levels, ‘mind’ and ‘soul’ are not equivalent in this way.

Waiting for your thinking about the matter.


Dear Georgi,

I have to explain in Italian, it’s impossible for me talking about logic in English.

L’errore logico in cui incappa “the sphinx” mi sembra questo:

Dopo avere introdotto l’ipotesi che tutto cio’ che e’ sperimentato fisicamente (buono o cattivo) sia un illusione, desume da cio’ che anche quello che e’ sperimentato spiritualmente sia un illusione.

Questo il passaggio chiave:

“Trying to change, it is all not real, it is an illusion, and as we just pointed out, everything I see as my spiritual reality is an illusion. In fact the only point of being here would be for my soul to learn, but then again, everything is an illusion, so that part might be an illusion as well.

No! quello che sperimentiamo coi cinque sensi, quindi colla ragione, e’ un illusione che serve a fare le reali esperienze spirituali dell’anima. i due piani, ‘ragione’ e ‘anima’ non vanno equiparati in quel modo.

Waiting for your thinking about the matter.


She speaks nothing of dimensions or frequency. Is it just me or does she make no sense?

Julianne Lavaia

Dear Dr. Stankov,

I confess I love a pop quiz!

My immediate reaction to this message, other than it’s non-resonance, was that the writer is still very much based in duality. The last sentence alone suggests that position:

“There can only be real or not real. You have to pick one.”

Because all ‘things’ are happening simultaneously, it is not a matter of picking anything at all. It is a matter of enduring the LBP energies in the knowledge that the end result progresses the Soul’s journey home to Source. Unifying duality is simply a step in that process. There is neither illusion, nor reality, there is only unconditional love in the energetic Now.

I look forward to your analysis and to the responses of the PAT and of your readers.


Hi Georgi,

in regards to this post


The fundamental misconception in this logic is that it is real and beyond our control. All of it is an illusion, a series of matrixes that WE can vibrationally align with a choice <3 Source provides a mirror that perfectly reflects our thoughts, feelings and beliefs… our vibrational resonance… reflected back in the reality we experience.

I believe, there is a separation of channels/ matrixes/ timelines occurring in the now. Are we vibrationally aligned with this version or do we choose to remember our sovereignty to change channel  to ascend?

I choose unconditional love and non-duality a new classroom, moving consciously closer to source – together <3

Love my friend,

Dear Georgi,

no need to read further after “When you are awakening it becomes more difficult to decide between real and not real.”

This first sentence contains all what is wrong in this channeling. I lost interest to read the rest of the text. Awakening is not about a decision between real and not real, awakening is not about one truth, and awakening is not in different illusions and holograms, awakening is in you, and me, in All-That-Is, awakening is in opening our/self portal for love and light, awakening is about decisions, which we make/made, awakening is in way how we work in multidimensional surroundings, awakening is not linear.

Dear Georgi, I am so exhausted, I am so switched off from this earth plane of 4D, my body is so at end of this life, that I am sure it is time for ascension…


Dear George,

Pino from Trieste. I really hope that this fascinating question – What is illusion and what is reality – will be enough to fill in the waiting time until ascension.

With the consent of my HS I bring the experience on this issue: I assert that we all live in a world of complete illusion. The physical world around us is only a stage and like all scenes can be changed. We certainly can not do it ourselves (at least for now), but our HS, yes, for example.

I will not recount the experiences of this kind that I have lived through because I will not convince anyone. The psychic world is an illusion: I do not speak of the love, which involves a complex argumentation, but the state of mind that we experience, such as depression, joy, serenity, anger and all the others do not belong to us, we are not the ones who create these sentiments, they are imposed on us in tune with the events that we experience that guide our lives (see HS)

We are only a shell that “contains” the only thing that is alive and real in this world, which is consciousness; consciousness that expands with the experiences that are imposed on us or not (this of course concerns free will and is another topic).

Good and evil are part of the physical and mental scenery that accompanies us in our painful journey.

A big hug and a thank to you and all the PAT.

Caro George,

sono Pino da Trieste. Spero davvero che questo affascinante quesito – Che cosa è illusione e che cosa è realtà – basti a riempire il tempo di attesa fino all’ascensione.

Con il consenso del mio HS porto l’esperienza fatta su questo tema: Io asserisco che tutti noi viviamo in un mondo di completa illusione. Il mondo fisico che ci circonda è solamente una scenografia e come tutte le scenografie può essere cambiata. Certamente non possiamo farlo noi (almeno per adesso), ma il nostro HS sì per esempio.

Non sto a raccontare le esperienze di questo tipo che ho vissuto perchè non voglio convincere nessuno. Il mondo psichico è anche un’illusione: non parlo dell’amore che riguarda un argomento complesso, ma gli stati d’animo che viviamo come la depressione, la gioia, la serenità, la rabbia e tutti gli altri non appartengono a noi, non ne siamo noi gli artefici, ci vengono imposti in sintonia con gli avvenimenti che viviamo da chi guida le nostre esistenze (vedi HS).

Noi siamo solamente un involucro che però “contiene” l’unica cosa viva e reale di questo mondo che è la coscienza; coscienza che si amplia con le esperienze, che ci vengono imposte o meno (questo però riguarda il libero arbitrio ed è un altro argomento).

Il bene ed il male fanno parte della scenografia fisica e psichica che ci accompagna nel nostro penoso cammino.

Un grande abbraccio e ancora un ringraziamento a te e a tutto il pat.

Dear Georgi,

I liked very much the “mental exercise” you proposed us today on the “Sphinx” message, and despite I have very little time to do it due to my family occupations, I quickly read it and immediately notice that it omits completely the multidimensional point of view!!

Reading it, it sounds like there is only one physical reality and only one “spiritual” reality, and there is only one time line, and you have to “choose” whether they are real or not, and if you “choose” it is not real, you’re just wrong!!!! It is a very limited point of view to me, and I think you don’t even have to have experienced the Light Body form to be intuitively aware of the multi-dimensional reality if you just have taken a little time to think about quantum physics and how energy works.

I hope I explained myself understandably, as I often get frustrated of not being able to put into English words what I want too say ahahaha!

Lots of Love and Light,

Dear Georgi,

I do not know what Lightworker’s this message is for. It seems too primitive in the understanding of All-That-Is. I agree that many people believe in ignoring the ‘bad’ and celebrating the ‘good. The problem for me is in the judgement of each situation. All of it is real and presented to us perhaps in holographic form to allow us to respond to it. This sentence for me was an eye opener.

This would mean, all the good things, such as love, but also what you experience as a human to be your spiritual existence. After all everything you experience, physically and spiritually is experienced through your human understanding.

Most of what I have experienced in my life I do not understand on a ‘human’ understanding. I have to step back and ask HS what is in this for me to learn. Without that connection you can become caught up in the collective consciousness, especially in what is good/bad. This discussion may be good for the herd of sheep, but not for lightworkers. The closing sentence was very direct.

“This is a contradiction in the human mind that requires a lot of control and loss of freedom” 

I think this is the most important sentence in the whole message. It would have been better at the beginning and then expanded on. This is a contradiction for some humans and indeed must take a lot of energy and control to put them in their separate boxes. The loss of freedom is a sure thing. Getting out of the human mind/collective consciousness and expanding to universal wisdom would be a better path.

My two cents worth. Thanks for the exercise.


My Two Pennies on the Concept of Reality and Illusion
by Georgi Stankov

After all these excellent elaborations and analysis of the shortcomings of the Sphinx’ message channelled by Petra Margolis about the key question of existence

“What is Real and What is an Illusion?

there is not much left for me to comment, but only to summarize succinctly this key gnostic topic as already presented by all of you from different angles and perspectives. You have addressed this pivotal question with such a remarkable unanimity in your understanding of the primary essence of All-That-Is = Energy, which is the only real thing, and this is Creation, that there is nothing new for me to add. Hence:

Creation is Energy = All-That-Is and vice verse. These are synonyms of the Primary Term of all Consciousness = Awareness = Cosmic Spirit.

When this primary consciousness = Cosmic Spirit = Universal Creator creates new realities, holographic worlds, etc, in other words, new forms of energy, all these levels are U-sets of this consciousness and thus also real, because they contain part of this consciousness = energy as an element.

However, they are of a lower order of reality as they are subjected to constant transformation – to creation and destruction – while energy / consciousness, itself is formless, eternal and immovable. This is not new knowledge and has been known at least since Plotin in his neoplatonic teachings. Hence such lower worlds of forms are of a temporary, transient character and thus less real than spirit = consciousness = primary creator, which is formless and eternal.

Now when the Sphinx raises the question, what is real and what is illusion, he has already created two categories that must be first defined, before one can interpret them. Obviously these two categories stem from the ubiquitous dualistic thinking of most humans on this planet, such as good vs bad, real vs. illusion, love vs hatred, light vs darkness etc. that mutually exclude each other. These antagonistic categories build a logical antinomy as there can only be one or the other – reality or illusion.

In a more formalistic manner, these two categories can be reduced to the two logical categories A-set and Non-A-set, respectively to  “Being” and/or “Non-Being”. Non-Being is illusion and Being is Reality. Make no mistake, these two categories lie in the core of any cognitive thinking and are responsible for the current fundamental crisis of mathematics and all sciences that could be first solved by myself with the development of the new axiomatics of the Universal Law.

Hence the topic which the sphinx has raised is of fundamental importance as this source wanted to make his channeller aware of this basic dichotomy of all experience and awareness, but unfortunately Petra Margolis failed to grasp the Sphinx’ encrypted inkling (he is famous for this) and the theoretical implications of his message. She has simply published this text without any reflections whatsoever, as all New Age channelers do, very much like apes. But one must discern between the intention of the source with his message and the limited consciousness of his channeler, as this is also the key to the solution of this question.

I have pondered since yesterday when I read this channeling how to present it to you and you have given me the first note and made it more easy for me with your consistent interpretations.  And here is my solution to the question, what is real and what is illusion.

If I am an unlimited creator and create numerous worlds, I am fairly aware of all my creation and know that I can change or destroy my creation each time I desire this and substitute it with a new creation. Hence I am fully aware of the temporary character of my creations, contrary to my eternal creative spirit. Now this is the only real situation we encounter in All-That-Is.

However this is rather dull as I always know the final outcome, which is destruction of my creation and substitution with another one. Of course, I may introduce the concept of evolution and breathe my creation some more longevity for the sake of experimenting. But at the end, it must be substituted with a new form of creation as energy is always “energy exchange” and must constantly flow into new forms and realities. All-That-Is is being created anew each quadrillion of a second as we have already discussed in the past. Vibrations = Frequencies = Fluctuations = Cycles are circumscriptions of the constant, incessant process of creation and destruction.

In this case, I may decide to project part of my absolute awareness as a creator into my creation to experience it from within. This part of spirit can be still fully aware that it belongs to my omnipresent awareness and has only moved within my world of creation. However I may eventually decide to limit the awareness of my spirit projection, so that it may no longer remember that it is inextricably linked to all consciousness of creation. This is what the veil of forgetfulness is all about. This separation of spirit may display different degrees of amnesia.

The lowest level of limited consciousness I can achieve is the full loss of memory with respect to my original existence as the creator of this reality, in which I now dwell. So to say, I have decided to lose my Self in my creation. At this lowest level of awareness, I begin to believe that what I observe with my five senses is the only reality that exists, as I have forgotten that I have created it in the first place. This lowest level of consciousness is currently shared by the vast majority of human beings on earth.

Then I may decide as the supreme creator to begin to awaken my lost portion of spirit within my creation by slowly opening it from within to the true reality of all Creation. This is done energetically by increasing the vibrations of the human spirit until it again merges with the highest vibrations of the cosmic spirit. This is what LBP is all about.

When this process begins, the lost fragment of my universal consciousness within my creation starts to realize that there is more to what it sees with its limited senses, which I have deliberately created in such an insufficient manner as to get lost in the reality I have a priori created for this spirit segment.

In fact I have created his senses, so that they determine his limited awareness and this ego-mind begins to create his limited reality, because my holographic model can only exist if it is firmly embedded in the higher vibrational fields of my full consciousness. This is precisely how the concept of space-time is created in human consciousness in a clandestine manner and then permeates all human thoughts, emotions and actions. This is by the way a leitmotif in all my five gnostic books.

When my lost fragment begins to awaken as human consciousness and to expand, it reaches a threshold when it starts to perceive that there is more to this reality that surrounds him and is accessible to his five external senses. At a certain initial point of spiritual evolution, this human consciousness /mind begins to declare the surrounding reality to be an illusion. This is the moment of the first emancipation of the human ego from this reality and it can be very exciting but also very sobering, as we all know.

And at this point the expanding human mind is fully embroiled in an insoluble logical conundrum as the Sphinx points out. If I decide to declare all the reality, in which I dwell as a limited consciousness in a physical vessel, to be an illusion, then what about my intuition and emotions that are given to me by my creator = my soul = higher self? Are they also illusion or reality?

This is the birth of all human dualism that is so inherent to all current religions, but also to the New Age movement, which intellectually is at the same level as all religions, only in another pinky colour. All these gnostic teachings share the common fallacy that they are unable to analyse their basic concepts from a logical point of view as to discern these inherent contradictions and antinomies, which they introduce unconsciously in their thinking and weltanschauung.

This is what the Sphinx tries to make us aware of, but remains completely misunderstood by his channeler Petra Margolis, whom I follow for a long time and can testify to be at a very low intellectual level.

We have now arrived at the point when we are able to give a valid definition of the two mutually excluding categories  – Illusion versus Reality. Please observe that one needs indeed a higher level of awakening to arrive at this question. The vast majority of humans consider this reality as the only real one and do not even realize the existence of such a fundamental gnostic question. They dream their illusion all day long in their daily consciousness and disregard all their dreams of parallel realities in the night as mere fantasies. They are like inmates in a psychiatric asylum that believe to be kings as their asylum is the only reality they know.

As long as I am aware as a supreme Creator of all my creations, in which I dwell as consciousness, trapped in a physical vessel or simply as a formless energy field, there is no necessity for me to create these two categories – reality and illusion. I know that all my creation is real in terms of creative energy as it contains it as an element, but I also know that this created reality is transient and hence less real than my infinite creative consciousness.

From the point of view of barely awakening human consciousness, there is however a variety of possible definitions, what is real and what is an illusion.

I may decide to declare the whole material world to be an illusion and only consider my intuition to be real, which I may then define as “God”  “Holy Spirit”, “soul”, “HS”,  etc. Or I may succumb to a profound agnosticism and even reject the reality of these inner intuitions, ideas and feelings. This is of course the worst case of illusion, but this tendency has also been widely spread on this planet in form of numerous agnostic teachings and states of human mind throughout the ages. I need not mention them now.

Then when the human consciousness expands more and is able to overcome this inherent state of mental dualism, one begins to comprehend the unity of all creation. All your comments and disquisitions have been written from this higher vantage point of view. This is actually the threshold of real, true awakening and qualification for ascension. Thus all of you have passed this threshold long time ago as I have attested to you above.

In this way the solution to this question is the recognition that these two categories are created by and can only exist within a narrow limited awareness that is still trapped in duality. This state of the mind can only be overcome by expanding the individual consciousness until it merges with the infinite awareness of All-That-Is. This is the quintessence of ascension and the LBP that leads to this final result.

After our ascension, we shall be conscious, omnipotent creators and will no longer need to get lost in our creation as we did now as incarnated human beings and will be all sovereign masters of our creation. And here is another very important observation, which I shall formulate as another pivotal gnostic question:

Who is the greater creator – the one who is always aware of his creation or the one who is able of creating such a perfectly realistic world that he himself gets lost in his temporary creation and considers it to be the only reality. In other words, who is the greater magician among the creators?

When you have answered this question, you will know why our souls are the greatest and most courageous creators among all excarnated souls, which have created the most realistic world, where we can get lost for a while and begin to believe in this reality, while forgetting that we are the primary creator and part of this creation at the same time.

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