What is Real and What is Illusion?

PAT Comments – Part III, August 9, 2013

Dear George,

First of all I think this article about real and illusion uses a lot of words, to do very little. It does not explore the topic at all, and forgets some very important things.

It does not discuss the difference between real and reality, and it forgets about the interaction between different beings, and the effects such interactions have.

Illusions, of which there are many on 3D create temporarily an illusory reality which is believed to be real. For example for a young soul, death being the end of everything is reality, because she believes completely in this illusion. But death being the end is not real. It can however be a temporary reality because of illusions, until inevitably the universe proves the young soul wrong, because she finds out at the moment of death that things continue.

But when people caught in illusions implement them in the 3D world, those who do not believe in these illusions can be affected too. This is where the new age logic says these things are not real. But it is not this simple. The monetary system exists only because of some very strong illusions, but if someone who sees through these illusions lives in this society, and interacts with this society and it’s population, having some kind of interaction with the monetary system is almost inevitable. In the bigger picture the monetary system is not real, because it is a product of illusions and will eventually disappear. But the existence of illusions, so also the existence of souls for whom the monetary system is reality, is real. Of course those who see through the illusion may let their soul manage the monetary issues completely, so everything balances out exactly, and this system is not a source of stress and fears anymore like it is to those who believe in it.

And also we may observe illusions without really interacting with them, as is the case with the PAT viewing the lower timelines without being affected by them. This does not mean these timelines are not real, and it does not mean the experiences there are not real because they are based on a lot of illusions. Experiences are real, the existence of illusions, so also the existence of illusory reality is real. But the “content” of the illusions are false ideas which will always be proven wrong at some point to those who believe in them.


Good Morning Dr Georgi !

I don’t know if I have what you want to hear but, for me, all the events, acts, speaks, solutions, etc., whether they are good or bad at first sight, are good to educate me on my ascension’s path. I learn each time when I take or do or receive something bad. I don’t have to forget also the fear which is creating the bad.

So I will say Good and Bad are existing on this world as a learning mechanism. The more we have an elevated spirit, the more we can observe and react with our purpose in mind with a loving detachment. The more we are able to do so, the less can the bad exist. Ok. I stop here because I don’t write easily in English and you don’t ask for a dissertation.

Have a very good day and thank you for the game. It was fun.

Josée Dauphin, France

Dear Georgi

As I began to read Petra’s article I became so agitated that I could not get past the first few paragraphs. It’s obvious that this low vibrational channeler does not have a clue as to what is really going on. Talk about what’s not real!  It was like reading empty words that make no sense. Evidently her reality is not ascension reality.

Lots of love and light


“A blind man knows he cannot see, and is glad to be led, though it be by a dog; but he that is blind in his understanding, which is the worst blindness of all, believes he sees as the best, and scorns a guide”  Samuel Butler

It is the soul who loses himself in his own creation. First the soul must become aware that he cannot see. He must listen to the voice that prompts him to look closer and reach further than others. It’s easy to pass a test when you know all the answers. It’s easy to follow the crowd and not form your own conclusions. Without the prompting of one’s higher self and guides a soul can become lost.

My souls awakening was a group effort. My higher self, monad and guides had to throw bricks at me to get my attention. They were inventive and patient. As a soul in a dualist world I saw myself as a individual being. My spiritual family taught me about the hoop of life and how all life is interrelated. What we do to one, we also do to ourselves. Many of my lessons came through Gaia. Without their prompting and synchronicities I doubt I would have woken up. They were always there at the right place and time to drop another brick on my head as reminder….

Thank you for these exercises, George. I have enjoyed reading the Patsters responses and reaffirming my own constructs in writing. Not only are you a good nurse but you are also a awesome  teacher!


Dear Georgi,

Reading the article of the Sphinx made me feel that it was meant to be provocative, with an obvious intent to stimulate philosophizing and setting the intellect in motion. My own reflection may be off-topic, but this is what it stimulated inside me. I believe it was C.G.Jung who introduced the term “shadow self”, which is basically the part of our self which we refuse to integrate into our individual consciousness on a daily basis, because we are not comfortable with them, or afraid to confront.

So, in my interpretation, this shadow self of ours is basically made up of suppressed fears, past traumatic experiences which remained unprocessed, and the mental-emotional patterns related to these traumas. The danger of suppressing, turning a blind eye to negativity is that in time it may take control of the individual, resulting in all sorts of deviant behaviour forms and dragging him/her down emotionally, often without the individual noticing it.

I feel a need to point this out, as I strongly believe that it is the overgrown and unidentified shadow self of humans that the PTW and their archon puppeteers have accessed to manipulate a large part of humanity, and drag them down to low-vibrational holograms in the End Times.

If people would have learnt and practiced how to integrate and transform negativity on a regular basis, the ascension process would have been a much smoother one, with everyone participating actively, and thus Heaven’s harvest would have been much greater.

I believe that confronting one’s own shadow self is probably the most noble and courageous act anyone can do, and should be a major aspect in anyone’s life who decides to grow spiritually. And I can speak of personal experience, the Higher Self, and the Higher Realms are always there to support and guide the individual to the necessary information and methods on how to do it.

Therefore I think there is no more excuse to create rosy, ILLUSORY/FANTASY worlds which cannot survive anyway under the present energetic circumstances. It is high time to take an honest, all-penetrating look into ourselves and out there, and see what is REAL.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully,

Hi George,

I just now read the Petra Margolis thing and then really had to laugh at the PAT’s comments about it because when I read it, what came to mind for me was, “Dualistic much?!”

I’d love to actually think that that was disinformation put out by someone attempting to confuse the LWs, but it’s hard to say. Many LWs just can’t seem to unplug from duality.

I saw recently that some LW had a major blockage with the idea that Gaia would ascend without everyone and they basically said that that’s not a very loving thing to do. I know you and the PAT have discussed people’s warped sense of what love is. I couldn’t help but think of you when I read that comment. Wow.

They judge those who are choosing NOT to ascend and can’t accept that that is the soul’s choice. They judge those who are choosing TO ascend now, even Gaia herself.

I don’t know if they think they themselves or others can ride someone’s coat tails to 5D or what, but their own fear shows its ugly head when they think that Gaia moving forward with her ascension is not a loving thing to do. I guess they just revealed how not ready they are themselves with comments like that. They most certainly are not rising above the illusion. They really take this virtual reality very seriously and can’t seem to see anything from outside of it.


Dear Dr Georgi,

Your wonderful article on Illusion and Reality is awesome, profound and easily understandable. The phrase “When you are awakening it becomes more difficult to decide between real and not real.” as channelled by Petra had struck a chord in me. I had been struggling to configure my focus in living ‘this reality of Orion system’, yet knowing it is not ‘the reality of where I know and want to be awakened to’. Yet, I am hopelessly in love being lost in reading about ascension and dreaming and looking forward to it, every molecule of my being heightened to observe news, events, and weather updates, always looking at the sky and clouds to check if something is happening soon. I feel detached with living in the Orion System and I am living and breathing only to respond to my family. I lost interest to spend more than is required with others when I used to be the one to initiate meetings and social network chats. Hence, I became rather disoriented, wondering which is the ‘reality’ I need to focus in, straddling between two.

Having been awakened, I no longer can see and respond according to what unawakened folks do and that adds to my isolation. Having had to find a job to help with finances for family, none of the jobs appeal to me anymore. Most are in one way or another related to the Orion system.

Paradoxically, with a glad heart and cultivating non-egoism, I embrace the present and try to accept all things as it is, letting things go as it is meant to be. Sometimes, I find myself wishing to stay in this place, out of comfort/familiarity or out of wanting to continue playing this game, to have more fun or to prove something that I have not yet gotten such as the prize or goal I have not yet achieved. It is like being addicted to a computer game of which I am a player in the game I created to play in and which I related to your article at your last question.

“Who is the greater creator – the one who is always aware of his creation or the one who is able of creating such a perfectly realistic world that he himself gets lost in his temporary creation and considers it to be the only reality. In other words, who is the greater magician among the creators?”

As the creator of the game, I would help the players with hints, bonuses and different level up games to strive to attain, to keep it fun and as a learning journey. Dare I say it is like the Holy Trinity? Where God or Creator is the One who created the game, Jesus as a symbolic reminder to humanity that He is also One with God in form of man a.k.a the player in the game and finally, the unbreakable link of player and Creator is the intuition or the Holy Spirit or HS or in the game as hints, and bonuses awarded to motivate and point direction towards a goal.

This is how I relate to your article, George. Please enlighten me if my understanding to your article had been misinterpreted.

Shifting between the two ‘realities’, I have frequent bouts of losing focus, losing ground and becoming spacey, saying things to others that I should not have and I wondered why I am being so. How am I to live normally again?  I am distancing myself from my siblings, as they do not believe me and make jokes out of me. For now, I am keeping at efforts to stay centered and grounded, to be kind and yet firm of my beliefs, to say no and not be obligated, and at same time to await the moment we are all waiting for and continue enriching my knowledge and feeling at home reading articles in your website.


Love and Light,

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