Personal Opinions – August 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor


I briefly looked at your work on the Internet. Got guided here by a link re the HBSC banking scandal. As I studied physics years ago, I am always interested in other approaches to this subject.

Something which has always intrigued me is the concept of time. I thought about this concept a lot and came to the conclusion that it is not an observed quantity, but a quantity derived from another observed quantity. That is simply movement (change in position) or any change in the state of a system. What we call “time” is actually an act of comparison, for which observation through senses and memory is vital. Without observing the change in state (movement, colour, sound etc), comparing it with another, calibrated constant change, and then memory to remember when we started the measurement, we cannot measure time. And we cannot experience time without 1. have a memory which we can recall experiences from 2. some pattern that changes constantly e.g. sun rising daily.

So it is always surprising to me that when it comes to defining fundamental properties, we should talk about space-time and not space-movement/energy change.

I fully agree with your observation that there is no empty space as energy is everywhere, so all we really have is an continuous energy matrix, but where the energy at a specific point is constantly changing. So all that really exists is energy and the changes in energy patters.

However, as we as humans want to communicate to each other, and as we do experience these changing energy patterns in different ways with different sense organs, we give them group names and specific names. E.g. we have physical matter, but physical matter makes out a multitude of different physical objects with a multitude of different names (sound patterns matched one-to-one.)

For me the mystery lies in how this thing we call “energy” has the ability to appear in all these myriads of different manifestations. So for example, light is a type of energy, but so is matter. So how is matter made up of energy? What happens to a fundamental energy unit that in some cases it is matter and in other it still appears as energy. Possibly that area of Physics, called “quantum electrodynamics”, is the area of experimentation and knowledge acquisition in Physics that will bring us the answer.

I so wish I could understand German, so that I can read your first book which it seems to me is not available in English. And of course, to grasp your theories since it seems this is a prerequisite to understanding the rest.? Do you plan to translate this in English at some stage?

Your view of the measuring unit of “electric charge” to be “area” however is quite puzzling to me as electric charge and surface area relates to different measurements. Area as I understand it is used to measure “surface area” and our unit of measure is a flat square on a flat surface. So how many unit squares can fit into a larger area is how we measure area. However when it comes to charge, we are talking about measuring the observed force of attraction or repulsion between two objects that may have been neutral (uncharged) and then charged, by e.g. rubbing the object. A simple way of doing this on a macroscopic scale would be to take e.g. a spherical iron ball of a specific diameter connected to a string of specific length, which for the purposes of this thought experiment, should have a constant charge, by that I mean that if I bring another charged object with known charge a specific defined distance from it, it would swing a specific distance. If I now take two objects, the one same as the other in terms of mass, dimensions and charge, and bring it to the same position as the single mass before, then the spherical iron ball should now swing twice as far.

The force observed we now say is caused by the charge of each object and would measure the strength of the charge by the distance the pendulum would swing. We would then say that the spherical ball has a unit charge, which we would measure in coulomb as a ‘comparative” measurement to the standard sized ball with a unit charge on it. What we actually measure is the distance of swing, not coulomb but as with time, this is a derived, defined concept, which we observe not directly but through the movement of the objects we see or the resistance we experience when the keep objects apart away from each other or from moving away from each other. So it is difficult for me to understand why you would equate a coulomb with area. Area is simply a concept related to measuring how many unit squares we can stick onto any surface.

Will appreciate your feedback
Tertius Wehmeyer

Dear Tertius,

thank  you very much for your very comprehensive letter and your elaborations on physical matters.

Your presentation is very much online with the theory of  the Universal Law and I am sure that you will find a quick entry into this new fascinating theory.

You can immediately start reading volume II on physics, full version, which contains all the physical stuff that is also discussed on volume I and much more, without the necessity to have read this book. This is how I have designed this second volume.

Now to your comments on electric charge. When you have studied all my elaborations on the SI System and the current definitions of these units, you will very easily comprehend why “charge” is a synonym /tautology for “geometric surface” and why physics is essentially geometry applied to the physical world in a clandestine and unconscious manner. This is the key to a proper understanding of the new theory of the Universal Law, and you have already made the first decisive step in this direction.

I would appreciate if you contact me one more time after you have studied more carefully volume II on physics and cosmology as a physicist.

One last remark: all physics, including the theory of the Universal Law, as I have presented it in my scientific books, must be based on the fundamental gnostic knowledge that All-That-Is is an intelligent design and that even the tiniest particle has its own consciousness and participates in the creation process. Only after that one realizes that current physics has been reduced to simple measurements of space and time magnitudes, but that this is only a small fraction of all reality.

The biggest part is human consciousness and in a more broader sense, the universal spirit or awareness, where we intend to ascend and merge with very, very soon.

With love and light

Dear Georgi

Thank you very much for your reply. I am very much aware that all science is limited by the instruments we use to measure and even more so by the human mind, language & culture. So there is much more to reality than what we can write down in books. So through our experience we gain more profound insights that we can write down in books. So the finer we tune our consciousness, the more we can experience & comprehend.

It is good to know that I can study your 2nd volume without waiting for the first to be translated. So once I have finished that, I will contact you again.

I realize that you have built a specific framework of knowledge and without understanding that, I would not understand your way of viewing “charge”.

Keep up the good work.

With love & light

Hello and Greetings from Mt. Shasta!

I just re-found your site and I have a question. What do you mean by PTA supernova? I have been on an accelerated spiritual path since 1982 and have never heard of this. I also, for discernment sake, quit getting caught up in all the “channeled” info/disinfo that has been spiraling around the Internet all these years. I understand about the MPR, that has been known for quiet some time, but the PTA? Also you mentioned ID spit. Do you mean ID such in individual identification? Hoping you can clarify this for me. I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank You for your time and consideration,

Dear Kathleen,

you surely mean the “PAT Supernova” and not “PTA”,. PAT stands for the “Planetary Ascension Team” and this is the website of the PAT. The PAT Supernova is an allegory of the explosive ascension of our team that will trigger the ascension of Gaia and the “Interdimensional Split” (ID split) of this timeline from its lower frequency overlays. There are many articles on this website that discuss this process in more detail, beginning in 2011 and ending with the latest vision of Angelika.

You must use the search function.

With love and light

Dearest George,

Thank You for your response, and yes, I have read those articles, all the way to Angelika’s vision. All of them were using the PAT and the ID throughout them. Nowhere, that I could find, did it state what they meant.

Considering this is a collective endeavor, which it has been since the time of Christ, it would serve the all and those new to your site, to explain what is meant by your abbreviations. This is not a one man, or one group show. This is a collective one, and there are more and more awakened ones coming online and looking for support. It is our job as way showers to make that possible for them. Searching endless files looking for clarity about abbreviations is time consuming and a waste of energy, not to mention discouraging. I know, I was on your site for hours reading, looking for clarity to your meaning.

I resonate with some of what you are posting and am grateful for the time and energy you put into your work. We all have our place in the scheme of things, and all are appreciated equally.

Thanks again for your response,
Blessings of love from Mt. Shasta,

Dear Kathleen,

formally regarded, this is correct, but you neglect the psychological aspect. If a reader is fascinated by the topics and the content of the articles on our website (and all our regular readers are truly fascinated) she/he would not hesitate to contact me and the PAT and ask for an explanation of these acronyms. The reader then receives a complete answer immediately from myself, but what is much more important, he establishes a personal contact with our group  as I publish most of the first emails in the daily report of the PAT. This personal contact I value, for obvious reasons, much more than the passive reading of our website.

Sometimes a good educator must introduce some hooks that trigger the curiosity of the readers /pupils and motivate them to search deeply and become more active.

Besides, I and the PAT are not interested in the broad superficial propagation of our ideas for two fundamental reasons:

1) The New Agers know very well our website and articles and have decided systematically and deliberately to neglect the enlightened and critical contents of our articles as they are beyond their spiritual horizon and only disturb them in their deep esoteric slumber in the comfort zone, based on empty, false beliefs on the “love and light illusion” (see Jahn’s messages on this issue). As we know that these people will not ascend, at least most of them, they cannot be a target of our enlightened information. This website is a neutral offer, but has no proselyting ambitions.

2) If you have read Jahn’s messages from the last two months and also my articles on the same topic – the total failure of the New Age movement – you must know that the dices have fallen, the destinies of all humans sealed, and that we cannot save anybody anymore. Any effort to expand our educational activity will be doomed to failure. It is prudent, and it s intelligent to know this fact and not waste energy in futile actions, saving lost souls. This is the slogan of these last days prior to Ascension.

The vast majority of the Anglo-Saxon New Age movement has totally and very deplorably failed over their own deficiencies and a complete neglect of their logical and abstract thinking, and their ferocious hostility against these human virtues. This is my conclusion since many years as documented in numerous publications on our website and recently brilliantly confirmed by Jahn’s sources.

It was a conscious decision of the New Agers to stay stupid and uneducated and to neglect their logical thinking and thus to reject any true spiritual ethics, which can only thrive when it is based on such mental qualities. None of these people can profit from our website, which is strictly dedicated to the PAT and the fluent accomplishment of their mission to ascend Gaia and a small portion of humanity to the 5th dimension, while our members will merge with the source and become visibly the new Creator Gods, which they are already since many years.

Thus, when you say that ascension is a collective endeavour since the mission of Apollonius of Tyana (Jesus has never existed as a historical personality, there are numerous articles on our website on this issue), this may apply to the higher realms of unity, but definitely not to the situation on the earth, where most of the New Age gurus and lumpen light proletariats, the self-proclaimed “light workers”, simply disconnected themselves from this mission, so that it had to be performed only by a handful of courageous souls, the members of the PAT, who sacrificed their health, life and also their minimal comfort on this most toxic planet to achieve ascension for Gaia and a tiny portion of humanity.

Now if you have followed our website from the very beginning, but then have also disconnected for whatever reasons, I would only like to make you aware of the fact that the first article I wrote on the  PAT was on October 1, 2011, where I very precisely explain the role of this group. Since then this is a leitmotif of our website.

Hence I wonder how closely and with what deep understanding you have read our website at that time. But as this is all past, which is irrelevant now, I only wanted to make you aware of the inherent inconsistencies of your presentation that might have escaped your attention.

With love and light

Dearest George,

I wish the very best for you and your group. May you receive all that you have chosen to manifest. Thank You for your time and your responses. I have learned a lot in our few correspondences.

Blessings of Love to you from Mt. Shasta,

Dear George,

I might have well overreacted when I noticed the incidents with two people becoming ill after they were swimming, the illnesses could have been caused also naturally by some bacteria  increasing in quantity in the unusually warm water, also people on our upper timeline might suffer from the rotten odors that come from the lower, catastrophic timelines, as it says in Jahn’s latest message.

Meanwhile I have read your article about the British bank, and so we know we are so close to the PAT supernova. The energy changes by few hours it seems to me and today, after we had some good refreshing rainfall and thunderstorm last night over Berlin, it is hot and exhausting again, but I feel okay, besides a diarrhoea since the early morning, aargh. So I will center myself to be prepared for whatever comes next.

Though I may have not hit the nail on it’s top with my suspicion about the poisoning of the waters, I am very glad I wrote to you. There is well a difference between writing and telepathic, more abstract communication and I felt very empowered by receiving your answer. Actually I asked myself if I gave a vow of silence, and what for.

It is so very gorgeous that Anthony Kane came free and all worked so well! Carla did such a wonderful job! Also I am very happy about all the contributions from the PAT members, Jahn’s messages and of course your enlightening articles, without them I may not have survived morally and so, thank you very much George for nursing us so tenderly!

I do not know if you have heard of the German-speaking “Old-soul-trainer” Michael Elrahim Amira, who is also a channel for the HR, I only discovered him a few weeks ago.
I found his latest channeling very clear, where mother Earth says the “critical mass” have always been the called ones, the very old souls, and I became sad when I thought back into 2012 where we thought we would ascend so much more souls!

His website is and the channeling can be found under “Alpenparlament Interview”

which was published on July 31st:

Much love and light to you and all PAT,

Wow George,

I am just catching up on a couple days of posts. I concur with the August 2nd decision and the effects in my field. It is definitely something to catch this after the fact, as reported on the site.

Just to add: Last night (8/4-5) I had two intensive bodily immersions with pineal clicks and the fast expansion of consciousness as I lay down for sleep. Like laying in a waterfall of light through me.

Was this another surge of all of us PAT? Did you have the same this morning? Felt like it was the supernova. I will continue reading the posts as perhaps you have already answered this.

And again to echo the gratitude of others, thank you more from me, for being a light beacon and displaying consistently coherent translations of all of these changing energies.


Dear Travis,

thank you for your personal energy update. As I have written in the latest report, there was a short but very powerful cleansing wave for me yesterday (August 4) in the late afternoon, but it receded after an hour. Today I am in a high plateau, but the energies are coming and going like tornadoes these days and it is almost impossible to localize them anymore or to keep record of them. Unfortunately, I expect that this situation will continue like this to the very end.

With love and light

Dear Dr. Stankov,

Hello from Kansas!  I haven’t written in a while, but there were a few things I wanted to share!

1. I gave birth (with no pain meds!) on July 7th to a baby boy. I had hoped to give birth to him in a better world than this one, but it won’t be too long now. Anyway, I hope for all the PAT to meet him someday.

2. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but my body seems to be undergoing a BIG detoxification process in the last three days. I haven’t changed any eating or exercise habits, so I am not sure how to explain this.

3. A karmic soul of mine contacted me after 8 years to see how I was doing! I don’t know why she would reach out to me during this time frame.

4. My twin, and dual soul is scheduled to return to Germany (her husband is in the military) on Friday. She and I both don’t want to be separated right now, so hopefully the changes start to rapidly manifest in our reality!

That’s all my news, I just wanted to share because I do feel a sense that we have reached a boiling point and things will start to boil over soon. Can’t wait to see you all on the other side of the veil!

Love and light,

Dear Erin,

I congratulate you to the birth of your son at this most auspicious time. His soul wanted to participate in physical body in this grand finale and she will surely hugely enjoy it.

I also heard that other people are undergoing similar detoxification episodes, including my daughter who has diarrhea since three days without any apparent reason and feels very weak, unfortunately in the middle of her examination session at the university.

I would not mind if your dual soul will stay with you because the big events will begin to unfold before her departure,  but I am not so sure now. But  then it is still a matter of a few more days.

I am also happy that you have written to me again.

Please write in the future on my private email address, we have some minor technical problems with our website email address.

Enjoy your last days on this planet in the presence of your adamantine boy and his highly evolved soul. This is a divine gift.

With love and light


After our discussions regarding the World of Truth Blog & Ibrahim Hassan, I reached out to the aforementioned Jordanian woman, named Maha, to inform her of the synchronicity between Ibrahim and the PAT’s information. He has since replied, and forwarded this information to Maha who has sent it to me. I am attaching the conversation in the order it was received for your consideration.

Hi Maha,

Long time no speak.

I would like you to read the following post on Georgi Stankov’s site, who has recently discovered the enlightened master you first introduced to me, Ibrahim Hassan, who has information that coalesces very closely with the information posted on Stankov’s site, which you may have already noticed, I exclusively post these days on

I wrote Georgi about this, which he posted in the following personal opinions update:


It is quite peculiar to me that you now post the link to Ibrahim of the “World of Truth Blog” because it was during the course of 2012 that I was first introduced to this source and his website.

How you ask? There was a Jordanian woman named Maha who ventured onto my golden-rule blog, after I had conducted an interview with the now obviously tainted source “COBRA” to recommend that I visit his world of truth website, and read up on his publications.  She actually called me on the telephone several times and attempted to arrange for me to conduct a Skype interview with this ‘enlightened master’ so as to broaden his reach and I suppose for me to learn from him.  Apparently, she was in direct contact with him and he was agreeable to the interview by me.

While this never manifested due to scheduling issues, and I spent only a limited time reading his site, I find it extremely synchronistic that you have now shared this source with your readership and even more stunning that he has seemingly written original work on the 7 earth model.

What this information means to you I am not sure but as you have said in the past it seems to indicate how perfectly planned everything is thanks to the Higher Realms.

With Love,Corey

Dear Corey,

thank you very much for this additional information that highlights some of my unanswered questions about this source.


Cory hi,

great to hear from you. Go to quick up dates on the world of Truth web site, there is some important information there. I will get in touch soon.

In friendship

Corey hi-

I forwarded your email to EM Ibrahim and I am forwarding to you the reply that EM Ibrahim wrote to you and to the members of PAT. Please let me know how this develops.

In Friendship

Dear Maha,

The most beautiful thing in the world is that we are all under the Divine guidance, as well as His great and quick replies. On the dawn of Thursday the 1st of August, we have received an order from the highest councils of the Hierarchies, to view the spiritual network that was built on July 29th, and that is to begin sending a spiritual call to all the groups in the higher dimension (above 5th D) of natural ascension, in order to tie them all in this spiritual network. They have also shown me through astral travels, where they are situated in all the continents, how many they are, and who among them are in contact with each other. On that same day, August 1st 2013, I had written a new blog about it, and posted it on August 2nd 2013 (because it needed to be translated into English, as you know). This is the link to the post:

Or on my BlogSpot page :

One of the beautiful things about the Divine guidance and his quick respond is that on the evening of that same day August 2nd 2013 , I have received an e-mail from you telling me that Mr. Cory had sent to inform you that this website

had mentioned my website on Google  and not my main website

and upon entering this website I was very pleased that God had not only connected us through the spiritual network, but also through the Internet. I was very happy with this and with directly knowing the members of PAT “as they call themselves”, for the first time,  while I knew them spiritually through my astral travels as “the people of the natural ascension”. When I asked the higher councils about PAT, they told me that they are 10% of the people who will ascend naturally, who are approximately 47 to 52 million people.

Afterwards, I stayed up all night to browse their website

and was both surprised and confused at how they praised me and my website, and then accused and judged me in two days.



I was feeling confused that my dear brothers, to whom I have sent all the energies of love and connection in order to meet them and bond with them, have taken this strange stand against me, without knowing me or including me in their discussions. Not only that, but they took it further into criticizing my personality as an individual and not as my consciousness, and one of their suggestion that I’ve stolen passages from their websites, as well as issuing me a default judgment through people I have not known personally, even though I have not known of their website.

Therefore, I would like to direct this message through you to Mr. Cory (with his permission) that he could send to them:

My dear brothers, members of PAT, a reply from enlightened master Ibrahim Hassan:

I thank you for your great dedication and efforts that you put through following up with the developments occurring to our beautiful planet during these critical times. I have browsed through a lot of the content of your website, and I have seen great similarities between some of the articles in both our websites. I was not surprised by this, because I am aware of your existence and I had been told by the higher councils that there are groups that speak the same things as you, and at the right time we will connect you to these groups, so that you’d be able to contact them. And here I am, getting to know the first group (PAT) from the people of the natural ascension (I have always called you that) and I knew that there are others like you in all the continents, but they are scattered. There is also a group similar to yours in India, but I have not yet connected to them through the Internet (only spiritually) until it is the right time.

Anyways, one of the things, I had been told is that there will be some sensitivity from those we will meet, for they believe that they are the only ones who would ascend naturally. This sensitivity was apparent in their unjustified criticism and judgments of me personally without them knowing me or putting any sort of effort into knowing me. “If I want to talk in good intentions”: that is alright, for I have gone through many such situations and I have learned through the road of enlightenment to not let anything affect me from the inside and to maintain my inner peace. I have and always will love you all, ever since I was told about your existence as spiritual beings, and now that I know your location, and despite your criticisms, you will remain my beloved brothers, and we are the last hope for this earth who stand against the forces of darkness, and I shall consider this an attempt from the forces of Dark to cause discord between us..

However, I have also learned justice, and learned what Karma is capable of doing if things remain unsaid. This is why I reply:

I love you and love communicating with you, but this article must be posted on your website (if you please) as is the entirety of my reply to Mrs. Maha, because now that the truth is finally clear to you, and now that you know within yourselves that I have a right to post this reply on your website, it is not fair that you, who are among the most conscious of the people of earth, to accused me publicly in front of  members of PAT, and not give me the right to reply. Even though I want this as a general right (the right of consciousness) and I forgive you in regards to my personal rights as you are my brothers, so as not to have this situation used against you in front of the divine, and have it said, “look at how the most conscious people on earth behave, even though we are on the brink of ascension!”

You have the right to accept or decline, as free will has always been the most beautiful gift given from Divine to his children. If you accept, communication shall commence between us, and I’ll be your brother: what is mine is yours what’s yours is mine. If you do not, I shall remain your brother on the spiritual level, through the spiritual network that joins us all.

Peace and love to you all from all my heart.

Enlightened Master.
Ibrahim Hassan

Dear Corey,

Thank you very much for this information. The good guy seems to be very sensitive and cannot cope yet with a more critical screening of his work. We have only speculated about him that he might eventually have read our website before that and I have clearly said that I personally do not believe he has done this. This should suffice. In my last report of today, I have said that he has read our website and this is a fact that Ibrahim Hassan has now confirmed in his email. I knew this telepathically since two days.

This is no offense, It is though a matter of fact that he has been wrong in many of his previous messages and that there is not any obvious effort on his part to make retrospectively corrections of his statements or a proper analysis, why he has been wrong and to clear up his messages as to present a more coherent information to the readers as I do on our website diligently all the time. In other word to learn from his failures.

He has to learn the basic responsibilities of a medial source that has to do his homework first, before he begins to inform the people on a broader scale. He is not there yet and can learn a lot from us.

These inconsistencies in his messages and the lack of a broader philosophical, gnostic approach to the transcendental information he gives, creates a lot of confusion for the readers and he should be very thankful to us for this constructive criticism, as there is nobody else to give it to him in such a professional manner as we do now. If this is what makes Ibrahim a little bit hurt, then he has to work much more on the elimination of his earthly ego.

Otherwise, I consider our analysis of this source and the inevitable speculations, we had to make due to the fact that we had no information on his personality, as very balanced, well judged and very objective. Where there was something to praise, we did it, where there were discrepancies and even blunders, or lack of more profound gnostic knowledge, we highlighted it.

This is the normal procedure with every source we have discussed so far, and if this young man is not used to such constructive scrutiny, then he should begin to participate actively in our discussions, to learn practically on the job how to breathe in a more open and critical environment than the one he has been used to in the most dark region on this globe  – in the Middle East – where hypertrophied male egos thrive big and the Weltgeist (world spirit) is non-existent.

Ibrahim must break away from this deadly environment that has obviously tainted his mentality, which I happen to know very well due to the proximity of my homeland to this region. He must do it in a radical way – mentally, emotionally and intellectually. It will only benefit him.

As a truly ascended master, which he may certainly be, he still displays a lot of human sentiment and resentment that must be obliterated now, shortly before our ascension.

He must enter the worldwide scene of spiritual exchange, where the winds blow more harshly as the challenges and the individual orders are also of a greater magnitude, in order to prove that he is the master, he thinks he is. From the local league, he must now enter the Champion league and this is a huge leap forwards and upwards.

I would appreciate if you forward this email to Ibrahim Hassan through his intermediary Maha.

With love and light


I agree completely with your assessment and had already internally come to these same conclusions… Which I am sure any of the PAT would do also, if they have kept up to date with the corresponding publications on your site. I do hope that this results in some sort of public discussion/exchange, so as to broaden the scope of this discourse and afford the PAT the ability to comment, and maybe interact, on these discussions.

I have sent to Maha, and will keep you updated as it develops.

In light,

Dear Corey,

absolutely. There are some basic principles that should be observed in any intelligent and civilised, critical discussion. These are: self-reflection and criticism of personal past assessments and failures, a steep learning curve to do it better in the future, absolute openness and unrestricted criticism that is based on a sound and objective analysis of the facts with the only goal to improve your knowledge and widen your horizon. Any other sentiment “is as superfluous as goiter” to quote another German saying (don’t asks me where it comes from) and only reflects an unprocessed ego.

What does this mean:  “You should not judge me as a person but as a consciousness.” Has he already got a grip on the good old God’s balls and believes he is no longer a human being? What an arrogance!

This is, by the way, just a side note.

But thank you very much for your service as a go-between. One always learns something from such encounters.


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