My Interdimensional Experience of the MPR

by Carla Thompson, August 11, 2013

4.20 a.m. (West Coast, Canada)


I just woke up from an event? Dream? MPR? I am a bit stunned and need some time to collect myself. I’ll be in touch in a couple of hours.


5.00 a.m.

Dear Carla,

this is very significant because my cc-wave has intensified about the same time – an hour ago. This could be the Event.

Give me more information as soon as you can.


5.20 a.m.

Dear Georgi,

OK I think I’m all here now.

I was in a world very similar to this one, in an apartment very similar to this one, where it was nighttime, and I was asleep in bed, and in the exact same position as I was 3 hours ago when it happened.

Suddenly, I am floating in the air, flat on my back, waking me up from a deep sleep. I hear loud noises coming from outside, natural noises, it’s the wind. The wind is howling fiercely. Now I hear screams. There are people screaming. They are absolutely terrified. I am now floating across the room to where I hit the wall, then I float across to the other side where I hit the opposite wall. It is like I am caught in a current, or rather I’m floating on top of an ocean’s wave. I look outside and it is nighttime and it is the same view as i have from my bedroom window here. The trees are almost laying flat from the stormy winds blowing against them. Rain and water are everywhere. There is so much destruction.

As I float around my room I think to myself “Thank you God! It’s the MPR and now I’m free to go!” And as soon as I thought this, I transitioned to my current bed, same position on my back. I thought how Jerry was right, it took some extra time coming back into the body, but it was so gentle and loving, as though I was in the arms of angels.

I write to you about my experience (5:20 a.m. pst) then immediately fall back asleep. I arrive in a new world where the insects and animals are telepathic. We have suddenly arrived there, with no home yet, but many are in our position, disoriented and thirsty from the shock. You are with me. We are processed quickly and wait together on a bench with our blankets that have been provided.

I awaken again and check the clock. It’s 6:20 a.m. My body is completely numb and so weak. My headache is off the scale. I’m thirsty beyond belief.

But I can’t move and so I close my eyes and away I go again, back to a new world, where many more people have arrived and there are many things happening. There is a group of us, we stay close together.

Then I awaken, here, again. It is 7:20 a.m.  I drift in and out of this reality into another, somewhere. I do this for almost another hour then I realize these feelings, sensations can continue on all day, so I decide to pick up my cell and send you this note.

I still feel very weak and I have a huge headache. It is 8:20 am.

The reason why I am telling you about this dream is because it is distinctly different from my usual dreams. This one involved all of my senses:  I saw the storm’s effects, I smelled the rain and the earth,

I tasted the water given to us, I heard the wind and the screams and the flying metal cars and roofing materials. Most of all, I felt, with my body, through the prioreceptors in my body, all the motions, movements, including being lifted and set into this bed to start everything anew.

This has been a profound experience.

With love,

PS: The message was sent and I’m not sure how?!? It hasn’t been proofread. Sorry.

9.00 a.m.

Dear Carla,

this is an incredible interdimensional experience and it points out to the beginning of the MPR on the 7th level of the 4D earth. This night I participated all the night in the preparation for this event and I had the impression that the start signal for it has been given in the higher realms.

You should probably try to get some more information / explanation about your experience from the Elohom when you have grounded yourself.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I’m still so disoriented I can’t even begin to describe how I feel right now.

Well,  I feel like I don’t belong here, no it’s not that. I feel like I’m not here.

I’ll need some time with this. I still have an excruciating headache. ..

I feel like I’m in shock….


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