The Elohim: The Quantum Physics of the Magnetic Pole Reversal

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, August 2, 2013

Dear Carla,

Have you read my latest interpretation of the ascension schedule:

I had a very strong inkling that this is correct. Can you please check with the Elohim on this issue. I know that they do not make any forecasts, but recently they made an exception and announced the coming of the MPR, which we all are eagerly awaiting now.


Dear Georgi,

I had a difficult day with a cc-wave and headache developing this morning and this stayed with all day. When I finally got home at 7 pm this evening, I immediately went to bed.

I just woke up now and will check in with the Elohim on this question.

I am getting instantly/easily that there is some energetic threshold that must be achieved first, in order for the pole reversal to occur.

I will send along my message shortly. I am wondering how your night was after my hard experience today.

With love and light

Dear Carla,

I am sorry to hear that you have been hit by another cc-wave. I am free of such waves since July 29th and feel exceptionally good. As if I have already arrived in the 5th dimension. Probably you have now passed this threshold, which I did on Monday. It was heavy indeed.

Have a rest and do not worry about anything.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have asked the Elohim for an update on the magnetic pole reversal situation and they have provided me with a technical explanation for what needs to first occur energetically before the reversal can occur.

Please adjust any wording that does not seem to fit within the context of the discussion. I really look forward to hearing your interpretation of this message.

I understand that the unfolding is moving along and that even though there are energetic challenges along the way, the situation is building at a steady pace. I am uncertain if this can be achieved by August the 12th, as I am intuiting a longer time frame, such as into September, but I also admit that the energies are building to such incredibly high levels that this event can really happen very shortly, specifically within the next 10 days.

With much love and light,

The Elohim Message

“Greetings, we are the Elohim,

You inquire about an event which portends as your future, but know that in order for this event to occur, the Magnetic Pole Reversal, certain specific conditions must stipulate in the first instance.

A magnetic-energetic threshold must first be reached, whereby the electrical load of subatomic matter/particles must build first and foremost in order for subsequent steps to initiate.

A threshold of sub-electrical waves then move/engage to create and hold the signature/frequency of the magnetic pull which triggers an alignment within the particle spectrum, creating a magnetic attachment to/via bonded energies.

Bonding occurs immediately upon connection of frequency layers or waves and the infinite nature of All-That-Is recognizes its role in immediate re-configuration of previously stressed lattices found at the heart of every atom.

In conjunction with this bonding potential, a full escalation of action potential leads the way of the trigger mechanism. These actions fully and clearly lead the way among all energetic processes required to achieve the magnetic pull and resultant magnetic pole reversal.

The achievement of these thresholds occurs in an organized manner as All-That-Is expands with purpose, even though it is a creative event and sometimes considered “haphazard”. There is truly a deep order to creation, as what may appear to happen by chance is really simply created by intelligent design.

Gaia herself is now driving the speed and unfolding of this entire process as it has become the final frontier of self-cleansing and self-adjustment prior to her ultimate release into her fifth dimensional expression.

We embrace you All on this day!

We are the Elohim!”

Dear Carla,

it is indeed not easy to describe these subatomic, quantum processes with human language. What I get is what I have known all along. The whole energetic subatomic structure – the atomic lattice, which is now of electromagnetic origin must be reconfigured in a profound manner to a more magnetic structure, before the macro-event MPR can occur and ascension can take place.

The “bonding” of subatomic magnetic fields relates to the establishment of a perfect superposition of infinite subatomic energetic, magnetic fields according to the law of constructive interference. These subatomic fields are thus potentiated and create a huge action potential. Such potentials exist all over in All-That-Is and that is how creation occurs – along such energy potentials – as I have explained in a previous article.

Now what I guess from this statement:

In conjunction with this bonding potential, a full escalation of action potential leads the way of the trigger mechanism.”

is that the escalation of this cosmic action potential at the macro-level will be accomplished by the PAT supernova, when huge energies will be released all of a sudden, and this in return will be the trigger mechanism for the MPR and final ascension of Gaia and this upper 4D earth to the 5th dimension. Obviously the MPR is more complex on this timeline than on the lower 4D earths, as it also leads to the final ascension of Gaia and part of humanity to the 5th dimension.

All the subatomic processes, described by the Elohim that lead to these macro-events, have started long time ago and were amplified hugely when the proton waves began to flood our solar system on June 30th. Hence the finalisation of these processes may not need that much time in the future. But you are correct that it is not possible to predict when the necessary threshold of ascension will be reached.

At this final phase, the “human factor” (the level of awakening of mankind) is no longer of relevance as the decisions, who will ascend, have already been made. It also does not matter what the dark cabal will do as a final desperate crime on humanity, but they must do something as to expose their vicious nature to the whole world, or precisely to that portion of humanity which carries a soul segment and will either ascend or stay on the upper 4D earth. The other empty holographic images of humans will not get anything and will be immediately dissolved and retrieved from this earth, just as they were multiplied seven times in late May when the seven 4D earths were created from a scratch.

We must now wait how these subatomic processes of cosmic proportions that prepare the alignment of this planet with All-That.-Is will unfold in the next few days.

With love and light

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