The Elohim On Carla’s Ascension

This day, August 13, 2013, marks the day in the history of humankind, where one human has travelled to the shores of the Fifth Dimensional expression wholly in body, mind and spirit.

By Carla Thomson, August 15, 2013

Dear Georgi,

This is going to be a very difficult letter to write.

The experiences I had today (August 13th) are in no way provable in any tangible way, in any clearly scientific way, and it may even be that what I experienced is only pure delusion, created purely out of the stress of wanting something to happen.

What I do know, that returns my faith to me, is that over many years and especially the last several years, perhaps since 2006, I have experienced events on a fairly regular basis that can be described as miracles, as openings, as proof of God. It is because of these so very impressive events of the past that have made me a believer in miracles, Angels, and of course, in God.  So while I have no proof of anything that I may have experienced today, or thought that I experienced today, I nevertheless wish to say that it is my very humble opinion that what I am about to recount is true.

I have taken several hours to consider the experiences of today and allow an understanding and integration of what it all means.

For the time being, I would ask that you please not publish anything, although I do not mind if you share this experience with those whom you regularly exchange comments and opinions, such as April, Jerry, Jahn, Daniel for instance. I really appreciate this, Georgi, and it is not as though I will never want it announced, it is simply that I am still in disbelief that such an event happened today in the first place. I would also very much like to have some kind of confirmation from someone and I may even seek this out myself, over the course of the next couple of days.

To begin the story, you have several short e-mails from me, describing what I was encountering as the high frequency waves were coming in, almost every hour on the hour.  At first I was very dizzy, very nauseated and then I started to experience a very uncomfortable visual, where I normally see a room spinning, this time the rooms/sky were vibrating. After a time, the “awful” feeling was replaced by a high state of bliss and heightened awareness. I once again felt disconnected from everything in my world, as I had on the 11th of August following the magnetic pole reversal on the 7th level of 4D.

Then, rather suddenly, I had to lie down. The room filled with Beings, Angelic Beings, Archangel Michael and some other energies/Beings that I did not recognize.  I felt myself lifting up and away and realized that I was in an extremely beautiful place, one of pure beauty, of pure essence, of pure love and kindness, of all the things that I and others have ever wanted in a home.  In front of me was the most beautiful crystal palace, in a pale sky blue colour. It shimmered in the sunshine and was in clear contrast to the deep blue sky. There was one particular dome on the left side with a spire that rose into the clear sky, almost releasing a beautiful tone as it reached up. The trees were so lush and beautiful with lime green leaves.

The most striking thing was, however, how I felt in my body. I was aware of my body, being very light, painfree, agile and yet strong. I had taken my “body” with me. I was away, “asleep”, for about an hour. I returned to the bed in a very peaceful way as though upon a gentle breeze. My body was buzzing and numb. I could not walk as my legs had no strength in them.

I laid there for some time and fell asleep again. I cannot remember exactly what happened after this. When I woke up finally, I was greeted by many Beings and they had messages for me.

The first group of Beings was The Elohim.  Here is their message:


” Dear One,

This day marks the day in the history of humankind, where one human has travelled to the shores of the Fifth Dimensional expression wholly in body, mind and spirit.

This is a breakthrough, indeed, for before this point in time it was uncertain whether the physical vessel could actually make this journey, safely, intact.

Your surprise at this event has you thinking you are losing your mind, but we reassure you that this symptom is actually the clear signal of truth, because in experiences of this nature, the human mind holds fractured memory, fractured time and even interprets events as fractured space.

Of course, there is no time, and there is no space. There is only Now.

It is a truth however, that no one has witnessed your departure and return, where verification of this fact could be made. This trip was arranged by the Higher Realms, in order to establish, finally, the current level of success this mission would have if undertaken at this point within the ascension process.

We, the Elohim, are honoured and delighted to confirm that this has been a successful “test run” and the human body, at an equal readiness to yours, and those of higher degrees of readiness, of which there are a few, are safely prepared to make this evolutionary leap. This is the moment of the true evolutionary leap of mankind.

Eons and eons of time, of genetic work, of death, of re-birth, each experience building upon the other, in the creation of standing waves of memory, of learning, of building, of expanding, one thought form at a time, to finally arrive at this moment where all is complete! All has gone full circle, a circle of reformation and perfection in every moment!

This is why we greeted you, upon your return, your awakening from this journey, with “Rejoice!  It is done!  Humanity is complete!”

There were other Beings present with The Elohim, including Adama of the Lemurian City of TelosArchangel MichaelThe Council of Twelve, and many others. I am going to continue this e-mail tomorrow morning, Georgi, as I am overwhelmed by these events today. I have another message from Adama of Telos and a message from Archangel Michael.

I will continue with my letter tomorrow morning.

With all my love,

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