Breaking News!!! The Detonation of the PAT Supernova Comes Before the MPR. No Catastrophes for the Ascending Humanity. The Time of Miracles Has Arrived

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, August 9, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. Whew, finally got something cohesive down on paper. What a ride this last week or so has been!

As soon as I saw the phrase “harmonic convergence” from Carla’s latest Elohim message, I heard myself exclaim, EXACTLY! Thank you Carla!

Your articles have been great, as always, and Jahn’s messages are so very helpful too. Same for everyone, what a great group!

I hope this message resonates with you. I think it confirms what we’ve already been picking up but also what Carla has recently shared. As always, I look forward to your initial thoughts.

Much love and light,

HS Update

HS: A truly astounding level of resonance has been achieved across all ascending timelines/ candidates! This resonance or convergence of higher purpose/ higher will, as a result of the opening of this most potent stargate/ alignment, has produced a very high level of harmonization and synchronization between all levels/ ranks, in the MOST collective sense. And it will only continue to deepen/ expand in movement/ finality through the second half of this alignment known as the Lion’s Gate (till August 26th).

Let me explain. During the first part of this stargate/ merkabah window (July 29 – Aug 8), every single ascension candidate on any of the ascending timelines began, on a soul level, what you might call an “assessment and mobilization process.” ALL connecting ascending realms and ascending souls also went through a similar harmonization/ alignment/ ordering in parallel with yours. This is being done in preparation of the MPR/ Ascension – beginning with the detonation of the PAT supernova or first-wave ascenders.

These processes/movements could now be undertaken because all souls/ beings were magnetically sealed in their proper timeline/ dimension going into this alignment/ stargate.And because at the outset of this alignment – the PAT as a whole ignited levels 8th – 12th  in 4D. More on this in a bit.

If you can imagine as a rough idea for the coding/ information/ energy that was exchanged/ released energetically by ALL, on mostly an unconscious level for most ascension candidates but very consciously for the PAT:

– A healing/ reconciliation/ release of energies within their fields due to the opening of levels 8th -12th and inpouring of energies during the opening of the stargate. This also produced additional DNA upgrades, code firings and activations, and specific sound resonances or tones being played/ expressed.

– The review of your contracts of service and where one stands in relation to its completion, because time is now up. For the PAT, this is and has been a done deal.

– The review of your greatest divine gifts/ potentials as lived/ expressed by you with forward thought to your new roles of service/ experience. For the PAT, another chance to review ones choices of future expressions/ service.

– The same review of lingering weaknesses, so as to line up opportunities for increased light/ awareness.

– The issuance of your new contracts of service or chosen roles/ experiences as decreed by you.

Now, while these very, very complex and powerful energetic processes/ exchanges were taking place, the PAT was actually more actively engaged with igniting/ lifting and/or residing within the heightened levels of 8th – 12th, though many could still potently feel the rippling undercurrents of the “assessment/ reconciling and mobilization” processes that the collective masses were engaged in. So as a result, you at times, experienced all of this within your field. Whirlwinds of movement and moments of bliss and release.

But out of this movement and continuous influx a new ordering has begun! The Plan is coming to Life! Final preparations, alignments of energy/will are coming together with great forward force/ momentum. EVERYONE has now chosen a place, a role, and experience that fully aligns with his overall Being.

And as you move into the second part of this year’s grand Lion’s Gate (till August 26th), this harmonization/ synchronization will only continue to deepen in its expression/ embodiment. You have transmitted and anchored exactly what needed to be during this time and we know just how challenging that has been. But all is now moving into final position, and quite literally you could be called Home any day now.

The PAT will not experience the MPR because they help to create it as part of their detonation/ supernova/ group ascension/ final code emissions.

The Dark Ones have already made their final moves as they too did their best to take advantage of this grand opening – but alas, you rose above the worst of the experience of this.

You may be asked to witness a few more “catalysts” before detonation/ MPR/ final reordering, but to you, you will know upon seeing them that the time of your transition/ translation is at hand.

Eventually, the newly created parallel levels will be reconciled, as the loop or spiral swings back around, a merging back will then take place. I know you were curious about that.

All is joyously well!! You have done a superb job! Know that we lovingly await your imminent Return –and don’t forget to expect miracles because the second half is about to begin and you are up next!


Dear April,

a very convincing and detailed confirmation of the beginning of the last Third Harmonic Convergence at the soul level that will lead to the final Ascension.

To begin with the last statement of your HS:

expect miracles because the second half is about to begin and you are up next!”

The miracles have already commenced as Jerry has just reported to me. He has visited in his crystalline light body the new 5D earth this night in a fully conscious manner and has met one more time with the ascended master Anita. You must read his hilarious report:

The most important information, which this message gives us retrospectively is the confirmation that on July 29th, at the onset of the Lion’s Gate, the PAT had created and opened fully the higher levels 8th to 12th of this upper 4D earth (7th level):

 And because at the outset of this alignment – the PAT as a whole ignited levels 8th -12th in 4D.

I felt this huge shift on July 29th and reported about this in our energy update on July 31 as follows:

Dear Carla,

this morning (July 29th) I woke up with a very nasty cleansing wave when I usually get very much pissed off with the world and my life on this toxic planet.Then around midday local time a huge cc-wave commenced and now I am with a severe headache – the third one in four days. Only yesterday I was spared from such cc-wave, although late in the evening there was another massive energy descent from the source.

What I wanted to tell you is that during this cc-wave, while I normally do not get anything from my HS as the pains and energy inflow are so massive, this time I am getting the intuitive knowledge that we are very much on the cusp of our ascension, respectively, of the final solution.

It is always a great feeling to have such a validation, especially when we have to deal with such significant developments as the creation of the new higher levels of this earth, which will hugely facilitate the ascension process and will harbour a vast portion of the ascending souls, thus shielding them from the impending MPR, its deluge and other natural catastrophes that will only hit the soulless holographic images of the remaining 5.2 billion humans, who now walk on this timeline, but will be retrieved to the lower 4D earths when the catastrophes commence.

In this respect we have another important validation from your HS that the destiny of all these souls fragments has been magnetically already sealed:

“These processes/movements could now be undertaken because all souls/beings were magnetically sealed in their proper timeline/dimension going into this alignment/stargate.

The quintessence of all these alignments is that the ascending portion of humanity can now reckon with a very smooth transition to the higher dimensions as I anticipated in my letter to you four days ago before you received this message:

Dear April,

I hope you  are well!

Today, after I read my article “The Threshold of Ascension” one more time, I got the following insight from my HS.

We now have not only the seventh upper 4D earth, but also further levels from 8th to the 12th and even a continuous condominium of levels, where we can dwell when the big catastrophes begin to unfold. We have been assured that we will be very easily and swiftly transferred to our new masons in the higher dimensions by the guardians of the earth, whose message I have translated and published today. This may not hold true for the PAT when we detonate our supernova, but may apply for the short interim period of time before that.

What I got is that we now steadily and in an almost unnoticeable manner ascend with all other ascension candidates to these higher 4D /lower 5D levels and may not even experience first hand the collapse of the Orion system on the actual 7th 4D earth, such as bank crash, economic gridlock, eventual massive crimes by the ruling cabal on humanity, and, last but no least – the MPR. OK, when it comes we shall detonate the PAT supernova and shall ascend beyond the 5th dimension.

There is one final comment I would like to make. All the alignments at the soul level (third harmonious convergence), which the Elohim and now your HS discuss in their latest messages, concern the first ascension candidates, who will follow us after we detonate the PAT supernova. We, the PAT, have accomplished this harmonic convergence of our soul fragments from various timelines long time ago. This is now confirmed one more time by your HS:

For the PAT, this is and has been a done deal

Our job in the last several weeks has been to create the higher 8th to 12th levels, to send further ascension codes for the detonation of the PAT supernova that also change the DNA of the first group of ascension candidates as has been also reported by other external channeling sources, and to prepare the MPR and our final ascension beyond the 5th dimension and merging with the source.

Thus we have also done the utmost to protect the ascension portion of humanity from the inevitable MPR catastrophes and this is our final huge contribution to humanity, made in love and with such a great personal sacrifice that these entities will only be able to comprehend its scope after their ascension when they will know what they truly owe us.

With love and light

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