5D-Ascension Is Accelerating

Archangel Michael
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 15, 2013

first published in English on  August 16, 2013

translated by Georgi Stankov

What to look for now?

Unique processes in the space-time structure require unique precautions and side effects that are perceived by the people who are called to higher achievements before their light ship enters the eternal light body of their Being. Truly, a new dimension has engulfed the world and those people who are willing to be called for ascension.

I am Archangel Michael

The fact that the ascension of many people is ongoing, brings a whole new acceleration to this change. This affects the people, who are called on day X by name, in the following manner:

1) They can no longer stand unexplained energies. This means they start to avoid people and situations that send slow and dark energy.

2) People, who will ascend and to the very end “must” act in rightly intolerable living and working environments, will get an absolutely impermeable protection during these hours. This protection is removed immediately after the “work” is done and all vibrational impositions will be removed, which means that these people will often perceive this as being exhausted and powerless. They collapse in a way and recover very fast to their original energy state. The protection is absolute, but it is felt like a heavy straitjacket that leads to exhaustion.

3) People who will ascend are becoming more sensitive in their perception of the environment with every hour. That is to say, the lines of separation, where the wheat separates from the chaff, will go again through all families and friends. Who has believed that these divisions are already complete, has been wrong. A lasting and enduring all events at this time “friendship” is determined solely by the current, constantly lifting vibration patterns and no account is taken of any traditions, human behavior patterns or connections from past lives. All the old thinking and behavior no longer function.

4) The age of wonders also means that many people will wonder how radically the lines of separation will emerge in their hitherto still “paradisaical world”.

5) In all the people who will ascend, dreams, lucid states, fine hearing, clairvoyance and clairsentience will augment.

6) It is also possible to experience physical symptoms such as palpitations, sudden heat or cold, short-term immobility of the skeleton, migraine or muscle spasms.

7) Every lie, that is, each persistent maintaining of a life delusion will affect fatally the people who want to ascend:

a) Either they will miss their ascension, as they can not participate in the higher vibrations or

b) they will be forced to go through very painful happenings in order to be brought to their happiness; a “crash course to enlightenment” in a sense. Happenings, which truly represent an additional exercise, which are generally superfluous for people, who move boldly forwards.

8) The quality of the ascension process increases, the quantity decreases. That is to say, the people who are really ready now accept this divine gift with every fiber of her being, so that this world is changing and their arrival to 5D is sealed. The people who are lukewarm, are left back. This large group of messengers of light, who could not keep the high light vibrations of the truth of God will be taken away from the 5D ascension process. This speeds up and simplifies the current process of ascension, as each fickle person has so far blocked this process by his hesitation and his doubts. Thus: this is another separation of the sweet from the bitter grapes on the vine of the Lord.

9) After the time of speeches and talking is over, now also ends the period of questioning and the questions, which means that everything is given to the people at the right time. To those people who accept vigilant, uncompromising and unconditionally the kind of miracles that is prepared this time for them.

10) The light has won and the people ascend. And those who remain will be reporting about the biggest illusion that ever happened to them, only because they refused to enter the light stairs to heaven.

11) The great cosmic curtain – it is the last and the first of its kind – closes for the ones and now opens for the others. You have chosen! Infinite is the love, infinite is the honor that you will be endowed with from the worlds of light. We praise you, you evolved human being,


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