Zero Time – Part III

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 12, 2013
first published in English on July 16, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov


Today I had a few brief encounters, all occurring according to one and the same pattern: Very ugly scenes, with ugly and sick people, a crude choice of words, aggression and discharges manifest in the middle of the road only to disappear immediately afterwards from the scene. And in the evening I hear through the open window, it’s a wonderful, warm summer night, a horrible “music”. Rather, it “sounds as if coming from hell” as I said to my wife about the music coming from the adjacent “Summer Stage” – this is the busy and popular restaurant complex on the Danube Canal. This cacophony also ends up shorty thereafter and does not last nearly as long as when there are concerts there. Conclusion: Scenes of horror, which dissolve very quickly. (End of Report)

Loved ones,

it is, what it is. Brief moments of terror and horror are awaiting you, but you shall remain completely untouched by them. It is the time of ascension, the time of the separation of the worlds, and it is the people that will remain on the lower levels of the world whose behaviour now escalates to massive expressions of discontent.

The music suggests that it is about the sound of the low frequency 4D earths: Discordant and far from creative beauty, the people will evolve at these levels slowly towards the light. This scene describes the status quo, that is, the people will find this reality where they now move into their thousand-year-domicile.

These are the explanations to this topic, for verily: No terror of the ancient times shall reach you, unless you have chosen it yourself, and yet you will participate in it, even if only as silent and still, as loving and compassionate observer of these cosmic events in the space and time structure of these worlds. Souls in huge numbers begin to cling onto the ascending humans – but the ascending people will remain free from any influence beyond all measure and will stay above all turmoil, and this will drive these desperate souls to new discharges. Like a spurned lover, they are now ready to act in a manner that could never happen under “normal” conditions.

Everything gets out of hand for the ones. Everything goes back into the divine order for the others. And finally, it should be noted here: You will be surprised to find out who will take a seat next to you in heaven. For those, who constantly call out to the Lord and turn away from Him at the first opportunity, shall be excluded from this ascension because words are worthless when the human heart remains inanimate by God.

Many who embodied the appearance of a light worker or light warrior,shall be excluded, because these are the simple, the true, the peaceful, and loving people who now take the heritage of heaven. And those who do not know God, but live according to his appreciation, shall be called first, on the day that now arrives, the day of the full ascension of humanity into the light.

How can one enter into the kingdom of heaven, he who constantly carries God on his lips but banishes HIM from his heart? The days of truth are imminent. You have chosen, you have decided, you have asked for your new domiciles.

Now it happens to you, as requested by you, for every man receives from the hands of God the gifts that he, himself, has drawn into his life. According to the vibration of your heart, like a magnet that seeks its pole, you will find yourselves at the new levels of Being, you are, who you are, exalted gods in human gestalt. The essence of time will be now revealed to you at all levels and visible for the human eye.

I am
Jesus Sananda

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