The Snowden Case – A Mirror Image of Human Debasement

by Sarah Smucker and Georgi Stankov, July 3, 2013

Hi Georgi,

thanks again. my point in sharing the Croatia-Germany story was only to demonstrate that more revelations are rolling out, but I’m still frustrated with the slow pace of them.  I like how Jahn’s message highlighted the importance of mastering patience.

Do you continue to follow the Snowden case? it gets more and more absurd by the minute and if people cannot see how absurd the situation is when one country (like Russia) denies asylum and at the same time says “no extradition”, and other countries like Italy, France and Portugal deny the Bolivian president entry to their airspace (as if “air” can be owned) b/c they thought Snowden was on the plane, ….if people cannot see what an absurd world we live in from this simple example, then certainly they do not deserve to ascend or dwell in an enlightened society. What’s going on with Putin lately? Is he too a hologram, or is he one of the many elite whom you’ve said have been replaced by the forces of light?  What about Merkel, is she also replaced by the forces of light– and yet it seems Obama is securely in his dark throne where he belongs.

Yesterday we watched a segment on how Malte Spitz of Der Speigel started a case against Deutsche Telecom for tracing his whereabouts exposed the constant surveillance we’re all under. He also wrote an Op-Ed in the NYTimes about how Germans no longer trust Obama. The second segment is of a principled journalist from Iceland, Kristinn Halfson, who gave up his career finally after realizing how corrupt and insane the mainstream media is. He works for wikileaks now. Too bad it took him 25 years to figure out what became obvious to me in less than one year of working at the NYTimes as a news assistant in 1998-99.

you’ve often said if a person does not directly threaten the PTB they will be protected by the forces of light, …did Assange and Snowden break this rule and hence they are not fully protected and subjected to psychological torture? it seems a cruel fate for such brave dissidents. Snowden’s case has moved us all deeply.

the real question is, however, are these the revelations that we’re waiting for, it seems not, and there needs to be a lot more than this.

in love and light,

Dear Sarah,

the situation is very murky and makes no sense at all, no matter how you approach it, except to regard these events as the final symptoms of the collapse of the matrix. Nobody is safe from this collapse and the least the politicians, no matter if they call Putin, Merkel or Obama.

The two men, Assange and Snowden, are protected from heaven as you see. The USA want to jail and put on trial Assange since two years and he is still not their prisoner. His situation and that of Snowden is indeed very unpleasant, but thus they serve as a symbol showing that nobody on this planet is really free if he dares to oppose the established elite and that all other politicians are in the same basket.

These two men have helped, beyond their revelations, but by personal example, to expose the fact that there is a deadly gridlock on this planet and it is obvious that the masses are still blind, complacent and egotistic and not ready to rise up from their enslavement and oust their dark puppet regimes. The Germans are indignant about Obama spying on them, but they do not come to the simplest and ethical idea to offer Snowden asylum whom they owe these revelations, although their law allows for this.

There is evidently no moral at all behind the actions of all politicians and if the masses do not see this shocking discrepancy between empty words and lofty slogans on the one hand and the true dark political reality in which they live on the other, then nobody can help this humanity.

This is exactly the situation that proves my pessimism about the fall of the human race and why ascension has been such a painful and protracted birthing. I hate to be wrong, as was the case with the many optimistic announcements of our ascension dates, which had a clear purpose to mobilize our efforts as we were the only driving force behind this process and do our best each time.

But I hate even more to be right, e.g. when I diagnosed the total failure of the New Age movement three years ago and the inability of the peoples in the West to start a true revolution. In both cases we are the victims of these unfavourable conditions, which we can only partially influence by opening new portals for the energies from the source to come on the earth and change the biological and energetic nature of homo sapiens (DNA, chakras, etc.). But we cannot control the minds of the people and what they ultimately think.

If they stubbornly reject any impulses to change their current thinking patterns, then no personal drama such as with Assange and Snowed will have any value and effect on them. The only solution is then the total deluge due to the MPR, so that everybody is a victim and must go through the fire ring of utter human despair, through the most profound catharsis and emerge purified on the other side of the firewall, before ascension can be considered an option for these slumbering beings.

The only question is what role are we supposed to play in this last act of this deplorable drama that has lost any attraction for us.



Your assessment is so dead-on that there is really not much I can add, except to say I whole heartedly agree with every sentence.  I can only commiserate with your assessment and the deplorable nature of humanity as we see it. Indeed Snowden said it best in his first interview with the Guardian when he said that his worst fear is not for his life or for himself, but that the public will just not care about his revelations and will go on slumbering, and his worst fear is being realized.

Indeed the question remains, what role are we supposed to play in this drama the final act. Perhaps the best role for now, is as Jahn’s channeling said, to master patience, for you said yourself that is your biggest Achilles heel, as it is mine and all of ours (PAT). easier said than done.

It does indeed feel like a stalemate right now, as much as I want to believe all that Jahn’s messages have said, from Babaji, that all is well and carefully being orchestrated from above.

I wish you above all peace, and that this drama be unraveled as soon as possible,

love, Sarah

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