Leave the Vibrational Fields!

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 29, 2013

first published in English on July 3, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov


On the day after the light reading, I’m at the gym to toughen myself physically. I like to go there very often and especially on the day after the light reading to open my spirit with intensive physical effort to the new energies that build up for the next light reading. In the spacious gym only three other people train next to me; all of a sudden I feel a huge anxiety and notice how one of the persons starts to emanates energies that occupy the whole space. I decide to leave the room earlier and to go swimming. There, a completely opposite picture, I am alone in the pool and can relax freely. (End of Report)

Loved ones,

This description by Jahn serves as an introduction to the following message, because in the coming weeks you have to do mainly with external vibrations, vibration overlays and vibrational fields that would like to get you out of step, and they may also achieve it. You should continue fearlessly with the basic work until the light comes out victorious at all levels.

Well. Because of the superposition of the 4D holograms, various vibrational dissonances still mix on the higher vibrational holograms. This has the effect, as described by Jahn. You will encounter vibrations that cannot be found in an enlightened world, which shows that we have not yet arrived on this enlightened world. How to cope with this?

Here it is mandatory that you train yourself in discernment and act uncompromisingly. Very often you have the feeling – and you succumb herein to an inner compulsion – that you cannot leave a place, an event, a party or a meeting because this  is “not the fine art”. Although you feel very uncomfortable since long time, you shy to go away from this place and the people – to turn your back onto them.

“That’s not the fine art, it is rude,” you say to yourself, and so you load upon yourself external vibrations, which you must then, often with my help, painstakingly remove. It is important to be aware, to stay conscious and be conscious. So I invite you, to check exactly every encounter, every appointment, every visit. How? By feeling into it beforehand, sense it and determine how it feels for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

a) Should I be there?
b) Am I at the right time in this place?
c) Is it appropriate to be with these people?
d) Is it the right time and the right place?

It is very easy to conclude this, however it is much more difficult to act according to this conclusion in an uncompromising manner afterwards. Especially when it applies to visitations of traditional events, such as religious festivals, concerts, birthdays, corporate parties, or the like, the highest attention is required. Never acts out of habit! Because the habit is the jail of the soul and destroys any spontaneous and free experience of the moment.

Human habits are sluggish and are in exact opposition to life that must be experienced in the Now. So check within this reference frame all your habits. And as long as you are in places and with people, and only then notice that you are in the  “wrong” place., then please have the courage to go! You are not accountable to anyone except to yourselves. Why care about the gossip of others, when they only feel hurt in their ego-pride, why care about the crap of the people, who, anyway, do not understand how energy affects and how they themselves hijack your energies? Have the courage to say “hello” and leave.

Furthermore, it should be noted here that you should observe the signals before you decide to go to a meeting. You still give them too little significance and you behave rarely according to these signals. That is to say, ask first and foremost in all situations – should I be at this point in time in this place and then ask your spiritual guide for help. It always comes and is always prompt – through signs, reflections, and events that can not be ignored.

The basic rule is, if something is against the flow of life, it is warrant for you to stop. You should stand still and look carefully to see what it is that is against your flow. When all doors are wide open, then go step by step forward – but never two steps at once – and as soon as something blocks you, then stop. These signals are ignored too often by so many people and so you find yourself often in unsatisfactory situations.

Also, “holiday plans” have this character and instead of each trip to be subjected to a precise observation, you believe that holiday is travel, rather than to arrive at yourself, which is just a trip that namely only needs yourself. The many questions, searching for an answer, should be given by yourself and have the courage to do this, as in this way  your life acquires an enormous increase in peace and joy.

And finally it should be noted, hear the signals that your children send to you! Children see in the other world, they see vibration and light, and the shadows of men; when children want to leave a place, go away instantly and do not hesitate for a moment. Because they know why, even if you think everything is in balance, it has long been out of control. When children reject certain visits, listen to them, because they show you the way how to live your day in peace and joy, unharmed by external energies. Children are uncompromising in this respect.

He, who wears a dress full of light, will be accepted, he, who has an aura full of unresolved themes, will be rejected. This behavior is gradually eradicated in all children and they are compelled to adapt to the sick, tradition-laden and by habits dominated world of adults. An imposition that dampens down more and more the enlightenment of the children, until they fall into oblivion and they grow up to an adult, who has lost any reference to himself.

Yes. Hold on to your children, then they know best what is good, what is bad, even if you mistakenly believe, you have to teach them what is good for them and what is bad. It is exactly the opposite. Children are your masters. And if you do not have any children, then observe the children of your friends and all the children, no matter where you meet them. Protect and defend their self-determination, wherever it goes for you, because the children need your guidance, when they encounter this hard and cold world, so that they feel confirmed in their original, divine perception and so that ultimately a new world can grow out of this.

Therefore it is important to continue with the basic work until ascension, to connect with the earth, to reconcile with life and merge with God. Keep your vibrational field clean, by paying attention to where you find yourself at a certain point in time and with whom you socialize. No matter how it was before – take care to make changes where they are evident and know: you are not accountable to anyone except to your Self that will never give his consent to an energetic abuse.

I’m ASANA MAHATARI, and I now give the floor to the omnipresence of the Archangel of the universal, divine truth, the Archangel of absolute patience, who equips all light warriors on their way to the light with the necessary patience, before they inherit the kingdom of heaven, before they enter God, before they receive what their souls yearn since eons of time. The Archangel, who accompanies each human being, who never wavers, unless, one neglects himself and rejects the blessings of his light. ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL frees you from any concerns and promotes your every step to self-knowledge and self-realization.

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL, accompanies you in your small steps, so you can reach the big steps. ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL supports all light warriors, who now unconditionally engage in all affairs concerning ascension, all those who serve the bigger Whole and have overcome their small daily fears or try to overcome them with all their power. Yet his energy acts gently and affirmative, like a loving mother who turns to her children careful and loving.

Hence ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL brings you back the joy, the joy of life, which was lost throughout all your actions and the many adjustments and changes, the numerous cancellations and postponements of your ascension. Once you have achieved mastership in patience, your life will become a feast of joy and any change in the original plans will be just a footnote in your being, not more, not less. I love you so much.


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