It Is Done

Archangel Jophiel
channelled Jahn J Kassl on July 15, 2013
first published in English on July 20, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt

Pathless Path

Loved ones,

Happiness, joy, peace and love now fill your hearts and the grace of God itself reveals the way to you to the primordial Source of all Being. The revelations of the last things are now revealed to you, so you can seal with light your arrival in God. It is time for all to leave the old pathways that lead to the realization, it is surely time to completely surrender to God, it is time to stride on the pathless path, to pass through the gateless gate and to establish the deedless doing. It’s time to get rid of all ballast before the track of your work on earth is lost, before only the essence of your ascension remains. Avoid in these days to explore new methods in the search for God.

Meditate on the term – “Nothing to do” and keep doing your everyday things and foster your spiritual nature. Do this by absolutely calming down and finding inner peace, arrive in the silence and harvest the great peace.

“Nothing to be done since everything is done.”

Take in these last days of this era some distance from any religious radicalization or avoid to fall in a spiritual-know-it-all behavior. Be centered in you and be aware of your own Self and realize that what you have come to achieve is has been achieved. Now it is simply about tuning into the dawn of light. What is left to do is to say good-bye in a deep peaceful manner to a world which has been familiar to you for millions of years.

What is left to do is to let go. Let go, knowing that the past dies, that the future is part of the illusion as the present and the being in the presence of the Now unfolds in front of you on the new levels of Being. The last few steps to the summit are to be taken wisely, with inner composure and in the absolute awareness of the importance of the forthcoming victory. Whoever now is active in an unnatural bustle, may stumble and fall and prevent himself from reaching the very top of the summit.

Do your deeds and take care of your things, remain centered in the middle and anchored in the midst of life, while with every day to come you shall be more and more aware of the beauty of your future life as it is being disclosed to you gradually. Little by little and with the precision which is common to the creative processes the dark and heavy energies will vanish from this world – before you know it, you find yourself in the light and beyond all the path you will look with amazement in the face of the Creator and experience the familiar vibrational fields of your spiritual family.

The pathless path: It is simple, you just do what is to do, just go without knowing where to go and how long and remain just in happiness and joy, looking forward to experiencing the next moment without losing yourself – before it happens – in a semblance of it. Now your are evolving into your multidimensionality. What and how? By experiencing your Self in your meditations as being omnipresent, by expanding your awareness and by asking God, the Creator about sharing with you, in his reality, because you want to put an end to the limits of this human condition, which obstructs your vision of the divine.

Let go any comparison with your light siblings, which missed their path into the light, because no one knows the endless facets of this game of Ascension, which will become a disaster for many. Stand back, because noble and sublime are those who do not interfere and forbid themselves any interference of others. Interference is a concept of the lower 4D worlds. And interference means at these levels always to walk in the mean heavy boots, rather than leaving the mine for good. Integrate and mingle rather than interfering.

The difference is that when you integrate, you carry your own inner light amidst the others in occurrence to interfering which means you mostly start to lower yourself into the game of others.

Discern and recognize – sometimes less is more and nothing is mostly everything – how everything grows by its own means – because it is left to itself and is being accompanied by an awakened spirit in deep love and mindfulness.

The coming days require the ascending humans to have a childlike spirit, a childlike understanding and a way to experience the world like a child – which means: to perceive the world in the Now and untainted by preconceptions.

We go into the light, the beauty of God is the gift that HE prepares for us, so that you people may become aware of your own inner beauty that shines. Leave the old paths, leave the incurred Path – it’s done, it’s done.

The servant of God, I am

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