Energy Update of the PAT – July 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi –

After reading your Urgent Energy Update for today, I got chills going down my spine. Last night I had the following dream:

I was in a town I did not recognize, in a big two-story brick house that had a huge front porch that was probably about 20 feet in depth and stretched the full length of the front of the house with lots of other people whom I didn’t know. The house sat probably 15-20 feet above street level.  It began to rain in buckets like a deluge and there was instant flooding. Someone said something like “you have to come out and see this” so I went out on the porch and saw that the streets were severely flooded, so much so that there were cars everywhere almost completely covered by water. It was like a river in the streets.  And there were people trapped in the cars but I and the others on the porch with me could do nothing to help them. All we could do was watch helplessly as their cars went under the water. Then someone had opened the door and one of my dogs came running outside. I ran after him to keep him from going off the porch and into the water.  Once I got him I went back inside the house. I couldn’t find my husband and was getting upset that he had let the dog run loose. I didn’t seem to be worried about the my daughters, I somehow knew they were safe. So I went and sat on a couch in a front living room and was looking out the window when all of a sudden I could see a good size wave, not a huge one, but big enough start to come at the windows/front of the house.  I pointed it out to someone just as the wave hit the front of the house and smashed in the windows.  Then I saw another one coming and I and some other people tried to block/board up the broken windows. As the waves kept coming I/we knew it was futile to try and board up the windows so I went deeper/further into the house.

While I getting ready for work this morning I was hit with the memory that back at the end of May, I had woken up in the middle of the night from a horrible nightmare that to this day I can’t remember one iota of it. Then a few days later you had posted about the MPR that took place on the 3D earth and it happened the same night I was woken up from the nightmare.

I asked my brother in Nebraska if he had any dreams last night and this is what he had to report.

From what he can remember, he was somewhere like Iowa and there was a newly formed small volcano that had formed. There was a lot of ash falling and covering the towns. There was discussion about moving people away from the area and some scientist arguing that some should not have to move. Then he remembers seeing the land bulging and cracking in a line south of the volcano as if it were about to rip apart. The land got hot and then started to heave like a major eruption of lava/magma was about to take place. He then rushed to tell everyone to evacuate the towns and then air raid sirens went off. He was in a house packing clothes/items in a bag but there was one girl (it seemed like me but not sure) that did not want to evacuate. The last thing he remembers before he woke up was taking the bag and leaving as the large crack erupted.

So we both feel this is a good confirmation that the MPR did take place last night at the upper 4D levels.

All day today (and for the past week really) I have been suffering from vertigo, which had stopped for a few months but it’s back now. And both my brother and I are having issues with our ears popping, in fact my ears feel as though they are full of water.

Thank you for keeping us all up to date on what is happening behind the veil and we hopes to see the fruits of our labor very soon.

With love and light to you and all of the PAT,

Dear Christy,

thank you very much for your detailed dream account of you and your brother. Very revealing as usual. There are so many reports in the meantime from PAT members that confirm the occurrence of the MPR, the deluge and other catastrophes today that there is no place for doubt any more that these events have reached the higher 4D earths, only a week after it has occurred on the lower 4D earths (July 16th) and five days after the ID split of the lower 4D earths from the higher 4D timelines happened on July 18th. This is an incredibly quick development and from this I deduce that we shall very soon see these events manifesting on our upper 4D earth.

This is the domino-like effect as announced by the Elohim  – when it is set in motion, there is no stopping anymore, until all timelines are encompassed.

The only unknown variable now is how these events will begin to unfold on our timeline. I think this depends entirely on what the first move of the dark US cabal will be. There are many options and they will all lead to significant catastrophes and destruction, though much lesser than on the other six 4D earths.

My intuition is getting stronger by the hour that the HR may resort again to the initial option of a massive PAT supernova that will propel the upper 4D earth and the ascending portion of humanity directly to the 5th dimension, respectively to the highest 4th dimension and thus finalizing the ID split between darkness and light earlier than planned.

I am now prepared for some exciting surprises.

With love and light

Hi George,

How are you feeling today? You have asked for an update. Yesterday, July 22rd,  I felt a definite strain through the afternoon. Although my mood was positive and I maintained a sense of surrender ‘letting go’, there was a definite tension/strain passing through me in afternoon.

Yesterday also marked the return of heavy chemtrails after their long absence from view.  I fell immediately and deeply asleep last night when my head hit the pillow.  I  didn’t even have time to state my dream requests.  As a result I remembered nothing of my dreams.

In Love & Light,

Dear Marilyn,

It was a good day for me, flanked by two bad days as I have written – July 21 and July 23. I think that the catastrophes on the higher 4D earths began on July 21st and then stipulated this night and today (July 23) as huge catastrophes. We will probably get some more information soon.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

As requested I wanted to provide an update on my experiences.

First – an energy update –

The whole right side of my body starting with my head and extending all the way to the bottom of my leg has been under immense pressure. My head feels “full” mostly on the right side, not as a headache but as a pressure. Although I wake with nausea and a headache, after a while of moving around it settles into a more subtle but incessant wave that continuously bombards my body. Likewise I sometimes feel like I am jumping timelines in mid conversation as I will be talking to someone but be in a completely different time and place. This sometimes results in frustration because the person I was talking to will almost pop out of my reality, as if they weren’t talking at all, but then I will pop back in & refocus my attention only to realize I forgot completely what we were even speaking about.

Aside from this, there were some stunning synchronicities in the last days which indicated to me a new level of awakening in the people I know. This may not be worth much in the total equation of experiences you receive from the other members of the PAT but it is the most notable thing I have perceived in the last days.

On Sunday a college friend & swim teammate of mine fell off of Mount Olympus & died in a climbing accident. Link:

What stunned me about this is that my girlfriend awoke this same morning, and even though she only knew of this person for a short time, his name appeared in her mind & she knew something was wrong. This was not articulated to anyone in this moment, since at the time it had no context or corroborating information, but later in the day when she received multiple messages delivering the bad news, she expressed this intuition to me and was totally blown aback by her own clairvoyance.

Then, last night another college friend of mine was visiting & we were speaking about this same incident.  He told us that on Saturday, before this individual had his accident, he met a girl while socializing at a local bar. During conversation it came up that he was a swimmer on the collegiate team, to which she replied, “Oh so you must know Grey Liston!”

“Yes of course he was my ‘big buddy’ and lane partner when I first began on the team” he said.

She replied “Oh wow what a coincidence, I used to rock climb with him.”

Little did they know that he would fall while rock climbing the very next morning which, in retrospect made their chance meeting even more significant.

What these personal experiences have to do with our ascension I am unable to discern with more clarity, except to say that it is evident to me that a new threshold of awareness has been reached.  I hope to gain more insight on this by reading the experiences of other PAT members and then peering back with hindsight.

With love and light,

Dear Corey,

thank you for you elaborate energy account. You have now fully opened your left brain portal and experience what I am experiencing since 1999 without any interruption. It is impossible to convey this energetic state to anybody who has not a personal experience with it.

Now many people are leaving this reality and this trend will accelerate in the next days. Such synchronicities have always existed, but now the people are beginning to get aware of them. Clairvoyance, as with your girlfriend, is also peaking these days.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

It is 5 am in California right now, I have been completely unable to sleep tonight and just read the latest articles. I’ve been hearing tones in my right ear on and off for perhaps the last hour so far. Throughout yesterday I had chest pains, nausea, shaky/dizziness, then clumsiness, and a general weak feeling. Thus I was mostly laying in bed and reading on your website. I was anchored in peace, but kept getting unpleasant emotional waves in my heart chakra for no apparent reason.

I was pleasantly surprised to read that the events have already physically manifested on the three upper 4d timelines..Today we had a great mass of clouds, a beautiful rarity this time of year in the desert. I sat watching the sky, while hoping the great storm was coming. And now it seems this must be so quite soon!

I am so blessed to have a clear, conscious understanding of what is to come. I thank God for the day I found your website, it has been an invaluable resource for my process of growth. Alice did a perfect job of praising you, but I still must thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart. Ah shit so sorry to ramble on when you are probably experiencing the disastrous events energetically. I pray all energetic discomforts leave you be as quickly as possible.

Infinite love and light,

Dear Tracy,

The last waves are indeed very tense and emotionally unpleasant as they sweep inadvertently like tornadoes over us and leave us completely depleted. In such a situation it is extremely important to know the nature and origin of these waves i as to stay calm and centered. I had to make this experience today again, although I am an old warrior soul. But these waves have the capacity to overwhelm everybody.

I am happy to hear that this website helps you to cope better with these intensive experiences and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation of my work.

Let us hope that very soon we shall see the drama beginning to unfold in the visible world. The current tension is really unbearable and the build up of energies is unique. I wonder how normal people come along with the latest energetic developments. but most of them have already no souls and thus they do not feel much. This was also part of the ingenious divine design of the higher realms for the End Time.

With love and light

Dear George,

after reading your “Urgent Energy Update 7/23” I thought I’d let you know about my vision this morning: I was at the table with my family (Massi, daughter and husband) when my daughter says she had a strange dream, where space ships were visible in the sky and the beings who were inside said, “What you see is not the real world but it is only a hologram” and then invited the people to climb on the ships. My husband said he had had the same dream, and I and Massi we looked at the two of them in awe and they both asked, “You know something, right (isn’t it)?”. End of vision.

In addition yesterday an inexplicable thing happened to me: I woke up with the big toe of my right foot swollen for no reason, no distortion or insect bites, because it is the bone that hurts. During the day the rest of the foot swelled and then I put just a little ice on it. I slept very bad for the pain. Today it is still swollen and feels bad, I can not understand why, I thought that this is part of the energy waves. My husband called the doctor against my will, diagnosis: foot gout due to blood sugar. I received injections and pills, I do not know whether to believe what I was told and if I should take the treatment. I do not know, I just know that my foot hurts.

Last week I had a very long and detailed vision (I told everything to Maximilian and he remembers every detail, so I’ll leave the explanation to him) and on the 20/7 I heard a sentence with terrible words: “An interplanetary catastrophe will happen (? !) of unimaginable magnitude, as never happened “in the living memory” of humanity.”

Now I say goodbye I apologize for the length of my letter, thanking you so much for your patience and for the mission you are doing.

Many thanks for everything, a hug
Caro George,

dopo aver letto il tuo “Aggiornamento Energia urgente 23/7” ho pensato di farti sapere la mia visione di questa mattina: ero a tavola con la mia famiglia (Massi, figlia e marito) quando mia figlia dice di aver fatto un sogno strano, dove delle navicelle spaziali erano visibili nel cielo e gli esseri che erano dentro dicevano: “Quello che vedete non è il mondo reale ma è solo un ologramma” e invitavano la gente a salire. Mio marito diceva di aver fatto lo stesso sogno, io e Massi ci siamo guardati meravigliati e loro due, guardandoci,
dicevano: “Voi sapete qualche cosa, vero (isn’t it)?”. Fine della visione.

Inoltre (furthermore) ieri mi è successa una cosa inspiegabile: mi sono alzata con il dito grande del piede destro gonfio, senza nessun motivo, nessuna distorsione o punture di insetti, perché è l’osso che mi fa male. Durante il giorno si è gonfiato anche il resto del piede e ho quindi messo solo un po’ di ghiaccio. Ho dormito molto male per il dolore. Oggi è ancora gonfio e cammino male, non riesco a capire il motivo, ho pensato che anche questo faccia parte delle onde di energia. Mio marito ha chiamato la dottoressa contro la mia volontà, diagnosi: piede gottoso, gotta (gout) dovuta alla glicemia. Mi ha segnato punture e pillole, non so neanche se credere a quello che mi ha detto e se faccio la cura. Non lo so, so solo che il piede mi fa male.

La scorsa settimana ho avuto una visione molto lunga e dettagliata (ho raccontato tutto a Massimiliano e ricorda bene ogni dettaglio, quindi lascio a lui la spiegazione) e il 20/7 ho sentito una frase con parole terribili: “Avverrà una catastrofe interplanetaria(?!!) di grandezza inimmaginabile, mai accaduta “a memoria d’uomo” (nella storia dell’uomo, che l’uomo possa ricordare).

Ora ti saluto scusandomi per la lunghezza della mia lettera, ringraziandoti tanto tanto per la tua pazienza e per la missione che stai portando avanti.

Mille grazie per tutto, un abbraccio

Dear Rita,

the story with he dreams of your husband and daughter are indeed remarkable in their synchronicity and accuracy given the fact that we have been averted that when the MPR comes on this upper 4D earth the GF will evacuate part of humanity on their space ships.

I am sorry to hear that you have inflammation on the big toe, it could indeed be gout (podagra) but then there is little you can do about it, but cool it with ice and do not eat meat or drink coffee for a couple of days.

Your vision /channeling about the biggest catastrophe of humanity on July 20 coincides with the information from Sananda that on the same day the catastrophes have commenced on the upper 4D earths.

Hence your information is spot on.

With love and light

Dear George,

I’ll try to summarize the long vision of my mother from last week. Me, my mom (Rita) and my sister’s boyfriend were at home, my sister was at work and my dad was not there. At one point we realized that there was no one in the neighborhood and silence reigned. My sister came home scared and said that she suddenly realized that her colleagues and customers were gone, there was nobody [none of us have seen people disappear right before our eyes, we realized that simply we were alone]. Then she continued by saying that on the journey home the street was deserted, no cars, no people, the shops had their doors wide open, but found no one inside.

It was obvious that the interdimensional separation had occurred and my mom then began to explain what happened to my sister and her boyfriend. Telepathically she knew that in our country (5000 inhabitants in winter, 25000 in the summer due to tourism) there were only about 100 people that remained and in a nearby town only about 20. My dad was in another timeline, which my mom and I could see, and  just wakes up (it is morning, while on our timeline it is afternoon).

Initially he does not notice anything, he goes to the bathroom, eats breakfast, watches the news as usual and is ready to go out. At that point he begins to realize that there is something strange: our belongings in the kitchen have disappeared. he checks the entire house and then, after finding that the situation was the same (in the cupboards there were only his clothes, records and books were no longer there, in my room there was only a bed with mattresses “naked “and the empty cupboards, my sister’s room … pretty much the same story, the house was semi-deserted) and we have disappeared, my father is stricken by anxiety and exclaims:” What the fuck is going on in this house?!”. My mom then responds and explains everything in simple words from our timeline. She is obviously upset. My mom then “passes the ball” to me for a technical / scientific explanation and her vision comes to an end

In fact, her vision began with the scene of my dad, while other scenes were ongoing simultaneously. In the meantime, there were a lot of other details but I would not go on too long (the vision lasted about one hour). Here, however, I will give you a couple of examples:

– My dad tried to call us on his cell phone but none of us heard anything. So he called his sisters and two sisters of my mother, who responded [so they were in his timeline (4D top?);

-There was an anti-gravity device (described by my mother as a kind of flying saucer that hovered around 1m from the floor) waiting for us to go to visit my uncle (brother of my mother) in the Netherlands [therefore he was in our timeline (5D bottom?)] due to a mission to play out.

In the meantime your reply came. Thank you very much for the speed of your response. My mom pointed out to me that she is starting to walk better …

Thank you so much for everything again!

With love
Caro George,

proverò a riassumere la lunga visione di mia mamma della scorsa settimana. Io, mia mamma (Rita) e il ragazzo di mia sorella eravamo a casa, mia sorella era a lavoro e mio papà non c’era. A un certo punto ci siamo accorti che nel vicinato non c’era più nessuno e il silenzio regnava. Mia sorella è tornata a casa spaventata e ha raccontato che improvvisamente si è accorta che i suoi colleghi e i clienti erano scomparsi, non c’era più nessuno [nessuno di noi ha visto direttamente la gente scomparire davanti ai nostri occhi, semplicemente ci siamo accorti che eravamo rimasti soli]. Poi ha proseguito raccontando che nel viaggio verso casa la strada era deserta, nessuna macchina, nessuna persona, i negozi avevano le porte spalancate (wide open) ma dentro non c’era nessuno.

Era ovvio che la separazione interdimensionale era avvenuta e mia mamma ha quindi iniziato a spiegare l’accaduto a mia sorella e al suo compagno. Sapeva telepaticamente che nel nostro paese (5000 abitanti d’inverno, 25000 d’estate, a causa del turismo) c’erano rimaste solo circa 100 persone e in un paese vicino circa 20. Mio papà era in un altra linea temporale, che mia mamma ed io potevamo vedere, e si era appena alzato (li era mattina, mentre nella nostra timeline era pomeriggio).

Inizialmente non si accorge di niente, va in bagno, fa colazione, guarda come al solito il telegiornale e si prepara per uscire. A quel punto inizia ad accorgersi che c’è qualcosa di strano: i nostri effetti personali in cucina sono scomparsi. Controlla quindi tutta la casa e, dopo aver constatato che la situazione era la stessa (negli armadi c’erano solo i suoi vestiti, i dischi e i libri non c’erano più, in camera mia c’era solo il letto coi materassi “nudi” e gli armadi vuoti, camera di mia sorella stessa storia…praticamente la casa era semi-deserta) e noi eravamo spariti, preso dall’ansia esclama: “Che cazzo sta succedendo in questa casa?!!”. Mia mamma quindi risponde e spiega tutto, con parole semplici, dalla nostra timeline. Ovviamente era sconvolto. Mia mamma ha poi “passato
la palla” a me per la spiegazione tecnico/scientifica e la sua visione si è quindi conclusa.

In realtà la sua visione sarebbe iniziata proprio con la scena di mio papà, mentre le altre scene avvenivano contemporaneamente. Nel frattempo c’erano un sacco di altri dettagli ma non vorrei dilungarmi troppo (la visione è durata circa un’ora). Ti faccio comunque un paio di esempi:

– Mio papà tentava di chiamarci al cellulare ma nessuno di noi sentiva niente. Quindi chiamava le sue sorelle e due sorelle di mia mamma,  che rispondevano [dunque erano nella sua timeline (4D superiore?)];

-C’era un veicolo antigravitazionale (descritto da mia mamma come una specie di disco volante che fluttuava a circa 1m da terra) che ci aspettava per andare a far visita a mio zio (fratello di mia mamma) in Olanda [dunque lui era nella nostra timeline (5D inferiore?)] a causa di una missione da svolgere.

Nel frattempo è arrivata la tua risposta. Grazie infinite per la rapidità nel rispondere. Mia mamma mi ha fatto notare che sta iniziando a camminare meglio…

Grazie infinite per tutto, di nuovo!

Con affetto

Dear Max,

this amazing vision of your mother is more than a simple vision. She has simply moved to a higher timeline, from where she has seen the future as accomplished reality in the Now. The precision and the details are exceptional and give a very precise idea of what will happen very soon.

Insofar Rita must be lucky to have had this validation at this point in time as to preserve the hope that this is what will happen very soon.

It was an excellent idea that you have told me about this vision in such a comprehensive manner.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I wish to renew my appreciation and my support to you and to all the PAT members. I agree with many others what they have said to you that reading your wonderful articles and the channelled articles are a light-ray in the midst of falsehood and confusion.

When I read on the site I feel supported and reassured that there are many other people who are experiencing my own experiences and in this case just yesterday, while I was meditating and reflecting on the feelings during these days, I started to have this thought: “It is like being in prison, a prison of illusions. ” This fixed idea did not abandon me and finally today with the Sananda’s message “Prisoners of the Matrix” every piece went to its place (at least until the next question or feeling).

After days of great despair and depression on 16/18 July, I have continuously had frightening dreams, in which the plot consisted of large floods, subsidence of things and people in dark and muddy waters and vision of human beings for their appearance looked more like zombies that healthy living beings.

In addition, a day before the earthquake occurred in the Marche region in Italy, I continued to feel my body vibrating with an intensity never before and a feeling as if I move in space, and with the vision of large volcanoes exploding and erupting lava covering miles of earth.

My son Jacopo told me that on the night of 18/19 March (in those days he was away on business), while he was lost in his visions and saw many people and new friends around him, he heard a very dark and unpleasant voice  that invaded his energy field and saying “eat.” He had the feeling that this creature would feed on his energy and he in turn advised him to feed his friends energy, whereupon he immediately rejected this being sending energy from the center of his heart, he began to pray and approached his hands to his heart where he was feeling great pain. Georgi What do you think? It’s one of those cases where the dark trying to go for broke and try to divert people from their path? It’s an interference?

When Jacopo told me that I have strengthened the prayers, I cleaned my energy field as Jacopo has cleaned him and I asked for help from my HS and the Ascended Masters who I feel this days are all around me / us, especially since the 20th of July, in the night in which, during the reception of a strong proton wave I experienced one of the most beautiful  ascension test runs: I saw light beings near me, my HS that spoke to my left ear to reassure myself and she accompanied me on the journey to the higher realms, and a bright light in the form of luminous butterfly flying in front of my inner eye.

I feel the proton wave force which does burn and itch my skin and the cleaning of dross that goes into my energy field, I feel nausea, dizziness and headache more to the left, but overall I’m very bad.

I live in a small town on the Ligurian Riviera, being a seaside resort, is full of people especially on weekends. The people I see bring with them a lot of confusion and agitation, they want to have fun at all costs, make noise and laughing loudly even in the middle of the night  with no respect for anyone. If I go by car I see that other drivers are careless and distracted, pedestrians are trying to cross the streets outside of the crosswalk and just in front of the coming cars. Every so often a person, as it has happened days ago one of our neighbor, under the influence of alcohol freaks out and starts screaming in the street against everyone and everything, to put it in jargon “Sbrocca.”

Despite this chaos, my son and I live on top of these events, we observe them but we aren’t touched, and after seeing what happens doesn’t seem to notice even the background noise, as a result of the protection that is constantly around us at all times. Anyway, I hope  to leave this “prison” very soon!

I continue to pray for the events that will take place in order to mitigate their effects, where possible, and I embrace you all from the bottom of my heart, thank you for continuing to keep us updated and to make us feel your loving hug.

With Love and Light
Daniela (Italy)
Caro Georgi,

desidero rinnovare il mio apprezzamento e il mio sostegno a te e a tutti i nostri amati membri del Pat. Mi associo a tanti altri che ti hanno già detto  che la lettura dei tuoi meravigliosi articoli e gli articoli di chi canalizza sono un raggio di luce in mezzo a tanta menzogna e confusione.

Quando leggo sul sito mi sento sostenuta e rassicurata che ci sono tante altre persone che stanno vivendo le mie stesse esperienze e nel caso specifico proprio ieri, mentre ero in meditazione e riflettevo sulle sensazioni di questi giorni, ho iniziato ad avere questo pensiero :”E’ come essere in prigione , una prigione di illusioni!”. Questo pensiero fisso non mi abbandonava e finalmente oggi con il messaggio di Sananda “Prisoners of the Matrix” ogni tassello è andato al suo posto (almeno fino alla prossima domanda o sensazione).

Dopo i giorni di grande disperazione e depressione del 16/18 luglio, ho continuamente fatto sogni spaventosi in cui la trama comprendeva grandi inondazioni, sprofondamento di cose e persone in acque scure e melmose e visione di esseri umani che per la loro fisionomia assomigliavano  più a degli zombi che a sani esseri viventi.

Inoltre un giorno prima del terremoto verificatosi qui in Italia nella regione delle Marche ho continuato a sentire il mio corpo vibrare ad un’intensità mai provata prima  sentendomi spostare nello spazio, e con la visione di grandi vulcani che esplodevano ed eruttavano coprendo di lava kilometri di terra.

Mio figlio Jacopo mi ha raccontato che nella notte tra il 18/19 luglio (in quei giorni era via per lavoro) mentre si perdeva nelle sue visioni e vedeva intorno a sè tante persone e  nuovi amici ha sentito una voce molto scura e sgradevole che invadeva il suo campo energetico e che diceva “Cibarsi!”. Ha avuto la sensazione che quest’essere volesse cibarsi della sua energia e che a sua volta gli consigliasse di cibarsi dell’energia dei suoi amici. Al chè ha subito respinto quest’essere inviando energia dal centro del suo cuore, si è messo a pregare e ha avvicinato le mani al cuore dova stava sentendo un gran dolore. Cosa ne pensi Georgi? E’ uno di quei casi in cui gli oscuri tentano il tutto per tutto e cercano di sviare le persone dal loro cammino? Un’ interferenza?

Quando Jacopo mi ha raccontato questo ho rafforzato le preghiere, ho pulito il mio campo energetico come Jacopo ha pulito il suo e ho chiesto aiuto alla mia Sè Superiore e ai Maestri Ascesi che sento in questo giorni sono tutto intorno a me/noi, in particolar modo dalla notte del 20 luglio in cui,durante la ricezione di una forte onda protonica ho vissuto uno dei più bei test di Ascensione: ho visto esseri di luce vicino a me, la mia Sè Superiore che parlava al mio orecchio sinistro per rassicurarmi e mi accompagnava nel viaggio verso i regni superiori e una luce in forma di farfalla luminosissima che volava davanti al mio occhio interiore.

Sento la forza dell’onda protonica che fa bruciare e prudere la pelle e per la pulizia delle scorie che passano nel mio campo energetico sento nausea, vertigini e un gran mal di testa di più a sinistra, ma nel complesso non sto molto male.

Io vivo in un paesino della riviera ligure che, essendo una località balneare, si riempie di gente in special modo nei weekend. La gente che vedo porta con sè una gran confusione e agitazione, desiderano divertirsi a tutti i costi, fanno chiasso  ridono e schiamazzano anche nel cuore della notte senza alcun rispetto per nessuno. Se vado in auto vedo quanto gli altri automobilisti sono negligenti e distratti, i pedoni si lanciano per attraversare la strada anche fuori delle strisce pedonali e proprio davanti alle automobili in arrivo.  Ogni tanto qualche persona, come è capitato giorni fa ad un nostro vicino di casa, sotto gli effetti dell’alcool va fuori di testa e si mette ad urlare in strada contro tutti e tutto, per dirla in gergo “sbrocca”.

Nonostante questo caos io e mio figlio viviamo al di sopra di questi eventi, li osserviamo ma non ne siamo toccati, e dopo aver visto ciò che succede sembra non sentiamo neanche più il rumore di fondo, risultato della protezione che c’è costantemente intorno a noi in ogni momento. Comunque spero presto di lasciare questa “prigione”!

Continuo a pregare per gli eventi che si svolgeranno, in modo da mitigarne gli effetti, laddove è possibile, e vi abbraccio tutti dal profondo del cuore, grazie per continuare a tenerci aggiornati e per farci sentire il tuo abbraccio d’amore.

Con Amore e Luce
Daniela (Italy)

Dear George,

very short: I was feeling very exhausted and miserable on Saturday (20th) and even more on Sunday (21st). Upset and frustrated. Monday (22nd) was not very much better. Could not sleep the last couple of nights. Today I feel so dizzy, almost as if an energy spiral is pushing me back and forth and nausea is also very intense. Just back on the Internet catching up with the latest updates since Saturday which feel accurate… I can hardly stand these energies physically, but still feel peaceful and calm inside… somehow.

Love and light
Sandra, Germany

Dear Sandra,

thank you for your personal energy update that validates our assessments and forecasts on the dynamics of the actual energetic processes.

With love and light

Dr Stankov,

I spoke to my friend about the coming shift. He gets visions at random times depending on what he is being told. His vision involved the North Pole, and the dark forces using HAARP to break up the glaciers. The reasoning was to get to fuel reserves in there, but my friend said all he saw was a sea of fire. He told me he wished it wouldn’t come true, but feels it will. I just wanted to share this vision with you.

I will also remind Skyler that he hasn’t let anyone down, as his duty of providing a safe haven for these discussions was served perfectly. It would be absurd to expect him to be responsible for the true awakening of the fluffy brigade.


Wow George, what a great piece. Spot on and great truth! Give my thanks to Jahn.

Rob, Netherlands

Dear Rob,

I will forward your email to Jahn. It took me some time and effort to translate it yesterday, but it was worth doing it.


Dear George,

thanks to you too for all translations. I hope people understand how much work it is. I do know. Years ago I did translate different great articles for my newsletter back then.



I have just read Jahn’s message, and it is indeed excellent and perfectly representative of the situation. Yesterday I confronted the New Agers about their failure in the forum, and those who were dedicated to the mission stuck with me, while those who were not were severed. We have passed through this darkness together as a community, and now we are all on the same page.

Your recent articles have been shared in the forum.


Dear George,

On the night of the 21st I slept almost 11 hours, exhausted. On the morning of the 22nd I received phone calls from friends either telling me about how “sad” they were about events in their life or worrying about their “things” their possessions. That afternoon I slept another 3 hours. Had a dream that I was being taken to a location to fight a fire, but when I got there we couldn’t find the fire.

By evening I had thoughts of ending my life as no one cares and nothing matters. As you described the energy was of desperation  and frustration. This morning, the 23rd I awoke with a massive headache on the top of my head. After an hour it subsided. It wasn’t as bad as what I felt on the 8th, but close.

In California

Dearest Georgi,

In whatever time we have left that you can continue to supply us with yours and others insights I would just like to thank you for all you have done.  You are truly an Ascended Master and I hope to meet you soon.

I have been waiting for ascension for a very long time and now it is happening.  I am so happy that I was led to you 2 years ago and you have been my lifeline on this toxic planet ever since.

I found this website that will blow your mind. The reasons given for this happening are ridiculous as no one has ever seen then something like before. Please feel free to share them with the PAT.

In Love & Light,

Dear George,

Confirming intense abdominal pain and nausea waking me at 9am this morning the 23rd.
Had some minor nausea and left brain portal pain during some energy waves in weeks previous, but nothing like this. It has now passed.

I also was contacted several weeks ago, via email, inviting me back to Mt. Shasta, to do some type of energy adjustment to a portal there. I was given the 29th as the date for this “adjustment”, and also was informed that there would be 13 individuals involved in this process. Will do my best to keep you updated.

With love and light,

Dear Robert,

it is auspicious that you will be at Mt. Shasta on July 29th as this date is now mentioned by many sources and also members of the PAT report that they have been made aware by their HS of this date as an important date of transformation.

Given the dynamics of the current catastrophic events on the higher 4D earths which occurred only a week later after the MPR and the ID split took place on the lower three 4D earths, July 29th will be almost one week after the MPR happened on the higher timelines yesterday, July 23th. Which means that on this date we can expect the MPR on our upper 4D timeline with a great probability.

This is  remarkable indeed.

With love and light

Dear George,

This morning I had conversation with my HS about my wife, who is an old, compassionate and humble soul. Following is my understanding and interpretation.

Her soul fragments temporarily left this upper timeline because the illusion of stillness is too great and no much experience to gain. Her soul needs an experience of collapsing and exposure of ugliness in current Orion dominated matrix.

Her soul migrated to at least two of the lower 4D timelines in hope to gain much needed experience.

Her soul intends to retrieve herself from those lower holographic timelines and return, just in time, before dominoes begin to fall, on this highest vibration timeline.

This is part of her soul’s strategy in order to achieve required awakening and take advantage of newly created parallel timelines and gain valuable experience. In the meantime her physical body was well safeguarded (not to drop in vibration frequency to much) by our adamantine son and he is doing brilliant job.

I hope this also make sense to you and if you have something to add about current multidimensional scenario, will be delighted to learn more.

With love and light,

Dear Boyd,

while your interpretation about you wife’s soul makes perfect sense to me, I do not agree on one assumption with you. If the soul of your wife is an old one, which must certainly be the case, then why should she retrieve from this timeline to participate in lower timeliness. We all have soul fragments on the lower earths and at the same time we are fully present with our soul in this timeline. This must also be the case with your wife, so that you may have misapprehended her reactions at present which may be more of the quiet, introspective kind at this time.

This is how I see it from afar.


Dear George,

I again experienced intense energy waves tonight (July 23) from about 6pm to 7pm, almost the same time as last night’s surges. It does look like we have to brace ourselves in the next days for these mighty outpourings of cleansing, transformative waves of change.

Self/HR started to relay something which did not register through the body’s crazy jerking and the thick fog that enveloped the mind. All I could remember was that it sounded like a serious reminder of important things to do. I hope the information comes back.

I’m still ‘not there” from tonight’s waves but I wanted to send you immediately this latest energy update from my  end.

Warm regards

Dear Eleanor,

I was just going to write you an email confirming your last prediction /channeling of your HS as discussed in my urgent energy update and in the energy update of the PAT posted today.

I fully concur with you that we are now on a steep spiral upwards and from now any anything can happen with the speed of light. One must indeed be prepared for all eventualities, knowing that we are safe and protected all the time, although we have no influence on the events that are now unfolding.

With love and light

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