Energy Update of the PAT – July 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor

The Catastrophic Events Have Commenced on the Upper 4D Earths
by Georgi Stankov, July 23, 013

Following the well-established tradition, GaiaPortal has just issued its last message an hour after I had already published my “Urgent Energy Update – July 23, 2013”, thus confirming brilliantly the initiation of the final events of “mass transformation/transition of humanity to Hue-manity”

“Shimmering sparkles of Higher Energetic Dimensions are appearing to many, as 5-7D Gaia presents herself in anticipation of humanity recognition.

All aspects of “humanity to Hue-manity” mass transition have been initiated and progress appears as anticipated, although extremely slowly for some. High degree of care for those with fragile “shock” layers is being called for by Gaia at this time.

Many of Higher Realms are active on Gaia surface and Gaia Inner Realms as full awakening process begins in earnest.

All is proceeding as desired.”

Only yesterday I discussed with Jahn the presence of many ascended masters on this earth as we both felt their presence very intensively in our fields.

“Dear George,

Thank you for your letter. This time is different for me in two attributes from all previous:

1) That ascension is taking place now – even if it affects far fewer people than originally thought.

2) That there is a uniquely large number of masters and already ascended masters on the earth – in subtle or physical form to support this process. “

This fact is now prospectively also confirmed by GaiaPortal one day later. As April’s HS told us now “all hands are on deck” for the final ascension of Gaia and humanity.


Dear George,

So far I had no time to work on translating yet because my HS kept me busy. The last few days, today being the last one I had to go to some places because of some kind of trivial circumstances. Yesterday and today I am at the beach. This is close to my home and I used to come here a lot when I was young. Also I am meeting people who I haven’t really seen for years.

In the case of a huge earthquake/tsunami this place in west Holland may be hit very hard. It seems I was going here because I need to be firmly rooted in Gaia where the sea meets the land, while MPR/HAARP earthquakes occur on other 4d earths. One of the reasons probably to mitigate the effect on this higher 4d earth.

Two days ago I dreamt a top villain from the dark forces appeared. There was a female entity and this villain, who could play a role in a bad movie, was angry and not happy with what he accomplished. Then he did something and the female entity disappeared. First I thought the female entity did not do a good job so he removed her, but now I think it was Gaia who retreated from the lower realms where such darkness is present, so now she goes to ascend, this fueled by dark actions of haarp induced earthquakes.

Also on this beach it is very easy to gauge the energetic situation of humanity. There are very young children of less than two years old who are highly evolved souls and liked me. There are also the older people but I did not notice them too much, like most of them are already separated from me and Gaia energetically. There were some more of my physical age who appeared real to me but very few others. Today it will be interesting to see how those behave, with their soul energy in the 4d earths which were just hit with the mpr.

Another interesting sight is how people treat ‘their’ pets, especially dogs. I saw one man with a young playful dog who tried all the time to command the dog to do silly things like sitting down for no reason, and kept the dog leashed tightly. Then when the dog did not listen he tried to physically assert his dominance on the dog to no effect, but this way of acting made me very angry about how many humans interact with other life. I thought about stopping him but I also thought there would be little point, this man has no soul segment here anyway. The dog is maybe more evolved than him and knows what is going on.

The sun is very intense and you can really feel the proton energies, and although humans leave behind all kinds of trash and the beach, Gaia feels very clean and ready for the final steps.


Dear Daniel,

thank you very much for this empirical data from your observations that also fully coalesce with what I sense and receive as information from my HS and my energetic field. I am also getting confirmations from other members of the PAT that the MPR has happened on the higher 4D earths.

If you get some more affirmative data on this new development, please do not hesitate to inform me.

With love and light

Dear George,

This morning (GMT+11) I got very a clear dream. I saw wedding of Croatian king with a foreign lady. The two of them were on a very primitively made wooden carriage and instead of horses there were humans pulling it forward. I was observer from higher ground and this scene reminded me of the Flintstones. The ceremony was not a happy one, but entirely quiet, not like a wedding, but like a burial.

Obviously, my dream announces the coming of the Stone Age, where different kind of idiots will rule it. They will be humans and not off-world entities, as was the case in the past.

I could not tell which of the 4D timeline this dream is related to, but when I read your latest urgent report, it makes all the sense to me, and it is obviously one of the upper 4D earths.

Last night I slept for 15 hours because of extreme exhaustion which I am experiencing over the last three days. All my dreams (last night) were related to destruction and need to rebuild it.

I am very in tune with the latest developments of the seven 4D earths. The fact that something big (visible) is finally happening, makes me happy, even if I feel like a wounded soldier, who is waiting to be taken away from the battlefield, back home.

My highest regards for your leadership and wisdom you are sharing with us. It is truly priceless.

With love and light,
Boyd, Thailand

Dear Boyd,

I am happy to hear from you again and thank you very much for your validation of my actual assessment of the energetic situation on the higher 4D earths. We are now all involved in these timelines and have sent soul fragments there. Only after these catastrophes are over, can we retrieve them, as Sananda has confirmed in his latest message of today, and only then can we ascend. Hence we must indeed be happy about the rapid unfolding of these events on the higher 4D timelines as they will bleed very soon into our upper 4D earth.

When this happens, we shall ascend, whereas the detonation of the PAT Supernova seems to be a favourite probability again as to propel the whole upper 4D earth to higher dimensions and trigger the final MPR and ID split.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have to agree, the energy is very intense for me also, I feel weak, my body hurts and my ears have been popping as well since yesterday. This has been the case for me with my ears for some time now when the energy gets so intense. I felt as well, that something had been triggered in the upper 4D earth scenario as the deluge of rain here has been quite intense today and yesterday, but more so today with such loud thunder – this seems to be the trickle up effect, as experienced here for me on the other occasions with regards to the MPR. I also tend to get this ominous feeling when these things happen, as confirmed by reading the times and dates afterward on the postings.

People seem so restless and intent on doing things with what seems to be a desperate attempt to confirm to their selves that everything is as usual and nothing has changed – I sense a deep discomfort in people at a subconscious level.  It’s a very difficult to watch and be around – It’s getting more and more surreal.

I dreamt of you holding my hand last week – it was probably symbolically needed at the time.

I have been reading some of your books (in English) and learning a lot – Thanks for all you do.

Laurie, Vietnam

P.S. Oh yes, thank you to all who do the translations, as I know that this is a very time consuming endeavour, they are greatly appreciated.

Dear Laurie,

thank you for this validation of the peak in energy intensity today and also for your appreciation of my editorial work and translations, etc..

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Last few nights I had vivid dream of myself, escaping some kind of jail (place with lots of rooms, kind of labyrinth) and when I read the message from Jesus Sananda relating to us, members of PAT feeling trapped in jail of matrix it was just what I told to my boyfriend few days ago…

Last night I had vivid dream, plus, I was waking up several times, plus energy of full moon… I was in open place, mountain, walking in nature and there were people who wanted to hug me, but they were so strange, no soul, skin strange, anyway, they were no human beings, and I was putting them away on the grass with a smile, but there were more of them, coming, like zombies, and then I woke up…

Love and light
Ana Bogdanic

Dear Georgi,

Chemtrails started appearing today and the sun is especially hot these couple of days. I had a sudden bout of nausea last night and went to sleep early. Thinking I had recovered, I went out this morning but a sudden wave of dizziness hit me and I broke out in cold sweat. My husband had to drive me home during his lunch hour as I felt like fainting. I had not been this way for a long time as I thought my LBP is more or less over except for ringing in my left ear.

This morning, I felt uneasy and had knelt down to pray despite busy schedule to get my son ready for school.  On way to my son’s school, we passed an accident which happened right in front of my country’s main press building. Someone died as I noted with great sadness the blue cover. It was reported that the motor cyclist suddenly lost control and hit the curb.

My husband’s close colleague was also involved in a car accident.  She is fine except for her nerves and having to take urgent leave to service the car.  I sensed dark forces lurking and at work.  A white unmarked van suddenly swerved into our lane when my husband drove me home. I told my husband to calm down. I kept praying and sending love and light out to everyone.

Georgi, could this also coincide with ‘the royal birth’?

My sister also suddenly broke weeks long silence and messaged me today to ask how I am.

My husband has to travel tomorrow on short notice albeit a two days one night trip.  While I am focusing to stay grounded and steadfast ready, I’ve told my husband and kids to be prepared for any chaotic event and that they should stay calm.

Awaiting further instructions and updates from you, and PAT members.

Love and Light,
Sandra, Hong Kong

Dear Sandra,

we have entered very turbulent times and such incidents as described by you will stipulate in the coming days. One must not lose the nerves now and stay patient and have faith that there is a full divine protection for all those who are already selected for ascension.

With love and light

Drogi Georgi

Przeczytałam Twój dzisiejszy wpis. Nie jestem członkiem PAT, ale napiszę, jak się czułam wczoraj. Bardzo rzadko boli mnie głowa. Wczoraj wczesnym wieczorem poczułam silne uderzenie w głowę i potworny ból. Strasznie bolały mnie oczy. Dosłownie nie mogłam patrzyć na to, co się dzieje. Odczuwałam ogromny smutek. I czułam oddech śmierci. W śnie żegnałam bliskich… wszystko było inaczej… Dziś rano wstałam nadal pełna smutku.

Teraz rozumiem…

Bardzo dziękuję Ci za informacje o tym, co jest. To bardzo cenne. Bardzo doceniam pracę, którą robisz.

Światło i Miłość
Halina, Poland
Translation from Polish

Dear Georgi

I read your post today. I am not a member of the PAT, but I write how I felt yesterday.
Very rarely, I have a headache. Yesterday early evening I felt a strong blow on the head and a horrible pain. My eyes hurt terribly. Literally, I could not look at what is going on. I felt a great sadness. I felt the breath of death. In the dream my relatives said goodbye … everything was different … This morning I woke up, still full of sorrow.

Now I understand …

I thank you for the information about what it is. It is very valuable. I appreciate the work you are doing.

Light and Love
Halina, Poland

Hallo George,

grateful for the latest information from April, Carla and yourself in regards to the coming days. In another matter, I just wanted to say the following:

I wanted to thank you for your sustained resilience during the past two years. I lost hope on numerous occasions, especially after the test runs where I often became depressed for a while.  I then only returned to the website some days or weeks later, and was always carried forward with new motivation by your offerings. I must admit that I find it remarkable that you never tossed the towel after the dry runs, instead you laboured on and brought new light to the situation. I find that remarkable indeed.

Today, I was reminded of my own ego, as I was “suppressing” or managing it in such a way to prevent all those negative emotions and actions that occur in this 3D reality.  I was never able to realize or to accept that I was a special, wonderful being, a Master, having accomplished so much here (this goes for all the PAT of course). Yet I “play small” to fit in with the rest of humanity, so as to be able to interact with them.

So I was reminded of a few words that I read some while ago, which were spoken by Nelson Mandela in his inauguration speech in 1994. It was an excerpt from “The Course in Miracles” by Marianne Williamson. This, by the way, also shows that Mandela studied something else besides his Law degree during his incarceration.

I have attached that excerpt. It lifts me up whenever I read it.

in love and light,






Marianne Williamson, read by Nelson Mandela


Dear Joe,

thank you very much for your appreciation of my endurance. I must admit that I do not know what drives me to do this ongoing editing 10-12 hours a day without a pause for the last two years. But the idea of doing something else or nothing is really dreadful. So I continue editing this website which in the meantime has become a lifeline for many and I cannot step back anymore. My consciousness will not allow it.

The soul of Mandela is a very old soul. One of her previous incarnations was that of a Swiss Saint, whose name I have forgotten at this moment. He is the national saint of this country and its current neutrality goes back to his advices. He lived in the Middle Ages. He left his family and farm when he became older and then lived in the woods nearby as a hermit and did not eat anything. Hence the soul of Mandela is trained for such kind of endurance. I know this from a German channeling book – a good one – where the destiny of this man was discussed at some length.


Dear Georgi,

On this eve of the birth of a new reptilian prince in London, I just wanted to say I love you and hope to high heaven for the very real day coming soon when the royalty and dignity and integrity and real straight talking (in the wonderful words of Alice) love of your soul is shown forth to the world for what it really is, the ascended master, we all need and know is within ourselves.

I love you Georgi,

Dear Sarah,

I can only respond to this with a Bulgarian saying  – “from your lips into God’s ears“.


Lieber Georgi,

meine Antennen sind auf Alarm gestellt, bin heute richtig auf Nadeln und finde nicht recht heraus warum, fühle aber die Gefahr im Anrollen.

Ich habe dir nicht erzählt, dass dieses Haarpgerät das ich unter Wasser sah, für die 2 Tage nach meiner Sicht nicht mehr aktiv war. Aber seit gestern blinkt es wieder, so als ob man versucht es zu aktivieren. Das mal eine meiner Beobachtung.

Die Zweite ist noch seltsamer: Ich habe wieder Kontakt mit dem Papst. Schon seit über einen Monat fühle ich mich nicht wohl, wenn ich an seine Reise nach Rio denke. Wie ich erfahren habe, wurden schon einige Messen in der Öffentlichkeit letztens abgesagt, da scheinbar eine Gefahr für ihn bestünde. In Rio haben sie 22.000 Mann an Militär für ihn aufgestellt.

Gut, ich frage mich, was geschieht wenn sie ihn jetzt was antun. Was wenn sie es einen Iraner anhängen? Nur so ein paar Gedanken die kommen. Mal sehen ob ich noch mehr über ihn selber erfahre…

Liebe Grüße,
Angelika, Italy
Dear Georgi,

My antennas are put on alert  I am on pins and needles right now and can not find out quite why, but I feel the danger in rolling.

I did not tell you that this HAARP-facility I had seen under water, had not been active for the last 2 days after my first sight. But since yesterday, it flashes again, as if someone  is trying to activate it. This is one of my observation at this time.

The second one is even weirder: I have contact again with the Pope. Been over a month since I do not feel comfortable when I think of his trip to Rio. As I learned, some messes have been canceled in the public recently because apparently an imminent danger existed for him. In Rio, they raised 22,000 men from the military to safeguard him.

Well, I wonder what happens if they do something to him now. What if they blame an Iranian for this? Just a few thoughts that came. Let’s see if I can find out more about the pope…


An old Prophecy: The End of Humanity comes with the journey of the Pope to South America, July 22-28, 2013 

The papacy will have new rules. What was bad yesterday will be no longer. It will be protestant in it self, without to be. The protestants will be Catholics without to be. The Pope will go on journeys far from the Vatican, and will arrive to America, meanwhile the humanity will fall down.” (year 1938)

Your thoughts?


This is an amazing prophecy indeed.


Dear Georgi,

Wow, the information coming through is absolutely amazing. I have been feeling the false calm for a while now, and now, today l seem to have been thrown into a thousand and one things to do. I fully resonated with April’s message and this part made me feel as though l was fully participating in which ever way necessary

All hands are needed on deck to be alert, aware and focused in intent. Be centered in your hearts and in your one desire to see this world ascend once and for all!!

The other day l came across some information on astrology, of which l know nothing, l was however attracted to it. It mentions the last day of the 13th moon calendar, so another mention of “13”.  April’s message mentioned  ” There are many other supportive astrological/celestial  influences during this time period as well, which only serve to further propel all of humanity through this most climactic opening/gateway.”, so l thought l would send you this if it may be of any help or importance.

I found these dates interesting for their energetic values.

Please feel free to use this material as you wish.
With Love

Dear Denise,

we are now fully in the prophecy business. I am inundated with dates and prophecies since two days from members of the PAT. It is obvious that no matter when and what will happen, it must happen very soon, most probably this month.

With love and light

Dear George,

Very intense energy waves hit me tonight between 6-7pm (22 July) and these seemed more intense  than the energy surges last July 18th  that came sometime mid afternoon and midnight. I was forced to stay in bed because of the nausea, disorientation and weakness I felt in the wake of the waves tonight. It was while i was in this state that Self/HR gave me the following information which It said I could share with you… Given my state and the unexpectedness of the communication, I could remember only the gist of  what I was told and the replies I got to my garbled questions.

“The cabal’s end game – that already transpired in the lower 4D earths – will manifest within 48 hours. What will take place will be as Georgi had described it. He  has direct access to the higher realms for important information on ascension-related events.

The  attack and the deluge that ensues cannot be prevented. They have to play out to spur on the next stages of ascension. Incarnated masters can only mitigate the impact on the masses. You had a vision of what will happen.

I will try to get more clarification especially on what Self/HR means by “manifest” because it can refer to occurrence on the physical, visible plane which will be an obvious interpretation, or that which will happen on the upper 4D earths which as you have described, the cabal’s end game move would trickle toward. I do not hope much that I could through Self/HR. It has been very reticent and communicates with me only unilaterally on very rare intervals of late.

With all the botched up dates given us for ascension  I too had grown to have a reasonable mistrust of specific time frames given in messages given to me or others. However I have had a recent ‘transition” experience that took place exactly on the date I was told it would occur  — July 17th –  that is,  within “one month” from when I was given the information.  It is this very recent precedent that holds me back from dismissing completely the “48 hours” forecast, and was a reason why I thought i would share it with.

Right now Lion’s Gate opening is coming to mind….

Warm regards
Eleanor, the Philippines

Dear Eleanor,

thank you very much for this important information on the ongoing ascension scenario. From now on everything is possible.

I have just published a message from Jahn, where Sananda confirms that the catastrophic events have already begun on the higher three 4D earths and it is a matter of a few days until they will also manifest in one or another form on the upper 4D earth.

I had also some very intensive heat waves this night (July 22) and dreamt very exhaustingly. Hence I can confirm that something very important has occurred this night. Today I feel though much better and am in a very good mood. It could be the inner knowledge that the portals are now fully opened and the events have begun to flow into our reality, although we do not observe anything particular until now.

The period of change has commenced today as April’s HS has told us. Sananda has announced that we shall have a peak of ascension at the end of July. I have received several other dates from members of the PAT in late July and August. They all may be correct to some extent, but it is not specified what will happen on these dates. As there will be a cascade of rapid events that will collapse the system in a domino-like effect, we must now patiently await what will manifest first. But there is no doubt that the stage is now open for the drama and it will be very quick and tempestuous.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you and Carla for the information of yesterday, it was of great support in the midst of the ongoing, bloody intense energy waves. The cleansing quality of these waves is undeniable, I feel that we are further preparing the ascending part of humanity that reside on the upper 4D for the events that will soon unfold in this hologram as well.

I had an unusually vivid dream vision of myself assisting my father in a brain surgery. We were removing certain parts of the patient’s brain in order to save her life. (perhaps symbolizing the clearing/overwriting obsolete thought patterns with the highly potent proton waves)

The waves are still coming, probably we can expect another peak this night, as it is full moon.

Yours truly,

Dear Georgi

At the beginning, I had some doubts if I have to write this email to you or not, the answer was definitely, yes.

Today (July 22) early morning 02:00 a.m. (-6:00 GMT) after my daily meditation, before going to sleep, I experienced a manifestation in my 3rd eye, the full image of a calendar of this month, July 2013, and some numbers was on bold or darker colour than others, all of them in different size, but the main one and the biggest of them was the number 29, I assume July 29th 2013.

I have never experienced or received this kind of information or message, and after this vision or manifestation, I realized some questions through different methods and the answer was that I need to share this info with you ASAP.

I want to share it with you and I leave it to your consideration, I hope this means something for you and for all of us.

Atala Medina Roman, Mexico City

Dear Atala,

thank you very much for sharing your dreams with me. From now on any date can be possible and it may as well stay for a different event – collapse of the matrix, first ascension wave, mass ascension, MPR etc. It is difficult to know. I have received in the last days some other dates from other members of the PAT such as August 9th, August 25th, September 19th etc. Your date coincides with Sananda’s announcement that we will witness a peak in ascension end of July.

It is obvious that we have now entered the final phase of profound change and must simply wait how the events will unfold.

With love and light

Dr. Georgi,

Thank you for the latest post as it has helped calm my terror and heart beating against my breast-bone.

One of my dreams this morning was a Hollywood-like technicolor extravaganza of special effects and drama. Ochre colored thick cloud masses encroaching the earth with people scrambling to safety. The clouds had within them lightning explosions that went in all directions. I was trying to get people to safety in the mayhem.

I awoke feeling the intensity and magnitude of the storm. As I opened my eyes to this 3D I felt disappointed in myself for the terror I felt. I am still grounding myself after this experience. I did not realize how attached I was to this 3D illusion still and was still holding these blocks to ascension. I am grateful for my clearing of the block.

Without your website I would not be able to anchor and would no doubt consider myself insane.  You and your posts are the lifeline to my understanding this reality.

Eternally grateful,

Dear Marian,

thank you for your appreciation. We are now still fully involved with our soul fragments on the higher 4D timelines. I have just received a new message from Jahn that confirms this fact one more time. We will retrieve these fragments only after the drama that has just began has fully unfolded. Therefore, it is normal that one experiences bleeding of some horror scenes from these timelines which will most probably trickle upwards to our timeline. As long as we are active on all these timelines, we are not immune against such nightmare emotions. But my guess is that this will be over very soon as now the dynamics has accelerated one more time after the ID split on July 18th.

With love and light

Dear George,

…I just read your energy update (23/7) : according to my personal experience and opinion, the wave coming from “below” is not physical here, nor external. It will emerge as a wave of stress, refueling old fears and resistance. The only way to go through this rapidly is to concentrate our consciousness in the heart, where there’s no duality, but Unity. I fell it from this morning, with also deep tiredness, and dizziness. If we fight against what is presented to us, it will enhance it and there will be no place to hide. If we accept and surrender, letting the Light doing his job, it will disappear soon. Our personal will (ego)  is our only enemy.

Deniz, France

Dear Deniz,

thank you for your comments on the latest wave. It is indeed so – one must remain very focused in his inner realm as to cope with these relentless waves.

With love and light

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