Personal Energy Update – June 26, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

Yesterday, June 25, 2013 was the actual culmination of the biggest shift we have experienced since the beginning of the ascension process many years ago. It began the day before, June 24th, as announced by the Elohim and published on this website. This is the actual three-day event, and I have no idea what today will bring. 

Immediately after awakening yesterday, I was swept away by the biggest cc-wave with the most excruciating headache I have had for a very long time. Also my lungs and stomach were badly affected. I knew it will come so heavy due to the unpleasant prodromi before the headache hit me with full force around 10.00 am local time. The cc-wave was in fact a massive descent of source energy that actually drives the shift upwards. It lasted the whole day and only slowly subsided late in the evening, leaving me completely numbed in body and spirit. This morning I am still very wonky and weak from this huge energy bout.

During this shift, I got a lot of information from my HS, but most of it is of personal character and has no direct relevance to the readers. As Sananda has announced in his latest message, from now on the ascended masters of the PAT will leave this upper 4D earth one by one before mass ascension can take place later this year.

I was told about 10 days ago and also published it on this website that there will be two important dates –June 21/22 and June 26/27 – which we should take into consideration. At summer solstice ascension of the upper 4D earth to higher levels of vibrations started with full force as reported on this website. In between we had the three-day event of maximal shift as announced by the Elohim which began two days ago and must come to an end today, June 26th or tomorrow. In the meantime we have created the 8th and 9th 4D timelines which are temporal ascension portals for humanity. These portals were created and now kept open by the PAT. In addition we are also building various new timelines in the lower 5D dimensions, where most of the people will be allocated after ascension according to their level of evolution. We will be the first to show the way and ascend individually and the masses will follow us.

The situation is very complex and it is impossible to make any general predictions. The most important fact to bear in mind is that from now on there will be only individual ascensions and it is impossible to predict when this will occur. Obviously we needed this huge shift during the last week or so before the HR can commence with the individual ascensions as announced by Sananda:

“…one by one the new Ascended Masters (the PAT) shall go to heaven before the planned portion of humanity, as a whole and in one jerk, shall be lit by the light of God, and by His light shall be heaved in the Garden of Eden.

Hence I can only comment here what happened to me yesterday. During the enormous shift on June 25th, I merged my energy field that now expands throughout the whole globe with that of my dual soul in North America, so that we are now one unified field. At the same time we ascended much higher. We were told by our HS during this shift that “We Are one. All Is complete. We Are together – NOW!”, and that we are ascending now, in this very moment, and that further refinements are still on-going. I am expecting some more information in the course of this day, but I can definitely confirm that I am no longer of this world.

During the shift I had a very intensive connection to the higher realms and experienced a massive influx of past memories concerning my life as excarnated entity. It is impossible to relay these sensations in words now.

The most important piece of information was that my ascension must be very carefully orchestrated with the imminent collapse of the old matrix as it will lead simultaneously to the establishment of the new theory of the Universal Law on the upper 4D earth. This will be from now on the joint mission of myself and my dual soul, which is also a member of the PAT.

This night I dreamt further about arrangements dealing with the implementation of the new theory at universities and other institutions. The theory will be now taught in the dreamstate to all ascending humans at the motherships of the GF, which they will begin to visit every night in preparation for their ascension. If new information will arrive in the course of the day I will consider it for publication, insofar it will be of general interest.

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