Moment of Separation of the Worlds

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 13, 2013
first published in English on June 17, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

The deeper and more sustainable the dark elites expand themselves in their assigned holograms, the more accelerated the processes of detachment of the holograms will become.

I am Jesus Sananda

All superpositions / overlays of the different 4D earths bring irritation to the higher vibrating levels of 4D. This will end abruptly when two factors are fulfilled:

1) The physical and energetic ascension of a certain, still unspecified number of people to the fifth light plane of Being.

2.) The attempt of the dark forces that still act on the lower vibrating 4D earths to take full possession of this humanity with a coup d’etat.

With the physical ascension of the people, begins the next phase of polar shifts, which, in addition to the new heaven, will bring forth a whole new world.

With the takeover in a coup d’etat of all mankind by the dark forces on the lower vibrational levels of the 4D earths, there will be a partial and sudden (in “a jerk”) awakening of some people, through which energies will be released that will accelerate the detachment of the 4D holograms .

All of this is embedded in the quality of time until late summer 2013. Remain vigilant witnesses and actors of these events. Nothing remains as it was before, and a lot is not as it seems to you. Foreign and manipulative energies still stir you, while the world is still in the process of ascension. The day to finally leave those fields and meadows, where bad wheat grew, is very close. Because the fruits of your sowing will be harvested by yourselves and they will be unattainable for those, who wanted to prevent the sowing and the harvesting.

Big states will fall and the world government under the banner of death will find its confirmation at a time, which you are now escaping, for verily: What is true for the 3D super-Earth, will come in a mitigated and multifaceted form to the lower levels of the 4D earth. There, the degree of pain, the suffering as the most efficient way to gain spiritual progress is by no means exhausted, so that the people, who elected these levels of being, crave for actions that are imbued by lightlessness.

It is a difficult legacy, from which we now separate, it is the heritage of humanity that did not awaken, even though it was constantly animated and urged by the sources of light to do so.

Under the banner of light humanity now unites, those who will ascend into light will align and redefine their contracts and agreements with heaven. Under the banner of death all those people now unite, who want to expose themselves again to the incessant play of death and birth, of pain and suffering, of impermanence and unconsciousness.

Pay attention to the signals of this time! In a moment of grace, the worlds will be separated from each other, even if this event until then builds up in small, almost invisible steps. Trust not the heralds of a new, old time. Have faith in your own inspirations, your instructions that you get in your dreams and meditations, have faith in the light messengers of heaven, and recognize the quality of the light.

Where you miss the warmth and love, where a cold white light flows towards you, keep away and take care that this light goes away. Where you perceive the love of the Masters, the sound of your heart, and the word of God, you should stop and let you fall – because your soul knows she has arrived and is all-one with Him.

Worlds change their image, and this world, which now ascends and frees itself from all 4D holograms, has truly earned the biggest victory that can be ever won by any world: the victory over all the deceptions that were created at the levels of illusion for man to awaken.

You have awakened, while the deep slumber continues for others. Last prevails the light – because the light is the beginning and the end. We are one and have arrived at the light. Today, now and for all time.

I am with you, I love you infinitely
Jesus Sananda

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