Millions Mirror Images

Jesus Sananda
channeled by Jahn J Kassl on June 11, 2013
first published in English on June 14, 2013

translated by Georgi Stankov

Sananda’s Brilliant Confirmation of My Multidimensional Model of Ascension
by Georgi Stankov, June 14, 2013

I am extremely happy to publish this message, which I have received from Jahn today. I was very busy translating it the whole day, so that I can present it to you in due time before the beginning of this auspicious weekend. It is a brilliant confirmation of my multidimensional model of ascension, which I received from my HS last week and published several days ago. 

Please consider the fact that you are the only LW group worldwide that understands and uses this new approach to evaluate the current energetic events that still remain an enigma to all other light workers. It is also a great success that Jahn’s sources considered my multidimensional model of ascension  after I asked him to read it as to be better informed. This is a very powerful and timely validation of our new multidimensional way of thinking.

This is how I have always believed channelling should work – with a clear, enlightened and open-minded medium and a critical questioner with an open connection to his HS. The new multidimensional model of ascension was channelled to me by my HS, after I had lengthy discussions with my dual soul, in a tour de force within half an hour. But I must admit that I was also rather confused end of May and the beginning of June, when nothing seemed to happen and ascension felt like a Fata Morgana.

Now I know that we are in the middle of the ascension process and most of what we have predicted so far for the End Time – MPR and ID Split – have already occurred on all six  parallel 4D earths and that now the upper 4D earth, where we dwell, is about to enter the time of change. Only on this timeline will humanity witness our ascension and appearance as Creator Gods. Our ascension will trigger the dissolution of all empty holographic human images on this timeline, so that the upper 4D earth will acquire a completely new gestalt.

Hence we should now only concentrate on this timeline and disregard all other catastrophic timelines that are now being wrapped up after most of the souls there have either been retrieved through a death experience to Celestria or have merged with their active soul fragments on the upper 4D timeline.



Loved ones,

and it happens that people arrive at their chosen levels of light or of darkness. And it happens that new realities are brought forth, realities that lay far beyond the tangible probabilities, to which until now only very low potentials were attributed during this ascension of the worlds into the light.

The “migrations of the people” have fully commenced. Here we are now going to tackle the question, how is it possible that despite this fact, the population of mankind in this world, on this your perception level, remains the same, so that it is hardly to notice anything about this “Great Migration”, even though it is ongoing for quite some time. So what is the mystery behind it?

Hence we shall now made an attempt to explain this reality. Please imagine an unoccupied house. A home that was until recently inhabited and is now empty. Now project this idea to the earthly human body. Imagine this body empty, which means  without a soul. Empty, which means without any soul fragments and you have the solution. Now let us be more precise and explain what is said by this?

Multidimensionality means to be simultaneously present all over in the universe. This is perceived by the shift of attention of your eternal spirit. As far as the example with the house is concerned, it is as if the manager of many houses has retrieved his attention from some real estates – and the manager is the eternal, alternating spirit that is your essence. This spirit lets therefore, for whatever reasons, some buildings rotten, others  empty, so that their prices decline, while all the attention is given to other houses.

For this unique divine play on this earth, this means that a lot of people, whom you meet nowadays, who are crossing your paths on the streets of this world, have withdrawn their awareness from this world and no longer inhabit their bodies, they are no longer alive  – they no longer hold a soul.

This explains to you also the fact that you perceive very many people as completely stupid, unreflective, dumbed down, careless, dull, uncouth, and the like. You often wonder, how can a person be like this, how can a person only do this or refrain from that, the lack of any feelings and the coldness of heart that you very often experience as soon as you look into the eyes of a person is a clear sign that this man has withdrawn his awareness from this form of his being and has shifted it out elsewhere.

Hence it happens now that those who will ascend to one of the upper (straightened) 4D earths or have already ascended there, still continue to carry a “pattern of their body” on the low frequency level of the 4D hologram, they continue living there without perceiving this expression by their consciousness.

That is to say, all humans have the superficial impression that nothing has changed. The population number is almost the same and thus there is not a single trace of change.

And precisely this conclusion is a great fallacy.

Furthermore, multidimensionality means that every being, through his spirit, by his eternal unchanging consciousness, can reproduce as many “patterns” as it wants that are “footprints” of his Self. This “patterns” do not include any direct soul fragments, but are held alive by the collective soul energy of each planet. There are distinct entities, which, however, do not remember their origin.

This “reproduction” of yourselves fulfills the purpose that the different levels of existence can be experienced at the same time, because at the very moment in which a human achieves enlightenment, in which he regains his perfect consciousness, the absolute awareness of reality occurs and all hitherto created patterns, soul aspects that were incarnated on different worlds, return immediately back to the origin – to the awakened consciousness. Even those “patterns” of your selves, which are held alive by the collective energy of the respective planetary structure, must be dissolved in this very moment and return to the primary source from which they have emerged.

Then start a new game, with new decisions of the now conscious multidimensional entity. Thus it happens that you can experience a group of people as absolutely “empty” and without any energy. The force emanating from a single person with a soul is significantly greater than the force emanating from billions of beings without a soul.

And you shall experience that the group energy, in case you stay with many other people, very often produces an inner emptiness within yourselves. You then come home tired and stressed and this is so, because you have been confronted with this inner void of the people, not because you have encountered your own emptiness. That is why you have to recharge yourselves again and to center.

In summary: Although you perceive the masses of the people as the same quantity, you  experience them as a sort of emptiness, without any quality – because these people are internally empty, their bodies are uninhabited and inanimate. Imagine a birth certificate, of which there is only one original. All birth certificates which you must leave at your offices will be copied, reproduced from this original. When applied to our example, this means that your true Self is unique and all-encompassing, and that it can be duplicated and multiplied, depending on the need and the goals of a being. However, the “original”, you as your Self, stay eternally immutable and All One in God – and from this level (through your consciousness) you make all your decisions.

In these days of ascension the souls are entering new realities. Previously occupied homes will suddenly become empty, and until now intimate friends will suddenly become strangers to you; it is so because these people have chosen to shift their consciousness to a level of Being of lower vibrations.

With respect to the “patterns”,  to the “copies” of your Self, it is necessary to add that they can also feel  pain, joy and sorrow, but they will never be able to put this in a  comprehensive context, or recognize the deeper meaning behind this experience.

“Man only lives once,” is a favorite saying of such beings because they are completely unaware of their existence. Those forms of life reproduced by yourselves, that are  completely unconscious of themselves, exist only to a certain extent in the karma loop because at the very moment your highest soul fragment, your Conscious Being, attains enlightenment, they will be automatically resolved.

Where soul fragments are incarnated, life is necessarily subjected to the law of karmic balance, where this is not the case, this law manifests in a different way. With respect to the newly created  “3D super catastrophic earth” and the low frequency 4D earths of the newly created holograms, it is necessary to state that the people who have chosen this reality as a level of experience, are also available there with their soul fragments and therefore their experiences are very drastic now. The “imprints” of these beings are at the higher levels, which will dissolve in the very moment, at which the 4D holograms are completely separated.

It seems complicated and it is difficult for a human mind to fully comprehend. It will become much more easier, as soon as you grasp the multi-dimensionality in its essence, then you will understand that in fact everything is possible in Being, and that these opportunities are created by yourselves. Your Self creates the millions of “footprints” of yourselves who are completely identical, but in their internal operating system they can be either animated, with a soul or without a soul.

Dream report:

A few years ago, at the time when I called back all my soul fragments to me, I received the following wonderful vision: I saw a man who resembled me to a hair from the far reaches of the universe, who came to the earth and to me and introduced himself as My SELF.  I was standing opposite to My Self – this entity had a splendid uniform with plenty of light filaments, which served as an accolade and pointed out to his rank in Creation. It was simply wonderful for me to stay in front of My Self and to know that this part has returned to me.

We had subsequently some conversation and I was informed that I shall henceforth be supported by this entity that is My Self here on the earth. Although a soul fragment is something fundamentally different than a “copy of one’s Self”, this dream is presented here to give you a sense of how it feels to meet his own Self (Note: Jahn J Kassl).

Let us summarize it one more time: There are only a few inhabited houses now, entire cities are empty, and yet it seems to you as if everything remains the same as ever, as if the world events change only sparsely, so sparsely that you slide again and again in doubts and suspect that this change is an illusion.

For all the masters, that is to say, for all those people who are now responsible for this change and will lead the world and the people, it is true in this context that they are fully  conscious of all their soul fragments and that they have focused almost their entire consciousness on the process of change that takes place in this space-timeline because this is what their soul contracts provide for.

These masters have already retrieved their own “patterns” and now only operate from the level of “truth”, which means, at the level of their own soul fragments. This is because they have already lived through and passed through all the experiences that other beings still want to exploit. A master always acts in a specific mode, because he sees through the game and has become weary of this game.

And it happens that the people, who are awakening now, calibrate their vibrations to this new dimension of their reality. Your multi-dimensional being is deciphered in you. What and who you really are and this process means an enormous increase in awareness, then you have now knowledge about everything that is possible to you.

To conclude this, for your human spirit very challenging message, we announce that also the day, on which many people will no longer be in your reality of life, whether as an “original” or a “pattern” is very, very close. Why? Because this is an aspect of the cosmic game. The walls of an uninhabited house become brittle and it remains to be seen whether new houses will grow in the sky at this place or whether the soil remains fallow, unused and must be prepared for another time.

Which means that the “patterns” of your expressions which now serve as “placeholders” in certain levels, have only a limited lifetime, and it’s up to you whether you will equip these levels with new reproductions of your Selves or not – which means that many people will leave very soon this level, visible to your eyes.

God is great. And this message is commensurable to the divine magnitude of the ascending humanity. Perceive it with your consciousness, give the mind the necessary pause that he now needs, so that it is not unduly squeezed. Assess it with your consciousness, with your eternal immutable, omnipresent Spirit.

It is you, you are the face of God in all worlds. You who have decided to imbue these worlds with your spirit. I’m one of you, at all times and away from all times. We are one, and the day of remembrance has come. We are one.

I am
Jesus Sananda

Dear Jahn,

thank you for this latest message. I can assure you that we are approaching with giant strides the final goal. Yesterday and the day before we had two significant energy shifts to higher dimensions that were very powerful. I even thought yesterday that I will ascend, but we still need a little more time to prepare for this event. But it can no longer remain as before, without any massive changes.

I have analysed the stock market indices yesterday after a long pause again, and since I have developed a special chart-technical method in the 90s this allows me to make precise predictions (only for theoretical purposes, as my soul has prohibited me to use it selfishly), I realized that we are on the cusp of the last, final market crash. Maybe in July and with absolute certainty in the course of this summer. The Orion monetary system must be dissolved by all means and a stock market crash is the best and fastest way to achieve this, before we can introduce new, just economic forms without any money.

So let us be surprised what comes next.


Dear George,

yes, it will not remain as before – that’s for sure!

Is very interesting, as we had a wonderful clear sunny skies today in Vienna, I experience the crowds as bare imposition.

Now that the decisions have been made, many have decided to live without any prudence  – that is the principle and everything is turned outwards – so that energy dumps walk through the city.

It is very exciting to watch this and the message attached (above), confirms your multidimensional model of ascension and expands the human consciousness again for the incredible diversity of our Being, concerning the processes of human “patterns” or “copies”.

So, much joy and happiness for every day – especially for the day that will mark your  ascension.

In love from Jahn

Dear Jahn,

I am thrilled with this message from Sananda, as it confirms exactly my multidimensional model of seven parallel 4D-earths, which I received /channelled from my higher self, while I wrote it. For me channeling is a little bit different than normal  – my mind creates in an autonomous and independent manner, yet always in harmony with the cosmic spirit.

Ich danke dir vom Herzen für diese tolle Bestätigung und wünsche dir vor allem Ruhe und Gelassenheit in diesen letzten Tagen. Ich muss gestehen, dass ich gestern von einer unglaublichen Unruhe erfasst wurde, die nicht die meine war und, wie ich gelesen habe, damit zusammenhängt, dass unsere Seelen um die bevorstehenden Ereignisse, die nun auf unsere Oberen (begradigte) 4D Erde eintreffen, bereits Beschied wissen.

I will now take care to translate this message as soon as possible and publish it.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great confirmation and wish you first and  foremost peace and serenity, especially in these last days. I must confess that I was hit by an incredible restlessness yesterday that was not mine, which, as I’ have read, is related to the fact that our souls already know about the upcoming events that will arrive now on our upper (straightened) 4D Earth.


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