Message from the Elohim: A True Evolutionary Leap of Upper 4D Earth Will Arrive After Summer Solstice and Will Last for Three Days

by Carla Thompson, June 19, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I have connected to the Elohim and they have offered some information for us which confirms April’s and Jahn’s beautiful and succinct messages. My HS also confirms June 21/22 and June 24/25 as important dates and really only wants me to see it as a special 3 day period coming up and not to be too focused on the dates themselves as everything is wholly fluid at this point.

Wishing you love and light always,

“Greetings Dear Ones!

We are here to confirm recent alignments made upon your current level of expression (Georgi’s article, “Major Shift this night“, June 16th).  Many alignments on many levels move each to his own level of expression, within the myriad of current multi-dimensional expressions. Each on his own path, each for his own purpose.

These further adjustments are now made to align realities sought by each Soul seeking its final home before the cull.

In this moment, all beings are fully aware on either an unconscious, subconscious or fully conscious level that they must leave this current reality for the final division, the final separation, wherever that may be (Georgi, I am getting that this particular 4D is ending, what do you intuit from this comment? Or perhaps all those who are “here” now, are leaving to another expression, be it 5D or another 4D.)

A further major expansionary event within the upper 4D timeline arrives that leads to another level of enrichment of Humanity where new energies shall flood in, releasing new avenues of expansionary advancement that shall unfold into beautiful divine levels of new truth, new light, new vision and new understanding.

This moment shall be a true evolutionary leap, especially for those who are now on the cusp of this age of enlightenment for their inner awareness shall blossom in an instant, with the purity of Divine perfection.

This blossoming moves forward for 3 days, during which time anything and all things are possible. Hold on to what you desire within your imagination and FEEL what you desire in your Heart! Embrace it Now and never let it go!

We are the Elohim!”

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