It Is Happening – Emotional Image III

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 22, 2013
first published in English on June 27, 2013 in

Translated by Björn Kurt

Loved ones,

As announced to you, so it is disclosed by the sources of light as it is happening now in and on the worlds – it is happening to every being according to his choice.


Jahn had a dream:

I can see an immense sequence of events. Images in a time lapse fashion in my mind’s eye appear, disappear and being replaced by new images. And I cannot remember any specific picture because they pass so quickly and to what an incredible number they sum up. I perceive these events as events about the world history which are shown in terms of the messages that I was to get … incessantly …even when I wake up in between and open my eyes and fall back asleep shortly thereafter, the dream continues in this pace. And finally to the end of the last scene, a voice calling me speaks and says: “Jahn, as proclaimed to you it is happening.” (End of dream)

This dream is self-explanatory and shows that the change is happening and things take shape – “just as it was proclaimed to you” This dream refers to the large amount and the complexity of the messages given to you. That is, “it is happening, as proclaimed to you,” any doubt is inappropriate even though some events occur differently, later and on a different level, which is quite invisible to many people.

All messages that were sent through you from the spiritual light levels to the people are truth and reality which manifest on the visible or invisible world. Therefore, continue to remain confident and open to all possibilities and potentials of change that we proclaim through you to the people.

What the mind does not understand, that is perceived by the awareness and what is perceived by the awareness, can remain completely without the scale of the mind. The mind has its place where you can interpret clearly the earthly and cosmic relationships with regard to your limits. But as soon as you start to interpret these events in relationships to your unlimited Being, the mind will fail reliably and it is up to your divine omnipresent awareness, the only source of „understanding“ to perceive these notions.

Yes, it is happening! People go into the light, People fall prey to the darkness. Yes, it is happening. No one from this and many other worlds is exempt from these changes even though there are many more who do not want to understand because it seemingly does not affect them.

Yes, it is happening! Not everyone who walks through the forest perceives the trees, not everyone looking at the sky realizes the stars even though the sparkling stars reveal their beauty and not everyone may perceive the creation of the new worlds, so his being is still entirely occupied by the old world. An illusion for the disbelievers, a mystery for those who believe and the only reality for those, to which such is revealed as knowledge and experience.

Everything happens! Scorn and derision which has always accompanied the prophets ever since because through them the unbelievable and unimaginable is announced. Ridicule and contempt accompany the light warriors, who know the infinite faces of God and name these.

The day which takes the beam out of the blind’s eye has begun and yet most people cannot trust what is seen and can hardly encounter the obvious. They avoid the divine light in the mistaken belief to meet an illusion. The revelations of heaven happen now and the arrival of humans on the newly created levels of being is being fulfilled.

Prophets were usually always considered with needful attention once the facts were clearly established in the aftermath. This time, even the patterns seems to be repeated, but it shall be different because each one shall awake in his world and shall either meets the renewed illusion or shall enter the reality of all being.

Knowing this, I assure you of my presence and I assure you that is being fulfilled what is being announced to you, for verily: All events that were proclaimed by the realms of light are being fulfilled!

I am the love and life

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