Energy Update – June 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor

During the last two days, June 11th and 12th, there were several major shifts of the upper 4D earth towards final ascension which I personally felt very strongly as my correspondence with members of the PAT testifies below. This night (June 13th) I had numerous ascension dreams, dealing precisely with our final preparations and adjustments for this unique cosmic event. As most of them were very abstract, I do not remember them very well, respectively, it is impossible for me to present them in human language.

This morning I knew that we have moved several giant steps towards our ascension goal and that the energies are now much more purified than the previous days. Obviously, we have almost fully separated from all catastrophic 4D timelines. This prompted me to check one more time the charts of the major indices on the stock exchanges worldwide with my special chart-technical method.

The reason for doing this is that I sense very strongly that the big changes will now trickle down to our upper 4D timeline and will very soon cause the collapse of the still existing Orion monetary system, which has no longer the energetic support of the HR  and must be abolished very soon. This will be triggered by a crash of the stock markets before the banks close their doors and stop with their money transactions.

I have developed this method in the late 90s under the inspiration of my HS to gauge the economic development on the earth. There are other chart-technical methods that try to solve this problem, but none of them works. My mathematical method is based on the theory of the Universal Law and enables me to make very precise predictions based on the chart behaviour of the major indices, such asDow JonesS&PDAX, etc. which are in fact very closely related due to the huge manipulations committed by the few big banks. The physical shareholders have practically left the stock exchange since the bank and stock exchange crash in the autumn of 2008.

The charts are now manipulated by the big fraudulent banks with empty, electronically triggered buy and sell puts (calls) and options that artificially drive the curves high. Precisely for this reason my chart-technical method is rather reliable as it analyses past behaviour of the charts for at least 10 years and predicts through a unique geometric extrapolation very precisely their future behaviour. As I have not used this analysis for a very long time it is even more precise now. It is the same with looking at Turkish coffee by my wife – the seldom she does it for a person, the better her reading.

Although I experimented with this method on the international stock exchanges in the 90s to gain some personal experience and earned some money for me and other investors, my soul has forbidden me to use this method to enrich myself and I have since then only used it for my theoretical economic forecasts. I must admit that my method failed only once, namely when the GF decided to save the bank system in 2008, so that the PTW could not establish the NWO and the total crash I predicted for the fall of 2008 was postponed /mitigated by them. I have discussed the reasons for this divine intervention in my latest article.

Apart from the above mentioned intervention, I predicted with an astounding precision the crash in 2008 already in 2006 and then again in 2007 and also the 2003/4 crash in 2001 and 2002. In this I am better than all so called professional investors and experts as I know what they do and how they do it. They are only “full of hot air”, to quote a German saying.

Anyway, when I checked the major charts of the stock exchanges worldwide yesterday and today very carefully, I found out that they will crash this summer, most probably in July. But the downward trend (bear market) has already commenced after all charts peaked artificially one more time in May (last month).

This chart-technical method has always been a very precise and reliable instrument for me in the past to predict major developments in the financial and economic markets. Any bank and stock market crash will immediately trigger the collapse of the old Orion order and its facade with disappear within the blink of an eye. As we have been informed by numerous messages, this will happen simultaneously with our ascension because after that the new enlightened society based on new 4D technologies and a more just social order will be immediately introduced on the upper 4D earth with our help as ascended masters.

For this reason I was not at all surprised to read today the second message from GaiaPortal on June 12th, which I somehow expected to come:

“Key gateways for transformation of humanity (small ‘h’) to Hue-manity have been opened and stabilized. These have been prepared, as a step stone, for final step of Gaia to Higher Gaia.

Purification followed by clarification occurs via these gateways for transformation, and those ready for such purification and clarification will experience such.

Concomitant narrowing of Ascension pathways may also be anticipated.”

In plain words, we are in the final phase before our ascension / activation of our light bodies and separation of the upper 4D earth from all other parallel timelines can take place. We must bear in mind that the MPR has already occurred on the worst 4D earth and this event has also triggered huge devastating catastrophes on the other 4D timelines, where many incarnated entities have already left these earths through a death experience. Some of them may immediately move to this timeline, but most of them will go first to Celestria before they will incarnate again on the upper 4D. I have already discussed this issue with our PAT member Robert yesterday:

“Dear George,

My 22 year old niece, mother of a 2 year old boy, claims that an aspect of her soul experienced the event on another 4D Timeline (3 or 4 ?), and she reassured that aspect that everything was going to be alright, healed it, then both returned to Upper 4D, and my niece says she has never felt so “complete”. Any thoughts? By the way, no more chemtrails here.

With love and light,

Dear Robert,

when you talk about “the event”, do you mean the MPR? Otherwise the account of your niece describes precisely what is currently happening on the different 4D timelines, where soul aspects/fragments are going through huge calamities, experience their soul catharsis, awaken and then may eventually merge with their main incarnation on the upper 4D. 

However most of the incarnated soul fragments on the catastrophic 4D do not have a soul focus on this upper 4D and must die first and then eventually return to this timeline. I think that there are many variations on this theme, but it is essential now to begin to consider the multi-dimensional nature of all incarnation experiments, then without this expanded view we will not be able to understand anything that is currently happening with us.

With love and light

This timeline (upper 4D) must now experience the collapse of the old Orion order as a holographic model that is no longer supported by the leading higher dimensions, but without any big social unrest, upheavals, revolutions, wars, etc. There will be a sudden awakening of this portion of humanity, which actually consists of barely 800 million incarnated human souls, while the rest are only empty holographic images that will no longer interfere in this process of transformation and will most probably disappear immediately after that as it will no longer be necessary to preserve the current camouflage of faked normalcy.

Inside as outside. As soon as the inner pictures of the population on the upper 4D change after the financial crash, then the whole scenery will also change dramatically. This is the time when we will ascend and appear as the new creator gods and leaders of humanity. In this respect the End Time scenario has remained invariant.



How goes it, Dearest?

Last night was intermittent and restless sleep…. but a vision of sitting at a computer, which was displaying events on time lines, but in a sort of constant shift. Like events were pulling the time lines apart and shoving them back together. I was being trained on this program, but I was making excuses that the Windows 8 program sucks for this new information and accessibility on a lap top. I was told I have to get something with a touch screen, as to get my hands more involved in the process. I also saw the moon the closest I have ever seen it before. Like I could jump off the edge of this world and land on the Moon.

After reading your most recent posts, and confirmation of feelings from my own HS, I have the feeling I am one of the creator beings involved in that endeavor… Sounds brilliant!

Much love

Dear Mandie,

I had a similar dream this night – I was working directly with timelines and was sending them huge amounts of energy and then gauged their threshold and vibration levels. Then I had the task to keep all timelines at the same energetic level in the Now. It was a very abstract dream and I also felt these energies in my body. Then I woke up with a heavy coughing as these energies affected indeed my throat and lungs. I assume that these are the final adjustments we make, before ascension can take place as the intensity of the waves is extremely high.

Most of the PAT are indeed Elohim from the highest levels and have come here only to show the other old souls /start seeds how creation works on a planetary and cosmic level.

With love and light

Hello George,

I am still here. Talk about a ” Big jolt”, in my third eye area. When I read that Elna had ascended.

George, this was  Eric’s, ” ELLA”  from the UK, whom had written in. My heart felt light goes to him. This saddened me, when I heard the news, of ELLA ascending. Eric had someone to share with all these years. They were very blessed. Knowing their mission. Makes you want to succeed. Higher self keeps details out. Leaves you wondering, if you are doing the right thing or not, or just wanting to pull your hair out, when it becomes so confusing, and you want to understand so very badly.

You sharing your story with all of us. What an adventure you have been going through.  Painful, stretching the emotions, the inner force, which drives you on. Helping your dual self. A selfless act. A selfless act of helping humanity. Even more, much, much more!

I wonder if your higher self wrote my name, at the end of your story. As I have been wanting to write in, Yet not wanting to bother you. I’ve been going through some changes, as you and I know the PAT have been going through, changes.

When Jerry wrote in how his month of May was affecting him. {ME TOO} The gravitational pull on my whole body was hard to handle. When my higher self would not let me take a simple boat ride. This is something I had loved to do. Confused me. I had to stay connected/grounded  to Gaia to help raise her up to the 5-D.

May24/25th. Took a nap, just closed my eyes. My name was called. This was a woman’s voice. Loud and clear. She called my name. Opened my eyes, then closed them. Fell asleep and slept for over three hours. No memory of anything.

May 28th. Woke up from a nap. Angry as ever. Almost spitting nails! I was angry at the people/humanity. I guess them not wanting to ascend. Since reading the posts,  have calmed me down, and understanding why!

After the 1st of June I am in the upper 4-D. Was at the grocery store, standing at the Deli. Wanting to buy some cheese. Nobody seemed to see me. I stood there for at least 5 minutes, until an older woman working there, came around to the front of the counter and saw me standing there. I said to the woman, I must be invisible? Nobody seemed to see me. The woman apologized.

June 7th, we hired a man to build an outside deck. He is 62 years of age. A job which normally would take him two days to complete, lasted for four days.  The man experienced, what I have been calling the ” MAGIC”  since living here in Arkansas.  This was such a pleasure of having this man around. My spouse and daughter and I truly enjoyed his company. This was also returned from him. He told us in all of his years of working, he had never had so much fun working. Touched me very deeply.  People do relax here.

June 8th awoke from a sleep. The strong feeling of me HOLDING THE WORLD in my hands, was haunting me. Was thinking of this feeling. The  words   PEACE -UNDERSTANDING – LOVE popped into my head. This is what I am doing now in upper 4-D.  Holding this energy… While sleeping, I am hard at work cleaning. As I have no memory of dreaming. Just wake up tired.

As reading the last message from Jahn, will we be called a second time to help separate the different worlds of 4-D.  or calling others to help?

It’s good to hear from you and the PAT. I have missed hearing your voices. I really do hear your voices, when I am reading your mails.

Thanks to ALL of you.
STILL  HERE !!!!!!!

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

Dear Elna,

I am terribly sorry for this typo which I have immediately corrected. Yesterday (June 11th), while I wrote this article I had a severe headache due to a strong cc-wave the whole day since early morning and could barely think. When I finished the article I considered it to be a miracle as I was not in the position to utter a single sentence and my wife was ridiculing me for having forgotten my German language. Hence no wonder that I have made this mistake. On the other hand from a more humorous point of view, it would have been an excellent idea if you would have really ascended.

Thank you for sharing your recent experiences with me which are common for most of the PAT. We are now attracting all those people who are on the verge of transformation and opening to these cosmic energies and feel very comfortable, even happy, in our portals. I also notice this with respect to my daughter who regularly comes from Munich to visit us as she simply feels much better in my portal in the countryside.

But there are also those who are closed and cannot bear our high frequency energies and for them we are indeed more or less invisible. Altogether an awkward situation and I hope that we will soon be relieved from this earthly drudgery.

With love and light

Dear Carla,

I know that you are now fully engaged with your family on the farm in Birch Hills, but I can’t help commenting what has happened today (June 12). First I received an email from Silvia from Austria, where she quoted your Elohim message from May 29/30, which I published on May 31. Then I had the strong impulse to read it one more time very carefully and realized that everything I have experienced after that was anticipated in this message. Also the new model of seven 4D earths and us, the PAT, being “crossovers”  fits perfectly well into this message.

We are now moving indeed very rapidly from one timeline and energy level to the next one on the way to our final ascension. This was also announced in this message by the Elohim:

Please know that ascension does not occur in one fell swoop, in one motion, in one step, from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and so on. For there are infinite levels between each, as enfolded timelines arise each with consequences, each with infinite outcomes arising in form, function, expression, collaboration, meaning and beauty.

This was exactly what I felt yesterday (June 11) when I was hit by another cc-wave and knew that there is another huge shift. Just like you, I also had a severe and prolonged headache the whole day and even let Elna from the USA die and ascend in my article instead of Ella from the UK, which prompted a humorous response from Elna. I corrected this typo in the meantime.

This night (June 12th) I woke up with a severe coughing and lung pain, which pointed to another ascension test run. Before that I had a dream – I was working directly with timelines and was sending them huge amounts of energy and then gauged their threshold and vibration levels. I had the task to keep all timelines at the same energetic level in the Now. It was a very abstract dream and I also felt these energies in my body. Then I woke up with a heavy coughing as these energies affected indeed my throat and lungs. I assume that these are the final adjustments we make, before ascension can take place as the intensity of the waves is extremely high.

But in the morning I slept one more time and when I woke up around 7.00 a.m. I experienced the most harmonious and blissful vibrations I have ever felt. They lasted for half an hour and I really basked in them as if I were in a wellness bath with sparkling water.

Then in the morning the wave pattern changed several times very rapidly that makes me believe that we are very quickly moving through various frequency layers  and dimensions. Therefore I was not at all surprised to read shortly thereafter the latest message from GaiaPortal (June 12th) that confirmed this experience:

“Crossings of dimensions now occur in each moment, by those attuned to connection of Higher Self and Higher Gaia. Even Gaia processes ascension intentions to allow humanity (small ‘h’) and Hue-manity to coalesce with her. Changes of overall humanity consciousness is matched by Higher Gaia adjustment of process.

Intentions of humanity en masse now begin to support Gaia ascension.

All releases occurring at this moment produce multi-fold increase in consciousness.”

My gut feeling tells me that we may indeed be on the cusp of our ascension now as I do not see how I shall continue with this life under these extreme energetic tensions.

What is your take of our current situation?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

This is amazing how this message from the Elohim covers all of our experience! It makes perfect sense! I know that with these messages, there are always several undercurrents of messaging that flows in a multitude of layers that rise and fall depending on one’s level of consciousness. They should really be revisited frequently as something can be taken each time, at least this is what happens for me.

For my part, I also had a severe headache yesterday (June 11) morning, but it was gone by 5 in the evening when other frequencies flooded my fields. I also feel as though we are surfing frequency waves, in and out, up and down.

As I told you yesterday, I believe I had ascended one more time in the night. My soul seems to really want out of here… I do have some practical issues to complete when I return to Vancouver and I believe that once these things are done, then I will be free to leave.

With love and light

Dear Carla,

I agree that we are now surfing on the crests of the ascension waves and that it can happen any moment. In fact I thought this could be today (June 12) when the energy peaked at noon and I had to have a long nap. Now it is somewhat calmer but the situation changes every hour.

I also read several messages in German that suggest that we are in another preparation wave for ascension. Jahn wanted  to send me a new message considering my new ascension model of seven parallel 4D earths, which he has read.

Enjoy your stay on the farm.

With love and light

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