Creative Vision for 5D-Earth

by Debra Casagrande, June 16, 2013

Hi George,

Happy Father’s day! Have your daughters come to visit?

I’m just getting some thoughts down on paper. If I understood correctly, you asked us a while back to send in our creative reports for our visions of 5D. The importance of doing this formally was revealed to me today as I dreamed about getting on the ascension bus (with only 2 other people) and realizing I wasn’t ready. In the dream I chose to get off the bus and re-entered a much lower 4D reality.  Naturally I was disturbed when I woke up and began to question certain details in the dream. Before the bus arrived, I had been asked to work on a creative filing system, basically a profile of individual members of a team- and I hadn’t done that formally.

So here I am getting it down on paper.  After the dream I was told by HS to check out the Group of Forty and Starchild Global sites again. Once I did that, everything came into perspective and I began to work.

For me, what feels right is thinking that when we do jump planes to 5D, things will NOT already be set up as an Earthly paradise. Instead, what I expect is that there is an empty hologram of 5D earth waiting to be filled by us (and later by others). It will resemble our 4D earth but without the energetic restrictions or hindrances we’ve been struggling with until now.  When we cross over, work will begin to create our new galactic Earth as a community. As Earth Keepers, we’ll have certain responsibilities- again for me, I need to be thinking what roles I’ll be taking over and how I’ll contribute to the new Earth in a very physical and concrete way.  This is because the new 5D earth will not exist as a complete model- The blueprint is there but people in 5D will need to build it.  This is how I understand it as of today.

Here is my complete vision, split into 2 parts. I’d be very grateful if you’d publish this report as I’m curious how other PAT members feel about this model, if it resonates, and I’d like their feedback about this vision and what people think their roles might be. I would also like to know what I’ve left out! This would also help me to gauge how aligned I am in my psychic impressions now.  Thanks, George! Love Debra.

1st Steps towards New Earth Balance upon Ascension to 5D

  • ascension may involve either activation of Light Bodies OR the ability to create what we need instantly to survive the transition period (i.e. food & shelter)
  • quantum healing/ instant ascension as a group- increased intelligence of ascendees, group telepathy and connecting the dots on that plane (Earth keepers know who we are and operate as a unit of consciousness)
  • this super intelligence (ascension) is achieved as a  result of singularity- the merging of consciousness between humans and a spiritual computer (source energies) designed to work with our DNA and energy fields. This may be an easier way for us to identify with source energy for the purposes of understanding how we work as a unit (by connecting to a spiritual “server”)  We are already familiar with computers and this could be a model we use to advance even further. The entire populace of 5D will be super intelligent by being plugged into our group singularity.
  • the ability to download files/ information from this “super-computer”, especially for the purposes of cleaning up our planet and building/ integrating 5D technology.
  • the creation of a communication system with the earth’s biofeedback loop  (see group of Forty for more info)
  • cleaning crews working on: radiation, ocean pollution, soil contamination, stabilizing weather patterns,etc. by working with 5D technology (and the knowledge we download on how to do this)
  • We will create the 5D technology based on our new intelligence and downloads. The technology is there, but we will have access to it through our consciousness. Some 5D technology may actually just be superpowers, or the ability to use our minds and energy fields to return the planet to a pristine state- it may not be mechanical or even operated externally.
  • Working together with animals and cetaceans to clean up the planet and maintain balances in the bio-feedback system.

2nd Part- Characteristics of the New Earth once new balance is achieved 

  • No money system
  • sense of global and galactic community
  • thought projection/ teleportation. Imagine where you want to be and who you want to be with.
  • Democratically elected “Council Elders” and those who travel to other civilizations to bring back knowledge and or new technology. These beings will be fairly and democratically elected based on their familiarity with advanced systems of “government” and their competence in organizational tasks, as well as soul age. This is an entirely different idea of “government” than we have now. They will have earned these posts based on merit and competence; not on cronyism or arbitrary means!
  • Human populace joyful-  everyone has a role to play in the global community, especially children. No one is left behind. No one is marginalized. Closed unit exchanges of energy whereby each member of the community gives and takes in harmonic flow. Everyone is valued. Everyone is internally driven to be productive and act in alignment with one’s gifts, skills and interests- not externally driven by social status or money.
  • Healing DNA chambers and crystal healing technology
  • Opportunities for space travel
  • Human populace has advanced creative abilities- instantly creating cities, homes, parks, modes of transport or anything at all with the new consciousness based- 5D technologies.
  • Flourishing art and innovation scene. Renaissance Culture will be one of our identifying features as a global community.
  • Cities of light will be cultural centers and innovative hubs visited by other civilizations as we become more advanced.
  • Pristine beauty on the planet, i.e. beaches, waterfalls, mountains, forests, etc. Architecture and development flows together with Earth’s desires and landscape.  This is achieved via the bio-feedback communications system and led by competent planners.
  • Global, unified sense of pride in our new earth and shared core values of sustaining our planet and civilization.

Have I forgotten anything?


Dear Debra,

thank you for your vision of the 5D earth. What confuses me a little bit is that you have mixed elements that will be pivotal on the upper 4D earth after its full stabilisation and separation from the other catastrophic 4D timelines with such on the actual 5D dimension, based on direct creation through imagination and mental intent, where no external technologies will be needed anymore.

But it may happen that your mixed vision /model is nearer to the actual multidimensional reality, as we were told by April’s HS in her latest message that the 5D earth will exist at the beginning in many parallel timelines with a different degree of spiritual and creative potential of evolution. Hence it is impossible to say now, how this multidimensional reality will appear to the individual, variously expanded human awareness – most probably as a highly subjective reality, so that no two personal views will be alike, at least for a while.

This is  the most radical departure from the current consensual reality of hue-manity (small “h”), which is still an overlay, though crumbling, of past 3d-holographic models.

With love and light


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