How Did Things Change For Me in May 2013

Jerry R James, June 2, 2013

Dear George,

After reading Jahn’s post “Eye of the Hurricane Part 11” and your comments, I began to ask myself these questions. Have I ascended to the 5th Dimension? and if so: How would I know if my light body has not been activated? Something definitely shifted for me around the middle of May. But as one, who has experienced the LBP and ascension tests runs and waves for many years, this is not unusual. What if anything makes this time different? The changes that I list below are subtle and some are hard to express in words, but I am looking for evidence to convey to you and PAT what may be indication that I and others have ascended to the 5th dimension and only await our LB activation.

Physical Changes:

For me the ascension process has always been primarily physical. While I have experienced many emotional and mental up and downs during this process, the physical has always dominated my prospective. Since mid-May these are the changes or more pronounced conditions.

1.) My body is so heavy and difficult to move especially upon awakening. This is true whether or not I take a half hour nap or arising in the morning. I have had this condition to some degree before, but now it is constant. It takes me at least thirty minutes to be able to move without feeling as a metal robot. This despite the fact that I look fit and vibrant. Even after this initial feeling of lethargy wears off somewhat, normal physical activities are so exerting. Even short walks are tiring and my muscles become sore afterwards. My body is just too heavy and cumbersome to maneuver. There is also a constant spinning feeling inside accompanied by humming ears that requires me to be careful when rising from a sitting or lying position. It is a little different than the vertigo I experienced in the past, but hard to explain how.

2.) Dreams come almost instantly when I fall asleep. For those who have watched the “Avatar” movie this is comparable. I still wake up at least every two hours but sleep and dreams return quickly and easily. When I awaken I see objects and beings from my sleep state for a few seconds. These beings are generally very tall.

3.) I cannot eat as much food. It does not matter if it is raw or cooked I fill very quickly. Despite this I become hungry more often. So it is small often snacks. I wont even call them meals. Water, water everywhere. I cannot get enough. No matter how thirsty I am, it still passes quickly through me.

Emotional and Mental Changes:

As with the physical, the following changes are not really new but there are subtle differences that are more pronounced:

1.) Feelings of detachment from my environment. I am just not a part of it even the natural world which I find more lovely than ever. I feel as if I am walking through a 3-D painting or movie set.

2.) No longer do crowds of people or public places bother me. I am not a part of them. I am not invisible, just removed at least on a mental level.

3.) A lack of sympathy or regret for the condition of others people’s lives. I am just tired of feeling so much and maybe I have become numb as well, but the empathic role I always played has faded.

4.) A need to reach out to other members of PAT. For some reason I began to email other members of PAT, relate my story and encourage them to do the same. It felt like I was practicing for something.

5.) A deep feeling inside that something has shifted and great change is on the way and nothing that has happened or will happen is in the least bit frightening. At the same time I feel this sick anxiety permeating the environment, but I know it is not my own feelings which seemed detached and calm.

I have experienced so many changes during these past years, so it is difficult for me to be sure if these latest are an indication that my LB activation is imminent. But I cannot imagine continuing to survive in this environment much longer. I don’t think my lungs will even be able to breathe the heavy air.

There is no turning back to our former selves physically or mentally. Those of us who have reached this stage face only two possibilities and these possibilities must manifest soon. We could leave through traditional physical death process, at which time our LB would be immediately activated or we can continue to semi-function in these heavy suites until they are melted with the full activation of our LB.

As numerous writers have told us the physical is the last to change. The physical bodies of the first ascension candidates had to be very strong to withstand the many downloads over the years. Some of them like Anita, because of hereditary and other conditions, could not physically hold the last heavy downloads, which were not planned in the beginning of this process.

I believe that those of us still standing since the end of May have finished with this gruesome process even though we may be still reeling from its effects. The other ones who have already gone on will surely be waiting for us as our physically bodies melt in the divine light after this long and painful journey. A journey that we had no idea would be so treacherous and painful, but one whose end was never uncertain.

Dear Jerry,

excellent observations and comments on the energetic shift to the 5th dimension we, the PAT, have experienced this month. I can add to this that today there is another very powerful cc-wave with a huge descent of source energy that has caused me a severe headache on top of my acute respiratory symptoms. It is getting very heavy, as bad as, or even worse than around the Lion’s gate in July /August last year and the opening of the three portals in the autumn.

I hope that this is the last energy bout. In this sense you prediction from yesterday that around June the 3rd there will be another energy surge has already come true as I always get these energy waves a day or two before the announced date. This also coincides with the peak in sun’s activities that can no longer be hidden even by the official websites, e.g.

Let us hope that the phase transition /activation of our physical bodies into light bodies is imminent as we can definitely no longer live like this.

I will publish immediately your excellent elaboration on the ascension of the PAT to the 5th dimension in May.

With love and light

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