Breaking News – It’s Happening Now

Jesus Sananda
channeled by Jahn J. Kassl on June 6, 2014
published in English on June 8, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt

Breaking News – Ascension and the MPR Are Happening Now
by Georgi Stankov, June 8, 2013

I have just returned from the Alps where I did a tremendous cleansing work. Let me give you a short summary of the breaking cosmic events that have already commenced as explained to me by my HS. 

As Sananda announced in his latest messages, it was decided to create several parallel 4D earths with a different degree of catastrophes according to the level of awakening of each particular portion of the human population. Now I learnt that seven such parallel 4D timelines have been created – from the worst case scenario to the best case scenario, which is the timeline in which we now exist and gestalt. Hence the delay of our ascension. I will call this last timeline  “the Upper- 4D”. This timeline will, most probably, avoid any catastrophic scenario. This is the reason why we are still here – to keep the light quotient and mitigate any negative events.

All the seven timelines are now being separated from each other and this happens through the unleashing of the announced catastrophes for the End Time. That is why many of you (the PAT)  are now involved mentally, emotionally and physically /energetically in these catastrophic events /4D timelines as to finalize their separation before we can ascend. We do this from the fulcrum of the source and are thus engaged in all these timelines contrary to the rest of the light workers on the Upper 4D, who are now being heaved by us piggyback within our web of light we have created for them last year and widened this year without realizing the scope of the current events.

According to my information, only about 300 million people will be recruited on this Upper 4D. This will be the only timeline, where not major natural catastrophes will occur, but only some minor events as the recent century flooding in Bavaria where I live. This happens in anticipation of the ascension of this timeline, which now resides in the upper 4D level. In addition to this 4D-population, there are about 500 million candidates for ascension who will probably ascend by the end of this year or some time later. Currently they are also part of the Upper 4D. This number is much lower than the one initially planned and this is what Sananda is telling us in his latest messages.

Now this night and the whole day, the MPR was fully unleashed on the worst (most catastrophic) 4D timeline and I was fully involved in this traumatic event. I descended to hell and the energies that flowed through my body this night and in the morning exceeded anything I have experienced so far. The dreadful fear of the masses was almost impossible to bear and, although I knew that it was not about me and that I am fully protected, I sensed all the time the physical menace around me as somebody who is sentenced to death and is waiting in the death tract for his execution. It was a real apocalypses, the End of the World, very much like the paintings of Peter Brueghel, which I recently saw in a big exhibition in the Old Pinakothek in Munich. It was indescribably dreadful and devastating.

This worst 4D timeline is now it its last throes and many people have already left it through death experience. Some of them may incarnate again on our timeline after this cathartic experience and massive awakening at the soul level.

The other timelines are now also embroiled in similar natural and other catastrophes with a decreasing degree of severity, the nearer they are to our upper 4D timeline.

According to my latest information, about 35-40% (approx. 2.5 billion) of the human population stayed on the catastrophic earth B, which was fully separated from the 4D timelines on May 24/25. On May 28th this timeline already experienced its MPR and a huge deluge. I was also fully involved in this event that really knocked me down during my visit in Freising and later on as I have already reported on our website. But only today did I realized retrospectively the scope of this wave of fears that swept over my energy field.

Thus all timelines have commenced with their MPR and catastrophic events. Only our timeline has been spared so far. This timeline will, most probably, experience our ascension and appearance as a positive event that will stimulate the desire of the masses to awaken and progress in their ascension process. To this adds that two third of the current population on this timeline (500 million) are ascension candidates to the 5th dimension.

Altogether about 2,5 billion people were distributed among the six catastrophic 4D timelines and half of them have already died or will die in the coming days, while none of these apocalyptic events will be experienced or even noticed on this timeline. Because these catastrophic events are not part of the reality this portion of humanity has decided to experience. This also explains the advise of Sananda and Asama Mahatari to be very careful and closely observe what will happen in the next few days.

It is already happening, I can assure you. In fact my impression from my journey yesterday and today to the Alps was that many towns and cities are almost deserted now and many people have been already retrieved to the catastrophic 4D timelines. This fact will become much more prominent in the coming days.

Only today Bob Fallin wrote to me;

“Dear George,

Two brothers, Kurt and Ed, have “disappeared” since June 3.  They do not respond to emails or phone calls. One lives in Pennsylvania, one in Wisconsin. Both were my mentors in Gnosticism. One runs a software company; the other is a renowned psychologist. Do you have any insight into this?”

Bob Fallin”

Disappearances of people will become regular in the coming days and this ominous fact will stir a huge confusion among the Upper 4D. Then it will be time for us to ascend and lead this portion of humanity to the higher dimensions. We are no longer responsible for the 6 catastrophic 4D timelines or for the 3D timeline as confirmed by Asana Mahatari and now only participate in their final separation from the Upper 4D. But only for a short period of time before we fulfil our final mission and ascend as a group. Please consider the fact that our mission has practically finished and now we only do an extra shift for the Upper 4D timeline to improve the harvest of the ascension portion of humanity, which will be rather modest and much lower than our initial expectations.


Sananda’s Message

Beloved ones,

how many shall be ascending to 5D? You ask yourself and rightfully so. Is it 10% or 30% of the people who inherit the grace of awakening?

I am with you, JESUS SANANDA, and I am the companion of humanity through this time, also, and above all particularly when things are changing and constantly new aspects show up and old concepts are discarded.

We come to the timeline which brings the final decisions with it. Which means that in this maelstrom up to the final moment many changes will occur. Only then will the numbers be carved in stone and show up in the divine light. Until then you may expect yet many changes to unfold and many things which seem fixed today will have to be overthrown again.

This fact should neither discourage you nor should you allow that you lose your focus, but it should remind you that this Change is a highly „fluid“ transformation where constantly new potentials are being uncovered.

The forces of heaven in union with the Galactic Federation of Light and in association with the local people, make it happen what can happen, and often have to “helplessly” witness how the basic circumstances and even the conditions of Ascension itself are changing and have to be adapted to the new decisions – on this side as well as on the other side of the veil.

This challenge remains from our point of view until the late summer of 2013. By then we shall have a clear view of the situation and this will carry the humanity beyond all questions, limitations and doubts and will raise them directly into the divine light. It is Jahn’s task, on an almost daily basis, to share the actual potentials with humanity – that this might cause confusion is obvious, yet it is part of the process.

Because for many people, the daily connection through the messages of light from heaven are a guideline and support even if some messages seem to be contradictory. It is crucial that people may derive energy and spiritual power from these messages in order to set the deep anchor of silence and set up the kingdom of peace within their soul.

In summary, for the quality of time in these days the following is to be proclaimed:

1) The divine providence foresees everything and behind many contradictions the logic of the Creator himself is concealed.

2) Everything is on a good way into the light.

3) The main events announced to you earlier are building up again and will happen – there is no way around that.

4) The framework is designed and unfolds now its power

5) The amount of humans ascending to 5D is subject to daily changing potentials and altering regularities and will – although predictable on a larger scale – remain variable until the day X.

6) For the future Ascended Masters the time of their realization has come.

Hold on to the stairs of light that we are busy letting down to earth and be reassured that at the end of these events even the largest distortions shall be revealed to you in the light of God.

I am with you, I am with you,

I am the beginning and the end


After this message I ride on my scooter to my family. Which means I have to take the road through the inner city. As never before people drive in a reckless way and argue all around about parking spaces. The traffic jams and the whole situation is a curious spectacle.

It is raining lightly, the air is clean and clear, only on the ground much is in disarray as it seems. Arriving at my family I am taking a walk with my dear son Noah – as so often – to the nearby Lilliput Railway in the Prater Park in Vienna. The weather changes completely and for a short moment a beautiful blue sky is revealed – only in the streets people behave like before: cars honking, recklessness wherever we watch. Arriving at the station, we can see again the plump old lady from the “3D- dog planet” with her dog. But this time she is not in our proximity on her bench, but she slowly walks away and disappears at exactly 17:22 in the forest. I type this observation into my cell phone, Noah is watching me and then suddenly says: “Crow” – he repeats this once since he sees the crow right in front of us. I look up and thank him.

Then we take a very short ride with the train, because NOAH wants to get off right away which is very is unusual. Today he is attracted by the pond nearby to feed the ducks and pigeons. An unbelievable peace reigns which not very often the case.

A few children with wonderful parents are feeding the animals with their own old breadcrumbs – there are exactly 30 pigeons, 2 ducks and some fishes which dare to break the surface of the water. They all take up turns in various positions in front of us and thankfully pick the food from the boots of the children (Noah likes that especially) or from the water.

After that we take the short trip home where we arrive with revived forces.

Hindsight from JJK: This reflection shows me how messy everything is and that the sky is already free of all that and only on the ground the great discharges and upheavals are still taking place.

We were also clearly shown that the 3D reality is being removed from us (woman disappears in the forest). The crows remind me that they are omnipresent as a constant companion of this humanity on their way into the light.

The pigeons and ducks feeding in happiness mean unity, peace and love of all life – the Kingdom of Peace spreads and at this pond we were touched by these wonderful vibrations.

For the children who were there, were more than just extraordinary, especially a small boy of not quite two years who had a strong charisma, definitely from another world. Overall, a wonderful chain of mirror images to the messages of light from the last three days and in fact, things are clearing up and yet there is still a lot to be done.

A deep peace fulfills me and I am thankful to be in the position to do what I have come for. The abundance and complexity of messages of the cosmic as also earthly events and the inter-connections represent for me a always a great challenge and responsibility.

And the more “contradictions” occur which happens – sometimes more sometimes less – and yet it is important to keep your nerves and your sobriety and trust that the each fog will lift and each detail shall be cleared out in the light of God.

Summarized I look forward to the Ascension of this earth in the 5th dimension with great confidence. And there will be certainly no more life in the flesh needed, neither will it last another decade and nor will it not be able to be altered by any power whether from this earth nor from other worlds.

With this message I remain in the deep trust in God and Love.

Jahn J Kassl

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