Ascension This Weekend?

by Georgi Stankov

This is a new German website that publishes channelled messages on ascension. Its advantage is that it translates the original German messages in English, so that you can use it directly. This source announced on May 24th the ascension of humanity for the coming weekend May 26/27 with a remarkable certainty that caused a lot of inner sarcasm in myself as I knew from my HS that ascension will not happen on that date:

As I expected, when this announcement failed, the medium fell in a great confusion as he had no experience with such a situation. We all know this state of perennial disappointment as we have had many such experiences in the past with messages from our HS.  When I read this message on May 25th  I knew immediately what will happen and waited with some curiosity how the source will respond next.  Then on May 28th there came the classical apologetic explanation that humanity has not been ready for ascension as it does not believe sufficiently in ascension, which has been also a leitmotif in all our past channellings when an announced ascension date did not come true.

Each time when a forecast from the HR has failed, the blame was put on humanity by such sources. While this is in principle true, how about the inadequacy of the energetic assessments in the HR of the true potentials for ascension of the masses?

Now this same source has just issued a new announcement that ascension will take place this weekend, June 15/16, “Courageous, courageous”, I would say to this person.  I must admit that I also sense a huge build up for such an event, but I cannot tell you for certain whether we will reach the necessary threshold on this particular weekend. Nonetheless I think that this is an interesting contribution that coalesces very well with my energy update as of today (June 13th) and that is why I have decided to publish it for you to read.  I would strongly recommend not to take it too seriously though, as the message itself contains the usual caveats that ascension may still not happen this weekend if humanity is not ready. Obviously this source has learnt to be more cautious in the  meantime.


Belief in yourself, you are ready! – Archangel Raphael through M. Gamma ~ 13.07.2013

Translated on the 13.06.2013, original language German

Beloved humans on earth. Today I will start the message in a different way as usual. I am here to tune you into the new attempt for ascension for this coming weekend. Of course you will say, this we heard already, this situation we have experienced already and nothing happened.

Ask yourself, why it didn’t happen !

I can tell you why. This is only because you don’t belief it will happen. When you only could understand, that YOU and only YOU, from your heart and mind, then certainly it will happen. But when you once again doubt, then I can guarantee you, on Monday you will say to yourself:

Once again just empty promises, I don’t belief anymore what they say!

This is something we can understand, but you have to realize with your heart and your mind that you are the only ones that can make it happen. Believe, believe in it and it will happen. Myself, the angels and the other archangels will stand by you. I’ll cheer you and I will lift you up to the sky when necessary, so you can realize how great you are. Belief in yourself and your possibilities. Belief in yourself and your fellow humans, then we will see us on the other side again. The “curtain of oblivion” will fall and you will finally understand the fact that you were living in a illusion. This is something I can assure you.

Be ready loved ones, be ready because we are ready and want to bring it like you behind us. Be ready and we finally can ignite the fireworks to celebrate this event. We celebrate you, because you are the one that were responsible for the effort. I will, like many others, support you by this task, but this you should know by now. I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting for your decision. I’m waiting, that you will make the RIGHT decision and finally belief in yourself.

In great love to you my beloved humans

your Archangel Raphael



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