Personal Opinions – May 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Mi Querido Georgi:

I have been a silent member of the PAT for more than a year now, resonating with all your articles and those of the PAT members. I feel fortunate to have found you and your enormous contribution to make this insane journey and the LBP a bit more tolerable at the end. Now I´m ready to join you in a non-silent manner and voice my allegiance because I am choosing out loud that I am ready to ascend and moreover, that I am worthy of ascending.

I must admit that often on in the past I felt your words were bordering on arrogance and self aggrandizement, but then again I have struggled all my life with feelings of unworthiness and insignificance in spite of my worldly accomplishments. Now every time you speak truths I feel like giving standing ovations, applauding your courage and when it was called for… the humility shown at times of human confusion. In those moments you have voiced your respect and admiration for the wisdom of your students-members-soul-PAT-mates and embraced them as equals. The way I feel about your style today must mean that my confidence is growing and I am more aligned with the power of the Light, without apologies or false humility.

I have just moved 1st of April, to fulfill a life-long dream of my husband and I, to a beautiful beach-side-hippie style-surfing-sleepy-peaceful-village in Mexico, thinking that I might encounter some “Planet- A” energies, only to discover instead that I arrived to the perfect “pre-departure station” prior to ascension. Pristine, still, fertile, warm & sensuous energies, as untouched as can be from the Orion Matrix.

For the first time in my life I´m not doing anything but BEING. My friends ask about my next book, my next song? For months I haven´t been inspired to write anything at all, until yesterday that I took out my guitar and sang a few phrases only you PAT-sters would understand: “Last Call”

“Last call to come on board the rain,
We´re not waiting for another day- insane!
Not waiting for the ones who feed from pain,
Not waiting for the ones who play the game,
Not waiting for the ones who live in fear,
Only those who know freedom is here.
Not afraid of the tsunamis,
Not afraid of the calamities,
Not afraid of ego-shatterings,
Surfing masters, we´re “chingones” (in Spanish, it means, we´re fucking great!)

Thank you Georgi for your profound wisdom, intelligent irreverence, endurance and fantastic humor! And thank you to all PAT members that I can name now, Jerry, Sarah, Marco, Debra, April… Words are not enough to show my appreciation to each one of you beautiful souls.

I´m sooo looking forward to meet you all in our new light bodies, escorted by our 144,000 bodyguards, us the hand-picked- what a privilege!

Con amor,
Bertha Liduvina

Dear Bertha,

I am humbled by your praise, but more so I am happy that you have finally decided to contact me and the PAT on the eve of our ascension.

It is great that you have found your place of retreat from the Orion matrix, where you can calmly wait for the last days before the big cosmic events will begin to unfold.

Indeed, as you point out, one of my primary objectives with this website was to awaken the inner strength and faith in every reader to accept the truth that he/she is an unlimited, powerful,  immortal creator being and by stating and living this insight he/she does not diminish the assets of other people, who are also more or less conscious creators of their destiny. This is the only way to break free from the current Orion indoctrination to feel humble and insignificant, full of primordial sin as the Christian religion preaches. Many New Agers have unconsciously adopted in their weird esoteric views this attitude in the sense that they believe they must fight one whole life with their allegedly negative feelings and egos, while at the same time they reject any strong personality they come across and accuse her of these, by projecting their problems onto her in a reflexive, unanalysed manner. This schizophrenic attitude has been the stumbling stone on their way to true evolution and has led to the many delays in the ascension scenario we had to endure.

But now we have reached the final stretch and the finish line is in sight. I hope that where you are now living in Mexico, hopefully undisturbed by the ongoing brutal and murderous civil war with the drug mafia there, you have “una vista chiara” (Italian) of the new earth.

Is it also possible to listen to the music of your song? And from what I gather, you have already written some books. Can you give me more information on this?

With love and light


I love how we all sync up in our feelings…. another blog post representing similar sentiments to the newest blog posts.

SO much love <3

Hi Georgi –

You may recall that I used to send you lots of messages, then stopped a few months ago. When 12-21-12 came and went without any dramatic events happening, I lost all interest in Ascension. I assumed that it was all a big hoax that I had foolishly believed in.

My health crashed about two weeks ago. In the last three days or so I’ve regained interest in Ascension, and here I am. Right now I’m not sure what I do or don’t believe about Ascension.


Dear Tom,

everybody goes through such crises of faith, but now it is time to come back on board.


Hi Georgi,

Great posts again this morning! I was wondering if you had read this article by Gordon Duff yet. Interesting developments…!



Dear Gwen,

this  article started well, but then became rather confuse. It put too much news that circulate in the alternative press in one big barrel and shook it strongly, but nothing substantial came out of it. The whole solution will follow a different line, that of natural catastrophes and the physical breakdown of the USA empire.


Dear Georgi,

The CABAL’s desperation is showing for all to see….

Proof that GMOs target health of FEMALES first… act of Genocide, killing off those who are most needed for procreation first.

GMOs proven to cause leukemia

US Approves BEE DEATH pectiside as EU and rest of the world BANS it!

UN orders Colorado and Washington to nullify their Marijuana, by force if necessary.

While TEPCO seeks approval to dump more radioactivity into the OCEANS

So…if you have cancer you can’t get treatment under the sequester, you can’t use a natural herb to prevent it and unless you can afford high priced medicines that may or may not work, you are left with no other option but to DIE.

Do you think the sheeple get it yet?

Much love, joy and peace to you and the PAT!

Dear Charlotte,

tomorrow I will publish an article on 3d earth B, where you will read that the sheeple will need 7X7 generations on this dense planet to understand these simple truths. Only then will they begin to be saved.


Greetings Captain!

It seems that the fireworks are beginning. During the 13th of May through the early hours of the 14th the sun bursted 3 X-class flares,  the strongest of this year.

“SOLAR ACTIVITY SURGES: A sunspot on the sun’s eastern limb is crackling with powerful X-class solar flares. Just-numbered AR1748 announced itself during the early hours of May 13th with an X1.7-class eruption (0217 UT), quickly followed by an X2.8-class flare (1609 UT) and an X3.2-class flare (0117 UT on May 14). These are the strongest flares of the year so far, and they signal a significant increase in solar activity. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours.”

None of the eruptions were earth-directed since the sunspot that gave rise to them is in the sun’s far side, but moving towards earth. Thus, it will be directly facing us in a few days. If the X-class activity continues, the shit may very well hit the fan and, for once, right on schedule.

Ana Catarina, Portugal

Dear Ana,

I have very well noticed these surges as I was also very hard hit the last four days since May 9th, especially the last two days were very bad, although one should not put the sun flares with the energy waves that flow through our bodies and fields one to one. They are of different origin but are coordinated with the sun activity, no doubt about this.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Unfortunately the energetic healing did not work and I could not allow my beautiful boy (the dog) to suffer in the state he degraded to any longer. I had the vet come by the house and release him from his pain today. I am completely numb but in pain at the same time. The house is so empty right now. I didn’t even have to see him in order to feel his soul when he was alive. I hope I get to visit the 5th dimension in my dreams and see him there.

I do hope you are correct that I see this as a clear sign I am not suppose to stay much longer. I’ve been living with heartbreak and loss over many things for a long time, but letting go of the soul who had always helped me through much of that heartbreak is unbearable. It feels like I lost my only child today.


Dear Lori,

now you know for sure that your days are numbered on this planet. Physical bodies are only instruments for the souls to gather experience in this dense reality. Your dog has never left you truly and your feelings of loss have a deeper meaning as you are about to leave the earth, on which you have incarnated so many times and this is the actual loss you mourn, and this is good so.

With love and light


I just finished an article where they speculate that another false flag attack may happen to divert attention from the Benghazi/US scandal. Also in July there is going to be a terror response drill in the NYC Subway where “harmless” gas is to be released.

The desperation of the cabal is palpable, this reality truly feels as bad Hollywood movie come to fruition. But not all is lost as we the PAT can see beyond this illusion and are prepared.

Love and Light,

Dear Roger,

this is a good article indeed and we were told by Dorie’s HS that we should expect something similar this week.


Lieber Georg,

möchte Dir von einem Traum berichten, den ich letzte Nacht/Morgen hatte – kann gut sein, dass dieser insbesondere für Dich aussagekräftig ist:


Ich träume, dass Du hier in Wien bist und mit mir einen Ball/Festbankett/imperialer Rahmen – besuchst. Es ist in der Hofburg und alles ist wunderbar vorbereitet. Wir haben sehr gute Plätze, so in der Gegend, wo bei solchen Veranstaltungen die Staatsgäste oder Präsidenten sitzen – in der Mitte des Raumes.

Ober uns erkenne ich einen Wissenschaftler, den ich Dir vorstellen möchte – jedoch ich sehe, dass ihr euch gut kennt. Und in dem Moment eurer Begrüßung hebt ihr beide jubelnd die Hände zum Firmament und ruft aus:

„Wir steigen auf am 18.!“ (Achtzehnter bin ich mir nicht 100% sicher, jedoch zu 95%). Diese Parole wiederholt ihr öfters.

– im Saal wird es ganz still, keiner weiß was hier abgeht…(Traum Ende)

Möge ich Dir damit einen Dienst erwiesen haben und ich vertraue darauf, dass dem so ist.

Mit Liebe für Dich


Dear George,

I would like to tell you about a dream I had last night / morning – may well be that this is particularly meaningful for you:


I dream that you’re here with me in Vienna at a ball / banquet / imperial context – visit. It is in the Hofburg and everything is wonderfully prepared. We have very good places, such as in the area where the official guests at such events or president are sitting – in the middle of the room.

Above us is a scientist I know and I want to present him to you – but I see that you know each other well. And the moment you are greeting, you raise both hands jubilantly to the firmament and exclaim:

“We go on the 18th” (Eighteenth, I’m not 100% sure, but at 95%). These words you repeated many times.

– It is very quiet in the hall, no one knows what’s going on here … (end of dream)

May I have done a service, so that you and I trust that this is so.

With love for you

Lieber Jahn,

ich danke dir, dass du deinen Traum mit mir geteilt hast. Die feierlichen Rahmenbedingungen und die Versammlung sprechen für ein Treffen unserer Seelen in den Höheren Bereichen, wo wir in Ratssitzungen unsere gemeinsamen Entscheidungen treffen. Wir haben oft solche Träume in der Vergangenheit gehabt und ich bin vielen Mitgliedern des PAT erschienen. Da diesmal die erste Aufstiegswelle, nach der Auskunft unserer Seelen, sehr viel größer ausfallen wird als ursprünglich geplant, bist du natürlich auch dabei, daher dieser Traum.

Was die Zahl 18 anbetrifft, da würde ich vorsichtig mit der Interpretation sein, obwohl die Summe 9 (1 +8) auf Unendlichkeit und Vollendung hinweist.

Nachdem ich die ganze letzte Zeit sehr anstrengende Arbeitsträume gehabt habe, stets im Zusammenhang mit der Vorbereitung zu unserem Aufstieg, habe ich heute Nacht sehr angenehme, entspannende Träume gehabt, die darauf hinwiesen, dass wir die Arbeit erledigt haben und nun alles für den Start fertig ist. Insbesondere habe ich sehr abstrakt mit energetischen Potentialen gearbeitet und war während dessen in Serbien, wobei ich mir nicht ganz sicher bin, ob ich mich nicht auch mit Tesla getroffen habe, der wie du weißt, zuerst in Wien war, bevor er nach USA auswanderte. Insofern, passt dein Traum ein wenig zu meinem.

Die Säuberungsenergien der letzten Woche waren unerträglich für mich und die ganze Gruppe und dies spricht für einen letzten Schub vor dem Aufstieg. Die besten Indikatoren sind stets was in unseren Feldern energetisch passiert. Wir sollten jetzt mehr Aufbauenergie bist Ende Mai bekommen, wie diese gechannelte Botschaft, die ich gestern publizierte, hinweist:

Es ist gut, dass wir Info austauschen, denn wir sind jetzt in der letzten Startphase (Launch-Phase), unabhängig davon, wie lange es noch dauert.

Liebe Grüße


Dear Jahn,

I thank you for sharing your dream with me. The official framework and the event in the dream speak for an important meeting of our souls in the higher realms, where we make our collective decisions in council meetings. We have often had such dreams in the past and I have appeared to many members of the PAT. As this time the first wave of ascension will be, according to the information of our souls, much larger than originally planned, you are of course also ascending, this is what this dream essentially says.

Concerning the number 18, I would be careful with the interpretation, although the sum of 9 (1 +8) points to infinity and completion.

After I had very hard work dreams all the time, always in connection with the preparation for our ascension, I’ve had tonight very pleasant, relaxing dreams that pointed out that we have done the work and that now everything is ready for the start. In particular, I was working in a very abstract manner with energetic potentials and as far as I remember, I was in Serbia, and I’m not quite sure if I did not meet with Tesla, who as you know, was first in Vienna, before he emigrating to the USA. Inasmuch your dream fits well to mine.

The cleansing energies of the last week were unbearable for me and the whole group and this speaks for one last push before ascension. The best indicators are always what happens in our energy fields. We should receive more recreating energy till late May, as this channeled message that I published yesterday indicates:

It is good that we share info, because we are now in the final phase (launch phase), regardless of how long it will take.



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