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Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

The night of 5/8-9, I received a dream message about the dates: 5/23, and 5/25. The 25th was the pole shift, and the 23rd was the preparation for it. In the dream, it was the night of the 23rd, and I was with someone who was announcing this to me, in a sense reminding me why my body was feeling so intense in the moment, dematerializing in an euphoric blur. 

She said something like, “That’s why we have to do it tonight; because the pole shift is on the 25th.” I could feel this in my body as an all pervasive vibration with such deep harmonics that it felt to be all the way through the dimensions in the body. Then began a sudden cry that pulsed as fear in the heart chakra, with the feeling of “wow! already? this is it?!”. I awoke in bed, and was also still dreaming, but the energy registered through waking consciousness and seemed to be allowed through the lowest-accessing levels of the awake body. I hadn’t felt such a profound fear-cleansing polarity in a while now (“Now?! My life is over?!”); but it did not physically or emotionally devastate; it just felt like a foreign substance/frequency, and over the next while, in and out of the sleep rapidly, this cleared completely. [You mention this ‘death’ of masses at the end of the ‘Urgent!’ post too.]

So in the dream, I felt myself to be dematerializing on the 23rd, and the pole to shift just after on the 25th. I had known the 25th marked the eclipse; but I now heard 23rd also like Dorie. I have not received dates in a long while. Which moves are played and when of course remains to be seen; I just thought it in sync and was happy to share.

As personal update: I began a highly-interactive managerial job on my birthday, 4/29. Before was a sub-harmonic niche of engagement with the environment minimized each day. Maybe the 4/29 HR decision was the final free ticket for me to enter this interim role with a great lightness of spirit and effortless trust. Because before, existing at all was not enjoyable. When the path came a few days earlier, it was synchronistic and obvious, and I went into it as entertainment for the meantime, with freedom for playful exploration of the responsiveness of energetic conditions. I am carried effortlessly through the day. I am always on my feet and responsive, and in a higher vibration. There is much to learn, but I do not care, and am understanding easily, trusting higher senses completely. I mentioned today feeling as though I was dreaming, and later Gaia’s “mists of emergence” resonates with me here. (It was easy suddenly this evening, with no environmental resistance. All my inhibitions dissolved, and the energy was an open light, surreal.)

We often speak of the drastic nature of the shift for others. And it is nice to care and document it, yet I am feeling our own disappearance so smoothly, as if it will simply just Be the case, already. We just swing up into the vibration we have test-runned so many times, and cross into the known/unknown. Talking about it is the only longing, posited as separate just as fodder for thought. Otherwise, the moments are already an alternative reality of bliss and trust that widens, like the gaping mouth of God, into which our vibration is consumed completely. As has been mentioned, the next tier of ascendees must be cleansing now. I still experience the pulses happening, but there is less deviation from the steadily increasing overall vibration. The body is carried effortlessly in the flow, raw, unfettered. The masses’ brief death/fear pulse this morning demonstrated how the water is now at a rolling boil.

Today my coworker said, “Travis is our saviour“. Someone else asked me how long I would be here. I laughed while pointing up and said “until I leave the planet!” Haha! This went over like I had just said the most endearing funny thing in the world, and I felt them closer to me afterwards. I have had small, but very effective windows with several people mentioning “awakening” type things. I know they’re not going to start and finish their LBP in the next minute, but it is good to test the waters and measure the responsiveness. If I am able to connect at all on this level, it is immensely satisfying. The less my energy deviates and the more that spontaneously comes forth, the more glad I am to be gathering back Home.


Dear George,

I put this up on Skyler’s Freedom Earth subreddit in the thread about “The Final Itinerary..”  It is as honest as I can get, even as a member of the PAT.

I’m in eager anticipation and even more so CMP (crapping my pants). Jahn J Kassl says that predicted dates are for:

a) Because these represent actual potentials and are truthful.

b) To ensure that people’s fears connect with Change can be confronted and are more likely to be dissolved.

Since I stumbled upon Dr. Stankov’s website, I had exactly these same feelings when ‘definite’ days for the Ascension were announced, like Lionsgate in August, just to name one. It is only quite recently I grasped points a) and b) to see them confirmed by this source. Hurray, kind of, but overall I’m still primarily challenged by my fear of death and my wish to be able to get on with my life, albeit under the improved conditions of Earth A/B – reckoning with the fact that the map is not the territory I frankly have no idea at all where I’m going to wind up. Just an honest piece of my mindset that shouts: FFS, get it over with!!

With Love and Light,

Hey Georgi,

I have been thinking with my A-Brain (my personal acronym for when I am constantly thinking about Ascension) and I thought of something. Namely, the large amount of unsung Lightworkers that don’t even know it. I’m talking about the people whom are not really into any of the new age stuff. The simple people who strive to be good and honest, plant gardens and just let time slide by with a constant positivity in spite of all odds.

What gets me, is some of these people strive for the good incredibly, against many odds but have never heard about Ascension. They do it, and keep doing it, and eventually just expect to die and hopefully move on. A faith in goodness, good deeds and death, that’s basically it. No magic potions, spells, talisman, astrology, channeling etc. Just good old fashion faith in the higher self somewhere and a love for beauty and nature.

It almost makes me feel selfish, I try to do good in the world, but I expect something – namely our Ascension. I know I am guilty of using the A-Day as a motivator to get me through hard times and bad situations. Especially ones where it is much easier to take the low road. But the unsung light worker does it anyway and only expects a modest life with eventual death in return, never stopping to worry about where the stars are, who did what to who, the latest news and trends but rather just being. In the moment, in harmony and connected to nature. These people never had to worry about religion, debate it, dissect it, etc. It was never worth it when all the while the woods spoke and nature was the alter of truth. With a bird for a priest and a garden for a church, the unsung lightworker needs not prove anything to anyone or even themselves. But humbly await death unafraid, knowing, they did the best they could.

I just wanted to share that. I feel stronger when I see these types of lightworkers as I so admire their simplicity and courage for the light. But above all, I admire their blind faith in the goodness of the heart, despite all odds.

In my experience these types of people tend to be females, so with that thought, Happy Mothers Day to all the Unsung Lightworkers, us children owe you a great gratitude.


Dear Jon,

these people live in this simple harmony as they have chosen this way of life. If they would have chosen a difficult one, with more calamities, their souls would have taken care to make this happen, you can bet on it. Therefore, one should not over estimate simple virtues as this is often a stagnation for the soul, and if the soul hates something it is stagnation. However in a state of social immobility, sometimes the soul may evolve very quickly from within, without the person or external people noticing it.



Hello there. George and how are you doing these turbulent days? Over the past 10 months I have been counseling someone, First just the building blocks and then the actions and then with the foundation in place how to stand.

Her transformation amazes even me… she is not the being I met a year ago and she know that as well. Her appreciation for herself and knowing who she is, being at peace at all times and not fighting with forces inside or out. She is grand these days standing in her sit of power… her goddess has risen and she is the captain of her own vessel!

I have had the honor of doing this for many many beings all my life as the empath that I am, using my gift my ability to guide allow and set foundations with truth and love and consistency.

How am I able to do this for others and to not be able to do it for myself? I am alone 95% of the time these days, nothing is good for me, my body is breaking, constant struggle and yet I can affect the life of another with such power conviction and guidance.

How is this possible? These days in my life all I want to do is quit as I have had enough. This week was 8 years since the torture and tomorrow is 8 years ago that they (the US dark secret services) locked me up for 8 months. In many ways I am still in that 5 day cycle from torture to prison, still locked away in my own life and not knowing how to free myself. The irony is just to huge for me to even think about any longer.

Well, Georgi, I just wrote because it was all this on my mind and I know I can share it with you.. I know not my own answers any longer nor what will become of me as things decline and dwindle into nothing to sustain my mind, body or soul. The greatest irony there is, is my life.

Many blessings;

Dear Anthony,

it has always been easier to help other people than oneself. I have no explanation for this paradox myself, but this is a fact.

If you read the latest message from Dorie, you will see that you will leave earth very soon and that you will never bother again to solve this question as all pains and suffering will be gone for ever.

But if you want to delve into this topic deeper, you may find some inspiration in my latest article as of yesterday:

The Dialectics of Ascension

With love and light

Good Afternoon, George,

Again just fabulous editing and coming up with the posts that you produce always, this has to be the best site ever made for the reading public. I thank you tremendously for adding my small notes to the site, as many times that you did, it feels so good, but I know you know that and just thank you always.

Joyce sent you some pretty hilarious stuff and I love those, the best things in this life were the humor and the true love when we were blessed to feel it and share it.

Look at this, I learned how to properly space and write out a paper to be read correctly by the site also at the ripe ole age of 49 soon to be 50 on the fifteenth. Funny how now after all my opening up of all our learning of who and what we are, and really doing here, does my birthday make sense to me. I always had a special thought inside of me that was nothing related to a birthday feeling of how I always liked the numbers of my date.  And now look as it will fit me most perfectly. Yes, so many of our own hidden messages all our lives,  some of the words you wrote in that crazy good, oh so smart article on Ascension today I have said so many times to myself ….


Dear Bonnie,

the chances are that you will celebrate your 50th birthday, but that you will not have much time to enjoy your full year on this planet.


Hi George,

Thank you for your insightful article today and web publishing that illustrates the telepathic understandings of PAT at this moment.  Each of the May 9th articles internalizes a deeper sense of realizing the cleansing job has, indeed, been completed. Also, today’s articles help me reflect upon my personal history leading up to this point.

Dories’ message Chosen Ones permeated a loving intimacy that gave the distinct feeling of sitting together in a room as these words were shared, reflected upon.  Debra’s fine article “Hippie Movement Failed” recounted my similar journey as an older indigo. I reached the same conclusion regarding LSD and it’s expansive opening yet insidious shattering of the mind. I, too, vowed  “never to take another chemical again”. And my soul also delivered ruthless lessons to awaken me beginning in 1999. I laugh at Debra’s expression “hit me over the head with a 2×4 wooden board” as how many times I used this same expression to describe my awakening to others. Perhaps our souls actually used that visual in the HRs! And dear god, we did wake up!

Thank you all for today’s insights and sharing.

In Love & Light,

Hi Georgi!

Writing anything coherent in content was always a task for me, but when the physical cannot keep up with the explosion of the mind and spirit, it almost feels but an obsolete concept. What made me feel so much more at ease was, when you wrote in your article yesterday “there’s nothing else for you to do”.

However, I wanted to send this to you and convey my thoughts in somewhat cohesive manner. Two weeks ago, NASA scientists witnessed a Supernova, the brightest explosion of light ever detected,a gamma-ray burst (GRB)

“We have waited a long time for a gamma-ray burst this shockingly, eye-wateringly bright,” said Julie McEnery, project scientist for the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

Read more:

What ever is coming, it will be astronomical fireworks of cosmic proportions! On that note: Who knew, today was called “Ascension Day” in Germany, ha!

Hat’s off Captain!

Let’s shine bright in Light!

Dear Katrina,

Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension day, May 9 ) is an official holiday in Bavaria ,not in all Germany.

The supernova NASA is talking about has been discussed by myself on this website last year on several occasions when I announced that it is expected to come in June/July 2013 on the earth. It exploded about 11 light years away from the solar system and the cabal know since then about its existence and potential danger as they measured the coming of its tachyons’ wave much earlier. That is why the ID split must take place before this supernova comes to our solar system, so that only the catastrophic earth B will be hit by it when it arrives and not the earth A/B.

I will check the other information.

With love and light


I super enjoyed reading the Dialectics of Ascension! I love how you were able to present it so logically and to connect all these events. It makes so much more sense to me now and it was like I was being downloaded while reading it. I definitely see the energetics of all of this more precisely now.

Love, Kari

Beyond what we know, yet we know… thought you may find this of interest !

Loving you All, Ann

Hard to deny

This is a very good presentation of the Nibiru’s pull effect on the earth’s magnetic field based on NASA measurements and publications, even through NASA is omitting the most valuable data deliberately to hide the existence of Nibiru. Watch carefully the increase of anomalies since March 21 (equinox) when the PAT’s cleansing activity reached a peak.


Dear George

I wish to thank you for writing this piece. I needed this validity and the full content of it’s message to serve as a great reminder of WHY I AM /WE ARE still here. I’ve been ranting at the HR’s for 2 days, going over just where was their/our logic/loyalty placed. Timing/reasoning etc. So good confirmation on all topics.

Thanks again

“WOW” indeed to Debra’s and your fantastic articles today, Georgi! They SOOO resonated within me that I just could not stay silent and simply silently express my gratitude for you and the PAT…

I keep reading you daily and taking strength and purpose from all my brothers in spirit!

With love to all the PAT and our captain,
Teresa Carvalho


Watch this video about an UFO fleet starting from the moon:

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